I am going to deal with some politically ancient history, but I believe it is germane to the condition and situation that we face today.  There are more current examples, but I will go with these observations and hope they resonate.

My title is a question I have been asked in Church through the years.  However, it applies to today’s world of politics as well.  There are stereotypes in society that seem to make being a purveyor of falsehoods an acceptable norm.  We make used car salesmen habitual liars, although some and hopefully many of them are not.  We refer to politicians as fabricators, and I wish I could say, many of them are not, but I am hesitant. 

How many lies does it require for one to be classified as a liar?  During the past couple of years, we have been told a mountain of untruths by those in government regarding the need for various actions.  The CDC has refused to acknowledge any harm done via the lockdowns, various mandates, and requirements designed to protect the public from COVID. 

In April of 2021, the CDC published a report that declared, “Vaccination offers a higher protection than previous COVID-19 infection.”  Wait, they were saying that the manufactured vaccine was better than natural immunity due to a previous infection.  That is ludicrous and proven to be fallacious through scientific and medical data that is easily discoverable.  Finally, in January 2022, they reversed course and acknowledged that natural immunity was superior to vaccination alone.

I remember vividly the pronouncement by President Joe Biden, last summer, as he said, “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the ICU, and you’re not going to die.”  He also said, “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”  That is a proven false representation of the facts.  Many members of the medical and scientific community acknowledge that the vaccinated and unvaccinated both contract the virus. 

Please, give me a little grace in this.  I have consistently stated that I believe that receiving or not receiving the vaccine should be a personal choice.  It should be made in keeping with the medical advice you receive, your faith, and your personal convictions.  It should never be mandated.  If that makes me abhorrent to anyone, that is something with which I will live.  I believe in personal freedom.

Now, let us move to another situation where there is a myriad of lies being told.  Those in Washington, especially those on the Left have argued that there is no illegal voting in America.  They argue that our elections in 2020 were devoid of fraud and legitimate.  They contended that Americans should have no fear of sweeping election fraud.  Then, when the Republicans advanced Voter Elections Protections requiring verifiable Voter Identification, they claimed that was voter suppression.  Yet, they require an ID to enter their gatherings, and identification is required to get many of the entitlements pushed by the Left.

They argue that the massive influx of illegals is not a problem and that we should have no concern.  The Conservatives and Republicans contend that illegals are voting or that the Left is creating a pathway for them to vote in our elections.  Well, guess what, the Republicans are right.  That is documented in numerous states and cities.

In Vermont, two towns have prepared for foreign nationals to vote and are making it easy for that to be a reality.  They are offering ballots in foreign languages.  Those two cities are Montpelier, the state’s capital, and Winooski, and openly are allowing foreign nations to register and vote.  That is more than a minor problem, it is treacherous and foreign to our federal laws and anathema to our Constitutional Freedoms.  If this is happening there, how many more unreported situations are there?  The lies continue and I believe enough evidence has been brought to the light to call those in power liars!

I understand that this is for local elections but that is one step from national elections, which is the desire of the Leftist followers of the toxicity of the fundamental transformation agenda.  If we do not protect the integrity of our elections, we will lose our Republic.  I can accept any verifiably legitimate election.  If my candidate loses legitimately, I will accept that and try to peacefully protest any bad legislation that the candidate advances. 

When serial liars such as Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and a myriad of other Leftists are given free passes, we endanger the Republic.  We know from the Special Counsel’s findings that Hillary and the DNC lied repeatedly to Congress, the Media, and the Public regarding their attempts to shipwreck the Trump campaign.

We know that the Clinton campaign paid for Russian disinformation to be peddled to the Feds and Media via the Steele Dossier.  It is well documented that the law firm representing Hillary, Perkins Coie, hired Fusion GPS to provide opposition research on Donald Trump.  Fusion GPS hired Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson’s Company, Orbis Business Intelligence, to compile negative information on Trump.

We know that the Clinton campaign paid for ‘Fake Intelligence’ supplied by a Clinton crony and long-time Democrat to feed to the FBI and the Press.  That man was Charles Dolan, Jr. called PR Executive-1 in the Danchenko indictment.  According to the indictment, Danchenko told Dolan that he was working on a project against Trump.  He asked if Dolan had any thoughts, rumors, or allegations about Manafort’s resignation. 

Is it legitimate to call Hillary a liar?  How about Joe Biden, in his many fabrications and perpetual plagiarism, can we legitimately call him a liar over his fabrications?  That applies to the flip-floppers such as Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and more, are they not guilty of repeated lying?  At what point do we draw a line in the sand, and demand that liars be held accountable for their looseness with the truth?  Why do we allow lying to become a political asset rather than a death knell in a campaign? 

Why would the FBI turn a blind eye to the Hunter Biden Laptop and go after Trump and any Republican or Conservative with a no holds barred attitude?  Why would the DOJ protect the Left and target the Right?  Why would we be fed misinformation, half-truths, and distortions seeking to slant public opinion in a certain direction?  Why do we not call those that continually present fallacious accounts and manufactured facts what they are?  If one habitually lies, when can we justly call them liars?

Are we so easily deceived?  Are we willing to overlook the lack of truthfulness for the sake of achieving a political victory that will advance our agenda?  If we lose integrity in any sector, we lose it in all sectors.  When we sacrifice integrity for a political victory or business accomplishment, we dirty our souls and anesthetize ourselves to the detriment of wrongdoing.  Is that a world we want to present or an image we desire to teach our children? 

I was appalled when I read and heard Michael Sussmann’s lawyers insisted that it was okay if he lied to the FBI.  I am continually disturbed by the blatant lies advanced by the Media over many things.  I am especially agitated by the overt attempts to distort and discounted the Special Counsel, John Durham’s revelations regarding Hillary and the Left. 

They love to claim that the revelations are not valid because they were first reported by those they call, “Crazy Right-Wingers.”  They ignore the facts that resulted in the filing of the report.  They insist that the reality that the Clinton campaign paid a technology company to infiltrate servers belonging to Trump did not happen.  Then, they claim it was not a problem because Trump was not yet president.  Seriously?  But, the most used expression of the Media and the Left is, “That’s Old News” so not important. 

We are being lied to daily by politicians, members of government-funded medical and scientific communities, and the media.  Have we reached a point in our existence that we expect politicians and the media to lie to us, therefore deem it okay?  Have we become so tainted in our moral moorings that we deem the means a justification for the end?  Are we reaching a place where lying is okay if it serves our purpose?   I say, heaven forbid!

I realize that feeding the public lies is a normal part of the political process today, but I am sick of the drift from our moral moorings and the constitution.  I want to return, if possible, to being “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all…”  I want limited government and the cessation of professional politicians who never know what it is like to live under the laws, edicts, and mandates they impose. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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