I have been shouting it from the rooftops to everyone who might listen that the Left will unleash chaos, confusion, and hell before the mid-term elections trying to stave off the potential losses they face.  They will leave no stone unturned, and nothing will be off the table.  They will demonstrate their willingness to destroy anyone and everything that threatens their hold on power in government. 

The SCOTUS ruling on abortion, the potential of overturning Roe v. Wade as a federal mandate and returning it to the States is one issue they will push to the limit.  Why Chief Justice Roberts is delaying is suspect. The fearmongering that is at the root of the claim that this is the first step in banning interracial marriage and things like that are blatant fabrications designed to create paranoia, hate, and fear.  They are not real and anyone with the IQ of a watermelon would know that.  I do not mean to insult watermelons. 

I have predicted that one of two things or a combination of both would happen regarding the COVID pandemic in the summer before the November elections.  I have believed they will either declare it defeated or there will be the unleashing of a new strain or variant and send shockwaves of fear into the hearts of millions.  Guess what?  The Biden administration recently suggested that we need to brace for a new wave of COVID in the fall.  Amazing, isn’t it?  The predictability of politicians does not require one to be a soothsayer, just pay attention.

They offer almost zero information regarding this new threat and have predicted that up to one hundred million Americans, almost one-third of the population could become infected.  That is unless Congress provides more funding for more vaccines and other treatments which have not prevented infection but will magically do so under the guidance of the Democrat Party.  Now, they seem to have found a more palatable tool to send shock waves of fear and paranoia through the hearts – Gun Violence.

I recently saw a suggestion that the Republicans have the power to fix the Government if they win in November.  The truth is both parties have the power to fix what is wrong in the government but neither party truly wants to do that.  At least, not the cadre of establishment politicians in positions of leadership and authority.  They want their brand of power.  I will say that the overall position of the Republicans is more pro-America than that of the Democrats, so I will pray for them to regain power.

If the polls and public sentiment do not shift dramatically by the November elections the Republicans will likely reclaim the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Will they win a super-majority?  I do not know and have doubts, but they will be in a position to be the much-needed brakes on a runaway rogue administration that is enacting edicts that are destroying our Republic.  Will they be that?  I can only hope.

One of the major tools the Republicans could use if they reclaim the House of Representatives is found in the Constitutional proviso that declares Congress holds the power of the purse.  Our present Constitution, largely ignored by many in politics and the public makes that clear.  Article I, Section 7, Clause 1 clearly states – “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives, but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments on other Bills.” 

The requirement is that all bills must pass both Houses of Congress in identical form or be amended and passed by joint resolution.  Only what is in the bill and sent to the president for signature become law.  That is the method the GOP could use to fix much of what is wrong. They could engage in fiscal restraint and constraint.  Will they do that?  Not likely, because the Republicans have been guilty as the Democrats in spending for their own benefit.

It is time to fix the Department of Education. The best solution might be to end it and return it to the States.  It is time to deal with this spending nightmare and stop just slowing the rate of increase in spending but actually cutting spending.  With the budgetary process followed in today’s government, there are almost universal built-in increases in spending.  If that is 10 percent and they make it 5 percent, they tell us they cut spending but actually, they only slowed the increase.  Spending still went up by 5 percent.  Time to go to zero-based budgeting and start at zero every year and justify every cent spent.

I would argue that Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House would result in a smaller government than Kevin McCarthy who is an entrenched establishment politician.  The Republicans could pass a single appropriations bill rather than the endless omnibus spending bills we have been exposed to for a long time now.  Congress has chosen the omnibus path to protect its members from public scrutiny and having to keep their campaign promises to reduce spending.  It is time for that to end!

We have an Internal Revenue Service, which is anything but a service for the people that have become weaponized politically against constitutionalists and conservatives.  If the GOP’s victory in November becomes a potential tsunami as some believe there are some mandatory priorities that must be pursued.  They should immediately revise the civil-service laws that prevent them from removing incompetent and corrupt bureaucrats from their positions. 

There should be an immediate and dramatic cut in funding for every federal bureaucracy and massive restructuring of other agencies such as the CDC, NIH, FBI, CIA, and IRS.  The Internal Revenue Service and the tax code need immediate attention.  We watched Lois Lerner walk free even after documented corruption and criminality under Loretta Lynch’s DOJ.

This will make some angry, but the corruption in many activist groups such as BLM and the spending by politicians to facilitate their activities must be addressed.  The millions spent by Patrisse Cullors; the co-founder of the group must be addressed.  I find it interesting that the Elias Law Group which supposedly took control of the books of BLM is now missing from the listing of that group’s registration filings in Florida and Oklahoma.  The Elias Group was deeply involved in rigging election laws for the Left.

The IRS looks the other way when there are violations of the law by the Left but becomes laser-focused when it is a conservative or Christian group.  The allowed bypasses of the law for tax-exempt organizations to contribute their resources to election campaigns is too blatant to ignore and Congress needs to step up to the plate, take responsibility, and do their job to fix it.  A great fix would be to go to a flat tax and virtually eliminate the IRS.

However, with the information now available it appears that the biggest crooks uncovered in the Durham investigation are the FBI. Will anything be done?  It is unlikely and it is also doubtful that the FBI will uncover the leaker of the preliminary vote of the SCOTUS with any substance.  They will probably react as they did to the anomalies and violations that occurred in the last election.  If it reveals a crime by the Leftists, it is a nothing burger to them.  But, let a conservative, Republican, or Christian take a stand in opposition to the ideology of the Left they find it easy to uncover what happened.

However, I continue to see small rays of sunshine like the SCOTUS voting 9-0 regarding the flying of a Christian flag in Boston.  Also, the Vermont schools widely displayed the BLM flag beside the American flag in the wake of George Floyd’s death.  That was blatantly illegal but okay because it fit the agenda and ideology of the Left.  The painting of BLM on the road in front of the Vermont State House was a direct violation of the law.  Using taxpayer funds was deemed okay and any protest was deemed rooted in racism.

Students can wear gay pride T-shirts to school but not one that says, “There are only two genders” or one that displays Bible Quotes.  But those are tips of the iceberg of the divide, the disinformation, and misinformation being pursued in today’s America.  It is time that we return to our moral moorings and return to the Bible and God for guidance in our interpersonal relationships.  It is time to stop fanning the flames of hate and return to civil discourse.  It is okay to disagree.  It is not okay to allow hate to drive us to destruction.

God bless you and God bless America!

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