I purposefully left out of my title what I am talking about hoping that I can address a critical issue without the censors taking my headline and placing it in File Thirteen without any examination of my arguments.  I doubt that will work because, in today’s ideologically charged world, ideas are crimes if they disagree with the toxic ideology of those seeking to fundamentally transform our republic.  Disagree with the Leftists Woke Agenda and beware, you will be a target for eradication or elimination.

What is the motive that has been fully exposed?  Actually, there is more than one that has been exposed but the motive behind all of them has the same root.  That root is Totalitarian Control and pressing the populace into compliance.  After all, those in power know better what we need and even what we want than we, right?  They are, in their minds, far wiser than the founding fathers, all voters, and even God.  Well, if they believed in God, they would think they were wiser than He.

I will address two topics in separate blog posts, with more in the hopper, but those two are at the forefront of my concern for our Liberty in America.  What are they?  The Transitory Plan to eliminate fossil fuels and force us into the New Green Energy and electric vehicles.  I will also address the push to totally eliminate the 2nd Amendment. The plan is to strip citizens of their Rights and make all firearms illegal except for the government and the bodyguards of the elitist.  Both, have far-reaching implications regarding our republic and our inalienable rights in all areas. 

I am convinced that this administration is purposefully creating hardships in America for sinister purposes. Those hardships are unnecessary and unwarranted, but needful and useful for them to forcefully advance their agenda.  They are no longer willing to take the years needed to erode our liberties and slowly achieve their objectives.  They seem to fear that their window of opportunity is short, and believe that they must move rapidly or else they will lose the opportunity.  I believe they are right, to a degree, but with the spinelessness of the GOP in recent history, I am not sure there is a need for urgency is present. 

Fuel prices have soared since the inauguration of Joe Biden and the Senate loss by the GOP.  Upon entering office, Joe Biden, as promised or threatened, re-entered the Paris Climate Accord, canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, halted leasing programs in ANWR, and issued a sixty-day halt on all new oil and gas leases and drilling permits on federal lands and waters.  That was catastrophic for our energy production and facilitated the astronomical price hikes Americans felt and feel at the pumps as they fuel their automobiles. 

The Forbes brothers revealed some disturbing information on a news program regarding the amount of oil in the ground in the United States.  What was said, is nothing short of incredible and reveals the diabolical nature of what is transpiring.  The U.S. Geological Service released a report in 2008 (not updated since 1995) revealing that in the western portion of North and South Dakota and the eastern portion of Montana, the Bakken holds an estimated 503 million barrels of oil untapped.

Couple that with the U.S. Oil Discovery – Largest Reserve in the World Stansberry Report Online released in 2006 we find that hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains there are more than Two Trillion Barrels of untapped oil.  Yes, I said Two Trillion! That is more oil within our borders than is known in the rest of the world.  What could the possible motivation be for not extracting that oil and making it available to Americans?  That circles back to the title and their motivation.  It is sinister!

Now, let me address a shortage that few are even aware of, and I believe you will begin to see if you do not already the motive.  China can bring America to its knees without invading Taiwan and controlling the world’s microchip production.  They can and are doing it by curbing the export of urea and other exports. 

Urea is a product used in fertilizer, which has almost doubled in the past year, but it goes beyond that and is even more devastating.  By reducing the amount of Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) our transportation industry is in dire straits.  That will impact food shortages to the point of making famine almost a guaranteed eventuality.  DEF is an emissions liquid required by the EPA in diesel engines manufactured after 2010 to reduce emissions.  Without it, many trucks would not be allowed to travel at more than 5 MPH or even be started.  We are finding shortages across America of this product.  The motive, what could it be?

I read a sarcastic response proposing that a possible solution would be to use human urine with contains about 2% urea.  It was suggested that a mere sixteen gallons of human pee would infuse two hundred gallons of road diesel for the delivery of needed goods.  Let us consider that possible solution.  The average human excretes about 800-2,000 milliliters of urine daily.  That would equate to about a gallon every three days.  We need about 37.6 million tons of urea which are projected to double by 2027.  So, I guess we should all start collecting our pee.  Yes, I am being factitious but then, am I?

Joe Biden has acknowledged that they desire to transition to Green Energy and Electric vehicles ASAP.  The administration’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm made an astounding admission that reveals their agenda.  She said, “We are going to get to this clean energy economy.  One hydroelectric project, one solar panel, one wind turbine, one geothermal project, one advanced nuclear reactor, one electric vehicle, one battery at a time.” 

The United States depends on fossil fuels for more than 80% of its energy consumption.  She acknowledged that Americans are paying exorbitant gas prices and that it is unlikely that there will be any forthcoming relief.  She said, “The Department of Energy has an energy information administration, which is an objective entity that does analysis projecting the prices of gasoline.  They said that things might stabilize by the end of this year, but the price of gas is likely to remain above four dollars a gallon.” 

Joe Biden used an executive order to destroy our fossil fuel industry and effectively canceled the much-needed Keystone XL Pipeline.  His other actions resulted in soaring gas prices and the trickle-down that became a flood of destruction to our economy and has created hardships and shortages that will only grow worse.  Secretary Grandholm believes, as do the purveyors of this agenda that the soaring prices will pay dividends in securing their objective.  She said, “Ultimately, this price hike that we are seeing globally will likely remain high.  We want to make sure that at the same time that we are calling upon an increase in supply, that we are also accelerating our future to clean energy solution.”  (Emphasis mine).

Joe Biden admitted to a Japanese audience that the high gas price, largely created by his actions, is a tremendous shift away from reliance on fossil fuels.  He dissed the pain we are feeling and said that the prices are a necessary part of an “incredible transformation that will make us stronger and less reliant on such fuels.”  No more hiding by the Leftists pushing us toward their agenda. 

The blatant refusal to consider technological solutions to reduce Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, an objective that they demand is necessary, is telling.  We have technologies that would do that very thing and allow us to enjoy the benefits of the God-given resource of fossil fuels available under our soil in America.  What is their motive?  It is Totalitarian Control and unless they can force us into an economic condition where we are totally dependent on the federal government, they fail.  That brings me to the next topic, Gun Control, and the Second Amendment.  I will address that in another blog, but they are already at work with the help of RHINOs in the Senate and the House.

Wake up America and let us unite to restore our Republic to the Free Constitutional Republic it was created to be and secure our Freedoms and Inalienable Rights.  

God bless you and God bless America!

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