That title makes room for an article akin to what I heard a pastor declare years ago.  He took his text from an abbreviated quote from Romans 3:2 – “Much every way…”  He said that is what my message today will be, “Much every way” and it was. 

Let me return to focusing on the open door in America and the disaster that I foresee.  I have had an inkling in my mind and heart that shortages either natural or manufactured are looming on the horizon.  I believe that some nefarious players on the stage of politics in 2022-2023 want chaos to be the norm.  Paranoia and fear are often political assets to sway elections in a particular direction.  Painting reality with the brush of perception they are twisting the truth, distorting factual data, and causing angst in the hearts of the susceptible. 

With the draconian actions, we have endured due to COVID-19, we have watched many small businesses go belly up and throw in the towel.  Lifetime dreams and decades of labor became refuse (trash) in the wake of governmental actions that have yet to be justified with any empirical data to support them.  We have watched lockdowns and lockouts that have done great damage if not crippled many aspects of our economy, educational system, healthcare system, and employment.  The ease with which it transpired still confounds me.

There are many questions about the virus and our response that remain unanswered.  Recently over 400 medical doctors united to declare a crisis over COVID vaccines and recommended they cease immediately.  They said, “We declare that there is an international medical crisis due to the diseases and death co-related to the administration of products known as COVID-19 vaccines.”  Research from Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University found vaccines could be up to ninety-eight times as dangerous for children compared to COVID-19.  They said that negative reactions to the vaccines have been alarmingly higher than any other vaccine and that is worldwide. 

We have observed the lack of supply due to energy prices, government regulations, and greed.  Yes, there is enough blame to be spread widely and should be spread.  I use the word spread not as in butter on toast but the stuff in the barnyard.  The stench is telling and yet, it continues and some in Washington have suggested that the pain we are feeling is a good result.  They are salivating over the prospects of forcing Americans to transition to Green Energy and away from oil and gas.

I like alternative energy when it is practical and affordable.  However, I do not like it when compliance is coerced, cost-prohibitive, and not yet sustainable.  That makes as much sense as playing with a venomous snake.  Just because the month is December does not mean the stream is frozen or frozen enough to cross.  Usually, allowing things to take their natural course is the most prudent pathway.  Research, development, and demand will dictate when or if we make their desired transition.  Global Warming or Climate Change is not settled science and destroying lives and believing you are saving the planet is not wise nor moral.

I read a report from May of this year, where the World Food Program chief David Beasley sounded the alarm that there will be catastrophic global food shortages in 2023.  I have suggested that on numerous occasions, not from a scientific position but a spiritual one.  Some will discount that and chant, ‘religious nut.’  Go ahead, but Mr. Beasley’s affirmation of what some of us have been suggesting should get your attention.

He cited fertilizer shortages due to the Russia-Ukraine war.  He said, “It is going to be a crisis beyond anything we’ve seen in our lifetime.”  That sounds ominous.  We have already experienced numerous shortages in America, most of the caused by the ludicrous policies of this administration.  However, if we have a global food shortage, it will impact not only food but every aspect of life.  The chaos produced will result in marauding hordes roaming neighborhoods, stealing, looting, maiming, and even killing.  It could easily translate to cannibalism.  I know, that is over the top, right?  Not if you study famines in history.

When you cause people to fear not having anything to eat, you create a state of unrest, that will translate into the reality that no one and no home will be safe.  If the push to disarm law-abiding citizens continues and is implemented, even partially, millions will be left utterly defenseless.  There will not be enough police to stem the tide and in many areas, there will be no response from the police due to political policies.  That opens the door for more government control through actions that would further restrict us and endanger us. 

Mr. Beasley suggested that before the Russia-Ukraine war there were over 175 million people in danger of facing food shortages and now that has escalated to almost 250 million and over 50 million are now hearing the knock of famine at their door. 

I saw another article that reported that the winter wheat crop in America was the smallest since 1963.  The rice harvest in California is one-half the normal crop.  The tomato harvest was over a million tons less than normal.  The corn harvest is the worst in over a decade.  There were many more and 75% of the farmers acknowledged that the drought is crippling their harvests.  Beef production is down in some areas, such as Texas by as much as 5 percent.  It is not just in the United States but a phenomenon being experienced worldwide.

What happens if we have another pandemic or an alarming resurgence of the one, we have been facing?  What will happen if those who are seeking to force compliance with the New Green Deal and the myriad of other economic, political, social, educational, medical, and spiritual mandates that they propose, WIN in November?  If you genuinely believe that abortion should be universally available for any person, for any reason, and at any time, and you believe in the ideological position of the PC World, you will find my position anathema. 

We are seeing gas prices falling at the pumps in a timely fashion leading up to the November elections.  That is amazing since this president insisted that he could do nothing about the prices and now that they are being lowered, he is taking credit.  That is nonsensical and those who believe it are engaging in non-thinking. 

With the almost psychotic devotion and determination to force the world to comply with the Green agenda, what would make anyone think that after November the prices will not skyrocket?  If those now in power retain power, you can bet the farm that we will see the $7-10 per gallon prices they giddily longed for.  They are attempting to manipulate prices because everyone, even their devotees were feeling the pinch.  Something had to be done, or they were certain to get a shellacking in the election. 

This administration and the liberal party are pushing their chips to the center of the table in an all-out attempt to buy votes, create enough fear and paranoia, and engender enough vitriolic hate that they can win.  Some will refuse to vote out of their unmovable hatred of the previous president.  Some will refuse to vote out of fear of being targeted by the government or rabid activists on the Left.  Some will refuse to vote because they are disgusted with the process.  If we do not ALL exercise our constitutional rights, we endanger the Republic. 

I believe we are in a precarious position nationally and it would not take much to light the fuse sending America into a state of civil unrest that would guarantee direct intervention by the federal government.  I would not be surprised to see another virus before November.  I would not be surprised to see gas prices well below the $3 mark, possibly the mid-$2 range.  I would not be surprised to see indictments of key Republicans.  I would not be surprised to see more payoffs of various debts, even attempts to guarantee jobs and wages.  What I am saying, is NOTHING would surprise me in the attempts of politicians to maintain or increase control. 

America, God gave us the pathway to freedom, and we have largely ignored it.  It is time that we restore our moral moorings, strengthen the nuclear family, and pay attention to what is actually happening.  We can no longer allow knee-jerk responses where emotional reactions and personality preferences determine elections.  We must make the Constitution and for me the Bible, our foundational guide.  America can be saved, but only with God’s help and our commitment to the foundational principles of our Republican System of Government. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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