Before you dismiss my title and insist that no one is waging war against God, or Christianity in America, I ask that you allow me to attempt to articulate my reasons for my thesis.  If you still disagree after hearing what I have to say, that is your right, choice, and prerogative and hopefully, we will agree to disagree agreeably rather than with contention.

There are those who follow the toxic ideology of liberal globalism and embrace a more socialistic America that sees a radicalized right-winger under every rock.  That has been expanded to mean those who disagree with their positions and postulations as Christian nationalists or white Christian nationalists.  But what do they mean by that and what is their definition of those terms?

Nationalism or Christian nationalism is not a bad thing when nationalism refers to the desire to preserve the sovereignty and culture of the nation.  That is the opposite of what the followers of the toxic brand of liberalism and globalism desire.  We see that in the open border, the infringement of our inalienable rights, and the push to force Christians to abandon their core convictions and embrace the LGBTQ, Transgender, and multi-gender lifestyles and views.

The political leftists of this era are not only globalists, but they are secularists and anti-Christianity so when they see Christians who embrace a nationalist view, they see the ultimate boogeyman.  They see such a threat to their way of life and political agenda it must be eradicated or branded so vile and corrupt it will be anathema to everyone.  Thus, the overt, as well as covert war against God and Christianity, is transpiring. 

They declare that Christian nationalism is a threat to ‘democracy.’  If so, that is in harmony with the views of the founding fathers for they were also opposed to democracy.  They carefully debated the issue and ensured that we were formed as a Republic with a representative government, not a direct democracy.  They viewed a direct democracy as a danger that would lead to anarchy, chaos, and tyranny. 

Who are represented among the Christian nationalist?  Christian nationalism found in the modern conservative movement includes those advocating for medical freedom, parental rights, anti-human trafficking, non-interventionism, the right to life for the unborn, and election integrity.  Are those bad things?  To those who are followers of the ideology of the Leftists Globalists, yes. 

When the federal government endorses and advocates the idea that young children are allowed to be prodded into a gender identity crisis, that is an example of waging war against God’s basic design.  It is also an attempt to strip the parents of their right and responsibility to train up their children, a biblical directive.  When the government allows abortions without parental notification for minors that is anathema to the construct of the family by God and is a virtual declaration of war on biblical precepts. 

There is another example of war being waged that is sometimes more covert than overt.  It is in silencing the church, pastors, and Christians by demanding that there is an impenetrable wall of separation between church and state.  It is decrying any involvement of the Church in politics.  Many misguided pastors and Christians have bought that fallacious idea and are calling it politicizing Christianity. 

Rather than politicizing Christianity, it is following the biblical precept and directive to sound the alarm when we see danger and evil.  It is to stand in the gap and make up the hedge to fight against the deception and destruction of anti-biblical precepts and to advance perversion and corruption as acceptable norms. 

It is time that the church invests in training or equipping parents to stand and fight against the modern gender ideology presented today.  When teachers are allowed and even encouraged to talk to Grade School Children about gender confusion that is an act of war against God, parental rights, and the Christian faith.  God did not make a mistake when He made us!  We may not be comfortable with His creation and through many psychological and even physiological issues find ourselves confused that does not justify slapping God in the face and saying, “You blew it when you made me.”

I even heard one religious leader resist the idea of equipping parents to push back would sully the reputation of the church by making it political.  He believes that it would be better for a few children and families to be sacrificed so that the Church would be unsullied by politics.  That is beyond belief.  I contend that the Church should be at the forefront of any effort to keep the family unit intact and to maintain godly principles.  If the government seeks to subvert those, then it is incumbent on the Church to stand up.  The war is real, and it is both overt and covert.

My view is that the followers of toxic liberalism and globalism hate the Bible.  Their creed is inconsistent with the teaching of Scripture regarding the worth of every individual, justice, and morality.  There was a time, in human history, and it is coming again when the followers of the ideology embraced by the modern leftists sought to put preachers in jail and destroy churches.  Today the tactic is not that blatant but they seek to utilize everything avenue at their disposal to silence the Bible in the public square.  If the people never hear what God says about a matter, they can be more easily swayed to believe the so-called tolerance views of the leftists.

Calling quoting the Bible engaging in ‘hate speech’ is beyond ludicrous!  Hate speech is to use of language that calls for the harm of another person.  If I say that the Bible prohibits homosexuality that is not hate speech it is an expression of a view that the Bible declares.  If I say that homosexuality is a sin and all homosexuals should be harmed or killed, that is hate speech. I would never call for their harm.

In England, street preachers have been arrested for saying homosexual behavior is sinful.  Canada and Finland have taken even more drastic steps to silence the Bible and Christians.  There are now priests in England and Germany that are insisting that Jesus was transgender.  They declare that Jesus said as much in the Bible.  That is, in my view, blasphemous!

Hate crimes against Christians are at an all-time high.  Some statistics I have reviewed suggest that a minimum of one-fourth of the hate crimes in Europe were against the followers of the Christian faith for being Christian.  That was a seventy percent increase over those considered in 2019. 

In November 2021, the report by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) made some alarming statistics.  Twenty-four states (countries) report data on hate crimes committed due to racism or xenophobia.  Twenty of those reported on LGBTQ groups, sixteen on anti-Semitism, and fourteen on incidents against Muslims, but only eleven reported on hate crimes against Christians.  They reported that there was a documentable increase of seventy percent in hate crimes against Christians.  They reported that of the 4,008 descriptive cases in 2020 – 980 were hate crimes against Christians, almost twenty-five percent more than any other religious or social group.

The cancel culture claims to have as its cardinal rule: “Be kind! Don’t offend!  Don’t judge! Tolerate!”  However, that is not reality. They make the exception (as did the Pharisees of old about who was their neighbor) arguing that it is okay to be unkind, offensive, judgmental, and intolerant of anyone you decide is unloving, unkind, and judgmental.  Then in their view, they are allowed to hate all they want and even commit acts of violence against those who disagree with their agenda.  That is anti-biblical and could be described as an act of warfare against both God and the Bible.  Jesus addressed the false teaching of the Pharisees in calling to the forefront that we are to “Love our neighbor as ourselves.”  The Pharisees considered a neighbor only those who agreed with their views.

I believe there is a covert and overt attempt to silence God, the Bible, and Christians and transform our culture and world into a humanistic, self-serving, corrupt world.  I believe it is time for the pastors, churches, and Christians to step forward, put on the whole armor of God and fight for what is right.  I do not mean acts of physical aggression but to fight on our knees in prayer, speaking the truth, and voting.  I sound the warning – God will not be silenced!

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Dear Roy

    A very good post, thank you very much indeed. I was slow to realise in my life that the church should be involved in every aspect of life, political or otherwise. We are meant to be be salt and light in the world and whilst words on their own don’t change hearts, words and actions in love speak powerfully.

    Jesus came as the Truth and to speak truth in many ways, and we who follow Christ must speak truth in all aspects of life, the holy and the mundane. I am reminded of the verse in Zechariah

    “Indeed, every pot in Jerusalem and Judah will be holy to the LORD of Hosts, and all who sacrifice will come and take some pots and cook in them. And on that day there will no longer be a Canaanite in the house of the LORD of Hosts.”

    Everything must be made holy to the Lord.

    Kind regards

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