Border Security has so many ramifications and facets it would be impossible to address them all in one article or blog post.  There is a ton of empirical data and red flags associated with numerous issues in allowing unvetted and unrestricted access to our Republic that screams danger.  Not ignoring any of those issues but focusing on one of the most daunting is the reality that Border Security is National Security is a major concern.

Those of us who live in a state that shares a border with Mexico realize the many dangers associated with the invasion of illegals.  The Texas counties on the border and near the border have declared that the crisis can be called nothing less than an invasion.  I agree with that assessment. 

I cannot begin to perceive a justification for not securing the border.  There are virtually no other countries in the modern world that do not have border security.  Why in the name of rational thinking and reason would anyone in the United States federal government want an open border?  Yes, there are answers but none of them give a valid justification for eradicating our borders.  None of them!

Some vehemently criticize Governor Abbot insisting that he is not doing enough to secure the border.  Some of those criticisms may have merit, but most of them are politically based and rooted in disagreements with the Governor on other issues.  This becomes one of the more visible and useful for them to attack. 

If the Governor were to declare this an invasion under Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution, it is believed that he could bypass Washington and engage in foreign policy and engage in war to prevent the invasion.  The rub in that theory comes in the three words, “unless actually invaded.”  This effort could lead to an international war with the United States and would be challenged in the courts and by Congress.  It could lead to some very troubled waters.  However, the problem is not going away so this might be a worthwhile consideration or proposal forcing the hand of Washington.

Back in June the Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador slammed the Biden administration’s border policies and declared that the US-Mexico border was ‘out of control.’  He was right!  He recognized the poor economic conditions in Mexico and other South and Central American nations as being inducements for illegals to seek to enter the United States.  He also cited the craftiness and entrepreneurship of human traffickers and drug cartels. 

The forty-two people found dead inside the trailer of an eighteen-wheeler were a sampling of the enormity of the problem.  The blindness and unwillingness of the Biden administration to curb the influx of illegals are exacerbating the problem.  They claim to be humanitarians, but those deaths should be laid at the feet of this administration and the Left who want to erase the border completely.  The Border Patrol reported that over 222,000 apprehensions were made in May alone.  How many were not apprehended?  We are being overrun and nobody seems to be willing to bite the bullet and do all that is required to resolve the issue.

Every nation faces threats to its national security and either succeeds or fails largely based on governmental policies, edicts, and actions.  America is no exception.  There are those in today’s government and followers of toxic liberalism that desire for America to become part of the new World Order and under the governance of a singular power.  That would be the end of our Republic.

Threats to national security can come in the form of aggression from a neighboring country and infiltration by those seeking to do harm and destroy, such as terrorists.  It can be an influx of people following religious ideologies, seeking to establish markets for their human trafficking or drug enterprises.  Threats can be natural, and we can do little to prevent those.   We can, however, take steps to make our structures better able to handle them and put in place viable plans in case of an emergency. 

However, when it comes to national security, we should arm ourselves with factual data and intelligence on several fronts.  We must be aware of the desires and designs of hostile governments who want to bring us into submission.  We must be keenly aware and guarded against terrorism.  Allowing unvetted and unrestricted access is equivalent to issuing an engraved invitation to terrorists to ‘come on down.’

We are now allowing China to buy farmland near military bases and the danger of allowing them to conduct military espionage and other activities within our borders is unacceptable.  What would prevent them from smuggling or openly bringing in military assets to house on the properties they own?  With the current border situation, the answer would be little or nothing.

There is the threat of biological warfare, and an open border gives easy access to the interior of the United States for terrorists and hostile foreign invaders to bring in their weapons and use them.  It is virtually impossible to disassociate the Wuhan Virus – COVID-19 from Chinese laboratories and experiments.  We have limited information that people within our government such as Dr. Anthony Fauci knew and even funded some experiments.  The purveyors of the agenda of a World Order would not find genocide unacceptable.  The idea seems to be, ‘the end justifies the means’ even if the end is diabolical.

The danger of terrorism is at the apex of concern in open borders.  Other concerns are not to be ignored.  The increase in crime and violent crime is directly connected to open borders.  In 2018 the U.S. Justice Department released statistics regarding crimes prosecuted in federal courts.  Almost half of those crimes were committed by aliens and although a small number of those were here legally most were not. 

The cost associated with incarceration of those illegals convicted of crimes ranges between $35,000-45,000 per inmate per year.  By the end of 2019, about 20% of those housed in federal prisons were illegals and cost the taxpayers about $1.2 billion each year.  Of those prosecuted in 2018, 12.5% had at least one previous conviction, 18.5% had two to four, and 10% had more than five.  More than five? 

In my home state Texas, a border state, the reports indicate that between June 1, 2011, and November 20, 2021, 356,000 criminal aliens were booked into Texas jails.  Over 243,000 were illegals and charged with over 400,000 criminal offenses.  The breakdown was 742 murders, 47,737 assaults, 7,524 burglaries, and over 11,000 sexual assaults and other sex crimes.  There were numerous kidnappings, thefts, robberies, and drug and weapons charges.  All at a prohibitive cost to the peace and placing an undue burden on law enforcement. 

Children are used as tools or pawns in human trafficking and to gain entry.  Before anyone attempts to argue that those poor souls are simply seeking a better way of life and are fearful for their lives the statistics and data reveal much more is behind this. 

If we allow people to come illegally and then reward them with entitlements, free education, and healthcare and provide them jobs and housing we are harming the framework of our republic.  When we no longer expect people to assimilate and become Americans and today there are moves to make them legal citizens regardless of the laws broken and allow them to vote, we harm the republic.  Therein is the real clincher!  It is a design to dismantle the legitimate electoral process and sway it with those imported via whatever means to support a particular political ideology. 

I stand for a Free America, not an Open Border.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and know that Freedom is never free and must be protected or none will have freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!


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