THE MOTIVE – What Is Driving The Agenda?

In a previous blog, I addressed the agenda of forcing America to transition to Green Energy and suggested that the motivation was not simply adherence to the Religion of Climate Change but Control.  I am sure some disagree but that is what I see and although I did not have the time or space to fully address my reasons for my belief, I hope I provided enough for you to engage in your own examination of the matter.

Now, I want to address the incessant and often illogical, but assuredly diabolical agenda to strip us of our Second Amendment Rights and relegate us to total dependence on the ineptitude of the federal government.  If they are successful in banning guns, the law-abiding and mostly peaceful citizens of the great nation will be subjected to the unimaginable danger of criminals, terrorists, and evil people perpetrating their crimes on us.  We will be left defenseless, violating the Constitution, reason, and the Bible.  Yes, I believe and can prove that the Bible affords us the right to self-defense.

Joe Biden and those who are devoted followers of the rabid gun control activist are wrong on virtually every count regarding guns.  They love to label the NRA and all gun owners in America as racists, unfeeling, and the scourge of the earth.  We are less than human to them, and those of us who are combat veterans are deemed potential domestic terrorists and deserving of constant scrutiny. 

Someone recently told me, that America has about 4% of the world’s population but owns 60% of all the guns.  That alone defeats their argument that gun ownership is the problem.  If their numbers are factual or even remotely close, they just admitted that there are millions of us, the vast majority of gun owners, who are neither dangerous nor a threat.  If gun ownership were the problem, total annihilation of the human race would have occurred.  I know this will elicit hateful sneers, but the problem is not the gun it is the person holding it that causes the problem.  Guns are a tool, not a cause!

I weep with those suffering the tragic, needless, and diabolical loss resulting from any mass shooting.  I am incensed beyond words over any murder, but when it is the slaughter of defenseless and innocent children, I am doubly angered.  That extends to the slaughter of innocent lives in the womb.  But, in Uvalde, Oklahoma, New York, Chicago, or any other place, politicizing the tragedy should be unacceptable to all sides. 

I am disturbed that in virtually every mass shooting the first claim is that it is connected to or to be blamed on white supremacy.  In many cases, the shooter was not white and not affiliated with or embracing any conservative philosophy.  Most of them were noticeably disturbed individuals, often growing up without a responsible father’s guidance, and often indoctrinated by some religious ideology or demonstrating overflowing rage and anger at something, someone, or the system itself.

Joe Biden falsely claimed that mass shootings tripled following the 2004 expiration of Congress’ assault-rifle ban.  He predicted that if Congress did not bow at the altar of superficial solutions and adopt the extreme gun control measures of the Left, Americans would “act to turn your outrage into making this issue central to your vote.”  He is right and he is wrong!  If they persist in attempting to strip us of our Second Amendment Rights, it will become a central issue and I would suspect that the millions of law-abiding gun owners will not respond positively to the agenda to disarm Americans.

Joe Biden made an astounding statement that exemplifies the view of the Left.  He said, that “the Second Amendment, like all other rights, is not absolute.”  What?  Wait, Mr. Biden, you believe that our rights our inalienable God-given rights that the founders believed the government had no right to infringe upon are not absolute.  You might want to go back and read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights again.  But then acknowledging the Constitution would be dangerous to your ideology and agenda.

What would be the motive or what has been the motive in every regime in history seeking to implement total gun control?  Tyranny, Despotism, and Dictatorship!  Why would this administration desire to make gun manufacturers liable for what someone did with one of their guns?  The motive seems clear, if they can create enough animosity and financial difficulty for the manufacturers, they can achieve gun control without legislation or an amendment to the Constitution. 

I have a question, if that is reasonable to hold the manufacturers liable for guns, then why not make the pharmaceutical companies liable for their drugs?  Why not make the automobile manufacturers liable for deaths caused by terrorists, intoxicated drivers, or anyone?  Why not make every manufacturer of any every liable?  Of course, it would be ridiculous and illogical to do so for doing so is both unreasonable and would result in no one manufacturing anything.  What would that do?

The red flag laws have holes in them and tragically, too frequently there is ineptitude and lack of communication between agencies tasked with vetting potential buyers.  There is inconsistency in prosecuting criminals using firearms.  I appreciate the desire to keep guns out of the hands of children.  However, if the parents properly trained their children to respect and realize the danger involved in the use of a gun, we would alleviate much of the problem. 

I grew up in a home where there were firearms and at least one of them was loaded, at all times.  There were many reasons for that including self-defense and the need to protect our livestock and animals from predators.  In today’s world, if you have the firearm in the prescribed safe storage, with a trigger lock, and your ammunition in a separate location, it is useless for self-defense.  I guess you could ask the intruder to wait and allow you to adequately prepare.  I am sure the perpetrator would comply demonstrating a sense of fair play, right? 

A complete ban on any class of firearms would exceed the Constitutional constraints.  It is one thing to impose enforceable limits on felons and the mentally ill from carrying a firearm.  It is also reasonable to impose limits on carrying a firearm in some sensitive areas without proper licensing and authorization.  But totally banning firearms has a dangerous possibility and will not achieve the stated objective of saving lives.

Every despot in history that stripped citizens of their guns eventually committed horrendous genocide against citizens in achieving their objective of total control.  The responses of the police (and I support law enforcement) in Uvalde demand acknowledgment of the reality that the response time or lack thereof leaves citizens in danger.  Allowing citizens, the inalienable right to protect themselves ultimately protects them and allows them to attempt to save the lives of others. 

Allowing fear and the sense of compassion to ‘do something’ and allowing guilt to overwhelm our sense of reason will not solve the problem of violence.  I have been blasted by some on both sides of the issue when I insist that there is a solution that does not require a gun ban or confiscation.  That solution is God! That solution is to reinforce the two-parent family unit.  That solution is to reinstate discipline in our society.  That solution is to enforce the current laws on the books.  Allowing our fear and feeling of guilt if we do not ‘do something’ will only create a worse situation rather than providing a solution.

The danger and motive behind Gun Control and Gun Bans by the government are not to protect lives but to eliminate a threat to their desired agenda of Total Control.  If we are not armed, we have little means to resist should they move forward in seizing control.  I hate violence regardless of who initiated it or what tool was used to carry out the assault or murder.  Life is valuable to God and me!  However, if a person is determined to do harm, they should be forced to realize there can be a consequence to their actions.  Disarming the law-abiding will not do that. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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