For all of those who might not like Country Music, please be patient with me as I unwrap this thought and present it to you.  It will have nothing to do with the song and I will not play it, but a line from it expresses a reality, warning, and danger for America and our Republic.

The song was by Hank Thompson and released in 1956, back when America was much different.  It had nothing to do with politics or with America or any government.  The title was, “Blackboard of My Heart.”  The line to which I refer is, “…tears have washed I love you from the blackboard of my heart.  It’s too late to clean the slate and make another start…” 

Now, let me unwrap my thoughts and how this relates to America.  The warnings about threats to our Republic and Republican system of government began at the announcement of the Constitutional Convention that we were a Republic.  Sadly, too many have failed to heed those warnings, and, in the process, we ceded our responsibilities of oversight to professional politicians and political elitists.  We did that to our own hurt. 

For decades, we have enjoyed the prosperity and freedom to largely pursuing our lives and purposes without feeling significantly threatened by the ominous overreach of the increasingly growing central government.  Too many were living unaffected lives and felt that the small infringements on our liberties and freedoms were deemed somewhat innocuous political shenanigans but not major threats. 

A warning in the Song of Solomon 2:15 regarding the ‘little foxes’ being the ones that spoil the vine.  The vine in America’s case is our system of government and our freedoms and liberties expressed in our inalienable rights.  We considered these incursions and infringements by the federal government a nuisance but not a serious threat to our system of government and our freedom.  All who thought that are now discovering the wrongness of that attitude and the results of ‘letting politics be handled by the politicians.’

In my early years and until just a few years ago, I would never have envisioned an America that would have more Armed Bureaucrats than U.S. Marines.  James Madison famously and insightfully warned, “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.” 

Do you recall that just a few years ago there was a bizarre action by the various bureaus of our American government to amass weapons and ammunition?  Many of us, beat the drum of warning and asked “WHY?”  We received evasive and ambiguous answers and discovered that we were on the government’s watch list for our questioning.  Again, “WHY?”  Why would they need the weapons and ammunition and why would our questioning that action makes us a threat?

Before I continue, I address Hank Thompson’s song and why it made me think of America’s clear and present danger.  I believe that, if there was a time, and I believe there was, that Democrats had any love for America it has been washed away.  I have talked to some resolute adherents to the Liberal Agenda who wept crocodile tears over the slowness of the transition in America.  They have no love for America as founded but desire a Socialist, Globalist, Politically Correct America. 

Their tears made me realize that, if that mentality is pervasive in the followers of the liberal, progressive mind, then, “It is too late to clean the slate and make another start.”  If their ideological desire has become who they are, we may have no electoral pathway to restoration. 

The data available is that the IRS stockpiled 4,500 guns and over 5 million rounds of ammunition. Those included 621 shotguns, 539 long-barreled rifles, and 15 submachine guns.  Again, WHY?  What in the name of sanity could the Internal Revenue Service need with those weapons and especially ‘automatic weapons – submachine guns’?  But the story did not end there.

The VA (Veterans Administration) purchased 11 million rounds of ammunition. That calculates to about 2,800 rounds for each of their officers.  WHY?  They also purchased camouflage uniforms, riot helmets and shields, and specialized image enhancement devices.  Why would the VA need those?  WHY?  Again, asking questions places one on the ‘watch list’ and deems them a threat.

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) purchased over 4 million rounds and 1,300 guns including 5 submachine guns and 189 automatic firearms for the Office of Inspector General.  WHY?  The Social Security Administration obtained 800,000 rounds for their special agents along with armor and guns.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) amassed weapons and ammunition and the Smithsonian now has over 620 armed special agents. 

With the new 87,000-armed IRS agents who must be willing to use deadly force one must ask, are we nearing a massive action by the federal government that will be nothing short of martial law?  Will all these bureaucrats, armed to the teeth be part of a government action to attempt finally and fully to disarm the law-abiding citizens?  Is this a precursor to TOTAL CONTROL? 

When I add to that incredible quizzical action the incredible push to sedate the public and cause us to mindlessly become docile sheep led to the slaughter, I weep.  The gender blending and push for a gender-neutral society is more than a benign threat to a healthy society.  I, as a Christian, am concerned about the diabolical and even demonic attempts to shred everything biblical, moral, and constitutional.  The incessant push to force us into compliance and to abandon our core convictions must be viewed as an ominous danger.  Silence in the face of danger is to enable the danger to achieve its desire.

Our American dollar is becoming increasingly devalued.  Hyper Inflation is destroying far more than a few pillars of our Free Market and pushing us toward Socialism.  The energy crisis or the desired demand that we transition to Green Energy, accept their theories of Climate Change and Global Warming, along with the devious attempts to hamstring real law enforcement are all serious dangers.

We are watching the ever-increasing push to take from us our Inalienable Right of Self-Defense in the push to disarm us and enact a total gun ban.  The efforts to utterly destroy our electoral system and make fraud an easy pathway to stolen elections are weakening our pillars of republicanism.  The educational system has been in the control of the devious for decades and producing disciples of the New World Order.

I am weeping for America.  I believe that we may have reached the place where it is too late to clean the slate and make a brand-new start.  I am concerned that even if we evicted every elected official and somehow drained the swamp and dismantled the deep state, we would find that the hearts of too many would still embrace the diabolical deception that has been and is being fed by the demonic globalist agenda. 

I am praying for a Great Awakening in America, religiously, politically, morally, socially, and economically.  I am praying for a move of God on the human hearts to bring us back to our moral moorings.  I am asking that God turn our tears into joy and enable us to be brave enough to resist the destruction.  Ronald Reagan’s powerful reminder is relevant and needed to be heeded – “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’”  The modern government is not seeking to help but control. America, we have been warned, now we must act.

God bless you and God bless America!



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