I am disturbed by the level of vitriol and open or hidden suggestions to target those who disagree with the agenda of toxic liberalism.  This is coming from the White House, Congress, Radio and Television Personalities, Hollywood, and Activists.  It is deemed acceptable if it is being advanced by those on the Left but if those on the right say anything negative, they are deemed racists, bigots, xenophobic, homophobic, and domestic terrorists. 

We watched Hollywood personalities hold a fake head of Donald Trump covered in blood and others staged a shot to his head.  We have watched and listened to the diatribe over the reversal of Roe v Wade and the misinformation, hate-engendering rhetoric, and outright lies are stirring the pot.  This is by design and if the American public does not draw a line in the sand and say, No More, we will see an increase in violence.

I believe that those seeking the New World Order, Liberal World Order, or Globalism are seeking to manipulate the masses in a sinister plot to destroy America.  You may disagree, but that is what I see.  Tragically, some individuals have been groomed and conditioned to respond to the rhetoric like Pavlov’s dogs and the stirred pot pushes them over the edge.  The sickening reality is that those manipulated souls who have lost touch with reality and any fiber of morality believe they are good soldiers for the cause and doing mankind a service.

We have watched mass shootings in the past but two of the more recent are evidence of the danger of the rhetoric of hate that is commonplace today.  We have a system of government, and a constitution and even if one disagrees with the rulings of the Supreme Court there is no cause or justification for violence or stirring the pot that produces violence.

Just before the shooting in Illinois, by the alleged shooter, Robert Crimo III, the rhetoric and diatribe of hate were being spewed forth prolifically.  Hatred for America was prevalent and many on the Left were dropping the “F” Bomb regarding the 4th of July Celebration.  The hysteria of the SCOTUS ruling on Roe was a signal that the end of humanity had arrived and without protest including violence women would be sent into the dark ages.  That was and is a lie and anyone with an IQ higher than freezing on the Fahrenheit scale should know that. 

When the President, Vice President, members of Congress, the Media, and celebrities are allowed to stir the pot with almost no push back we have to know that violence is going to be the result.  Sadly, I believe that they know that and are hoping for incidents like Uvalde and Highland Park, Illinois disaster.  It allows them to fan the flames of fear in millions and fuels their quest to strip the law-abiding of their inalienable rights with the 2nd Amendment being a primary target.

Neither of those mass murder incidents was the fault of the weapon of choice used by the shooters.  But, alas, some in the media, the mayor of that community, and others are insisting that they used ‘automatic weapons.’  No, they used semi-automatic weapons. Those guns were not assault weapons, although they look similar to military weapons, they do not function the same.  The red flags in both cases were sufficient to prevent either of them from acquiring firearms.  The Laws are not working and now we are to believe that additional laws will effectively end gun violence.  Don’t step in the Unicorn poop, please.

The alleged shooter in Illinois dubbed himself ‘nom de rapper’ or Awake the Rapper.  His “Out of This World” rhymes included: falling to pieces, I puzzled my thesis, My thinking’s corrupted, I just wanna sleep.  He had videos on YouTube, now taken down, depicting a shootout with the police.  He displayed a poster of Lee Harvey Oswald.  Those are just a few of the indicators that there might be some mental and/or emotional issues present.

He attempted suicide in 2019 and threatened to “kill everyone” where he lived.  The police reported that they confiscated sixteen knives, a sword, and a dagger following that threat.  Is that not a Red Flag that should have triggered existing Laws to hamper his ability to purchase a firearm? 

Some of his classmates acknowledged that they saw a lot of Red Flags and one said, “everybody knew he was off.”  But not triggers to prompt anyone to pay attention, right?  If we encourage, “See Something, Say Something” and nothing is done when that transpires, what’s the point?  What will more laws do? 

In Illinois, they have Firearms Ownership Identification requirements, and this individual was able to purchase the weapons alleged used even after two (2) mental health-related incidents with the HP police.  One of the requirements is that the purchaser has not been a patient in a mental institution or any part of a medical facility for treatment within the past 5 years.  The system failed on that one.  Additionally, the purchaser must not have been adjudicated by a court as a mental defective or ordered by a court, board, or authorized entity to in-patient or out-patient mental health treatment. 

I cannot verify it, but it is being reported that he had ties to the Democratic Socialists of America as indicated by the tattoo on his neck.  There are apparent connections to progressive socialists, Antifa, and the occult.  His social network and lifestyle all indicate that likelihood.  If this is true, how did everyone miss it, and why are none of the media types and politicians acknowledging those issues?  It would not fit the narrative and therefore he must be painted as a MAGA supporter and a White Supremacist if possible. 

He made fun of Donald Trump and his followers on social media, therefore it is highly unlikely that he was even remotely a conservative Trump supporter.  Back to the police encounters and it is known that the Police flagged him as a ‘clear and present danger’ in 2019.  How then did he clear four (4) background checks?  If the laws, we have now, and background checks are that ineffective how will more produce the desired result of ending gun violence? 

Due to what appears a lack of being forthcoming by the parents and other family members he was able to slide through the system and fall through the cracks.  Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart has filed charges against Crimo III and immediately pushed for gun controls. Control laws that are already on the books in his state.  Illinois has some of the most stringent gun laws and red flag laws in America and yet, none of them worked to prevent the alleged shooter from obtaining firearms.  The Illinois Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) is in place so that only people with a FOID card can legally possess a firearm.  The shooter had one, but the Illinois State Police previously insisted he did not have one to revoke.  Which is it?

With the stirring of the pot like the rhetoric of the mayor of Highland Park saying that our nation is ‘enslaved’ to guns’ and calling for a nationwide ban, we should see where this is going.  Banning firearms will not remove guns from the world.  The criminals and those desiring to do criminal acts such as mass murder will still be able to get them.  It will make it more difficult for the law-abiding to protect themselves. 

How, did a young man with such disturbing social media posts, and verifiable history of being a disturbed individual, pass the background checks?  At the end of the day, all of us are responsible to report what we see when it involves mental instability or there are noticeable red flags that the person may be prone to violence.  However, if we do ‘Say Something’ we may be sued, ignored, and even harasses for our being forthcoming. 

I have said before and say again, that the problem is not the firearm!  The root problem is the human heart or mindset of the one using the firearm.   If there is a mental, moral, political, social, or demonic issue, NO LAW will solve the problem. 

I have a novel idea, why don’t we enforce the laws we now have and issue severe punishment to those who violate those gun laws and commit acts of violence?   Rather than politicizing it why not work to deal with the real problem.  If citizens having guns was the problem, there would be few people left alive now.  We are not the problem, evil and mental imbalance in the heart and mind are.

Agree or disagree with me that is your choice.  I believe that if we return to our moral moorings and return to God and stop stirring the pot, we can see a resolution or a move toward one.

God bless you and God bless America!



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