Yes, I modified a line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet because I believe it is an apropos question and plea for all those who love our Republic and our Constitutional Liberties and Freedom.  If what you see happening in America does not disturb you, we need to check your pulse and place a mirror under your nose to be sure you are still with us. 

If you are still with me after that last statement, it is my contention that the America we see in 2022 barely resembles the America of the 20th Century.  Well, at least up to the middle of the 20th Century.  Back in the good old days, as we like to call them, America still resembled the Republic established by our Founding Fathers.  That has changed and is part of the promise or threat of Barack Hussein Obama to fundamentally transform America.

Everywhere I turn I see “Help Wanted or Now Hiring” signs.  I had a manager of a place of business say, “We are hiring people who will show up.”  I was told that a sizable number show up and work one day, expect to be paid that day, and don’t show up again.  I don’t know what they were working for that only required one day’s pay. 

I have not flown in some time, but I keep hearing the horrors of canceled flights due to shortages of pilots, etc.  I have been informed that many construction and infrastructure projects are being delayed because of a shortage of workers.  The healthcare industry has been decimated dating back to the Obamacare debacle and the horrendous edicts by this administration caused workers to flee. 

We have wage rates higher than ever and a declining pool of people who want to take advantage of those jobs.  The economy is in shambles although the White House is telling us we are in the best shape we have ever been.  I don’t know what they are smoking, but whatever it might be, it most assuredly contains some powerful hallucinogenic material.  More people are retiring early because they are tired of the hassles.

Unemployment benefits have been expanded, expanded, and expanded along with the welfare provisions creating a situation where it is more lucrative to sit on your butt at home than to work.  I have been told by some that they do not want a job because they make more for doing nothing than working, so why work?

The fear of COVID and the long-term health issues associated with the disease has created a condition where people are fearful of going back to work in a normal structure.  We have watched the Feds at the behest of the government print trillions of dollars to throw at projects that have not and cannot alleviate the problem.  Those dollars only exasperate the situation and do not rectify it.

We have homicides at an epidemic level and the only solution the Leftists and some on the Right see is to ban guns and strip law-abiding Americans of their inalienable right to self-defense and infringe upon our Constitutional guarantee to have guns.  The problem is not guns because guns are not even the most prolific tool or weapon used in homicides.  The problem is the condition of the heart, the mindset, the ideological indoctrination of self-centeredness, and the WOKE Politically Correct philosophy. 

One problem is the failure of Leftists controlled cities, states, and departments of justice to enforce the law.  Being weak on crime will not lessen crime it will cause it to increase exponentially.  The most stringent gun law cities and states are the most crime-ridden and homicide filled of all in America.  That alone speaks volumes.

We have the open admission of members of the Biden administration that the exorbitantly soaring prices at the gas pumps are desirable and needful to advance their dual agenda.  The agenda of transitioning America to Green Energy and forcing us to drive electric vehicles and the desire to promote the Liberal World Order that the globalists are seeking. 

Joe Biden on day one in the White House, kept a promise of waging war on the fossil fuel industry and shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline and with other actions created the pain at the pump we now face.  It did not have to be this way, but they wanted it this way and now he and they attempt to blame Donald Trump, Putin, COVID, and whatever other culprits they can manufacture.  Joe, you did it, admit it, suck it up and do something constructive to rectify your disaster.

What is Biden doing?  Is he opening the Pipeline or encouraging drilling on public lands and offshore?  No, he is selling off our Strategic Oil Reserves to Europe, India, and China.  Yes, I said China. Why would any person who cares about America and Americans take an action that facilitates the continuation of our dilemma and threaten our national sovereignty?  Why?  You can answer that, I will not speculate.

Why would you sell our Oil Reserves to a nation that wants to crush us and dominate us?  Why?  Maybe if we looked at the history of the Biden Family and China financially, we could come to a realistic conclusion.  Regardless of why something must be done and done quickly.  President Joe Biden could effectively end inflation and fix the American economy immediately if he and they wanted to.  I hear them say that they do, but actions speak louder than words.

We know that there are more than two trillion barrels of oil a thousand feet beneath the Rocky Mountains.  It is the largest untapped oil reserve in the world.  There is more crude in the ground in America than anywhere else in the world, yet they refuse to fix the problem. 

One more tidbit.  China is not even using the oil reserves we are shipping to them, according to the reports I have seen.  They are stockpiling those reserves for strategic purposes and with their incredible military build-up and desire for expansion, one can only imagine what those purposes are.  We may find ourselves as we did with Japan in WW II having the scrap metal, we sold them come back in the form of bullets and projectiles.  China may use our oil in an attack against us.  Imagine that!  We provide them the fuel to propel their weapons against us.  Wouldn’t that be peachy?

Not to ignore the inane and incessant push to advance the Critical Race Theory, fan the flames of racial discord, promote the slaughter of the unborn, and transform gender, culture, and destroy the family and the church is diabolical. 

Critical thinking is a modern dinosaur but a required exercise for any society to survive as a Free people.  Rather than advancing critical thinking academia is engaging in indoctrination.  Hate is allowed if you are non-white of European origin.  If you say, “All Lives Matter” you are deemed to be a racist or suffering from some phobia that makes you a vile person.  However, if you scream the “F” word and hurl insults and projectiles at those white, how does that not qualify as hate speech and a hate crime?  The call to kill us and prevent us from procreating is not an attempt to find a solution peacefully it is vile hate.

The Republicans surrendering to the demands of the cultural wars, the WOKE activists, the Gun Control zealots, and those forcing our children to be exposed to what can only be called pedophiliac presentations are killing America.  So, my question must be asked in closing, “America, America, Wherefore Art Thou?”   Maybe a better question would be, “Patriots, where are you?”  It is time to wake up and do what must be done to reclaim the America of our beginning.

God bless you and God bless America!

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