Unfortunately, the trickle-down disaster is becoming a rockslide of monstrous proportions.  I remember when Ronald Reagan was running and as president how the Left kept talking about ‘Trickle Down Economics’ and George H.W. Bush called it ‘Voodoo Economics.’  They minimized his economic plan that actually worked because it focused on turning the economy loose to allow the free market to function as it is designed. 

Today, we have an administration that either has no clue regarding economics, growth of the economy, inflation’s cause, and the importance of the oil and gas industry in every aspect of society or they do not care.  I have vacillated between the two possibilities and believe that those calling the shots know exactly what they are doing, and the damage is by design.

We are told by this administration that the economy is stronger than ever, and we are transitioning toward alternative energy for the good of the world.  We have watched and suffered from the assault on the fossil fuel industry from day one of the Biden presidency.  We are watching the price of everything skyrocket.  Another disturbing dimension is the shortages that are both a natural result of the crashing economy and bad government policy.  We are headed toward a food shortage that will cause worldwide chaos.  Is that by design?

Even the globalist United Nations’ Chief Antonio Guterres has issued a warning that a shortage is coming which will produce mass starvation.  Of course, he like all the globalists and leftists blame it on Russia, the Ukraine War, Climate Change, COVID, and inequality.  Inequality?  Yep, another effort to free the world of capitalism and republican forms of government and transform the planet into a World Government.  Imagine that!

We are seeing shortages now and the prospects for 2023 are even worse!  As the fears arise hoarding will become more prevalent and further exasperate the shortages.  The cost of farming coupled with drought conditions in a large swath of the United States is creating shortages in vital food supplies.  I am not saying that the government is creating shortages, but I do believe they are following the mantra of Alinsky and the motto, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  They desire to fundamentally transform us into something that would be unrecognizable by the founding fathers and framers of the American Constitution.

The religion of Climate Change, Global Warming, or Climate Disruption has prompted the zealots to invoke Carbon Emissions Laws and Mandates that are plunging millions into a much lower standard of living.  The result will be millions will be relegated to poverty for generations.  These zealots insist that it is settled science but science itself is not settled and there is no unanimity among climate scientists.  The empirical data debunks their claims and their continued failures in the doomsday predictions should have made them laughingstocks.

Could I ask a question, please?  How does paying a tax or buying a license to emit carbon into the atmosphere reduce carbon emissions?  All that does is fill somebody’s coffers with money and does nothing to address the problem they claim exists.  Their unwillingness to recognize the need for CO2 in the atmosphere is a never-ending puzzle.  Plants need CO2 and we need plants.  God’s unique structure of the atmosphere is not in trouble and man is not making it worse.  One volcanic eruption produces more C02 than all the vehicles of the world and certainly more than the flatulence of the cows on the planet.

Nations like Germany resorted to burning more coal to keep the lights on as Moscow reduced the supply of gas.  The officials in that nation announced that the country was experiencing a “gas crisis.”  Wasn’t that what they wanted?  Green energy.  But without fossil fuels, they cannot reach the necessary goal of energy.  Wow!

Italy has responded to the EU Plan by mandating that air conditioning in public buildings cannot be set lower than 77 degrees in the summer months.  What will they do in the winter, make it 65 degrees or less?

We have learned that France is planning to restart the coal-fueled power plant in the northeast of France to prepare them for the coming winter months.  Their energy tsars have stated that by acting now they can get ready for the winter and preserve their gas reserves.  Wait.  If you want to rid the world of gas, oil, and fossil fuels why would you worry about preserving gas reserves?  Yes, I am being sarcastic.

I have been trying to determine and research just how bad the American economy really is.  Gas prices are rapidly heading toward the European model and the national average was and will be again, over $4 per gallon now.  This administration has told us that those prices will likely last into the foreseeable future and it is for the good of the liberal world order they desire.

Gas prices affect every aspect of the market.  Transportation of goods is translated into higher prices for consumers.  Inflation makes our earnings smaller, and the cost of goods makes our buying power weaker.  Some of us who live on fixed incomes that are never adjusted to truly reflect the cost-of-living increases are feeling the pinch dramatically. 

The lunacy of telling people to just go buy an electric car as a proposed solution is maddening.  The cost of said vehicle is beyond the budget of most Americans. The impact on the electric grid if every gas-powered automobile owner suddenly went electric would be catastrophic.  There is already a concern about the electric grid keeping up with demand and if you add millions of electric-powered vehicles to the mix being charged each night we would have black and brownouts of epic proportions.  That is not wise!

I have been concerned for some time about what is happening in America.  I have predicted that COVID would either suddenly become a non-factor or a new more ominous variant would surface either before the 2022 elections or before the 2024 presidential election.  I have become incredibly concerned about food shortages and shortages in other commodities and see the possibility of famine-like conditions causing total chaos in America before the 2024 elections.

I am fully convinced that if the Democrats, Leftists, Globalists, and Socialists maintain control in Congress after the 2022 elections there will be nothing off the table for them between January 2023 and November 2024.  There will be an effort to pack the Supreme Court, and the lower courts, and fill every bureau and agency of the federal government including the military with WOKE activists.  The war on religion, the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th Amendments will escalate.

The PC Police will engage in eerily similar tactics to the Gestapo of Nazi Germany in the 30s and 40s.  Violence will ensue and nothing and no one will be safe in America if we do not make some dramatic changes.  The most needed changes are a return to our moral moorings, strong families, accountability, and responsibility, and to God.  We can reclaim this republic and keep it, but it will not be easy nor without casualties.  Are we up to the task?

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. They are pushing solar here, but have been spraying the skies for years and trying to block the sun; their geoengineering is adversely affecting climate and weather, and here on the coast in southern California clear blue skies are rare; they create problems and then seek to gain from their ungodly, evil solutions. Abba Father we ask for you to overrule their dark agendas to harm, and steal, kill, and destroy, and we ask for Your Solutions and Your anointed and appointed leaders who are called and chosen and faithful to the Lord of lords and King of kings to replace the usurpers; and keep us in Christ Jesus’ life and life abundant!

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