I am sure that my title will send some scurrying to the exits because it would seem that I intend to bring something biblical and Christian into my post.  I do, so if you must exit then you must exit.  However, I hope that, with God’s help and some research, I will be able to expose a danger to our Republic that will inspire you to become engaged in the Fight for Freedom!  I hope!

I do not know how anyone who has not assumed room temperature could fail to see what is going on and realize that the time we are now living in is an evil hour.  We are not simply dealing with differing political ideologies we are dealing with evil.  I have been saying for some time that this is no longer simply a political struggle, but a spiritual battle, and Joe Biden was right and wrong in his statement about America’s soul.  He is right that there is a battle for our national soul.  He is wrong that he and his ideologues are the ones fighting to preserve, protect, and restore it.

The latest series of speeches by this occupant of the White House, the raids by the FBI, and the intensified push to force us into compliance scream of danger.  Even those who view themselves as faithful Democrats should be concerned about the overreaching actions and the vitriolic language being used.  Everyone should be concerned about the double standard, targeting anyone on the right and exempting those on the left.  The lack of transparency when transparency would bolster the claim of wrongdoing if it existed is a sign of our move toward a pagan mindset and making power our god.

When those in power use language and rhetoric that divides the Republic and incites violence, we see unambiguous evidence of evil lurking everywhere.  When the president, can, with intense anger toward those who disagree with him and his party, speak of his opposition as being ‘enemies of the state’ evil is alive and well.  We have reached a pivotal place where we either demand a toning down of the vicious hate or we will find ourselves with more than a few skirmishes within our borders. 

Many things cause me to believe that we have evolved politically into a condition where, as the despots from history, use the government’s power to squash and obliterate their opposition.  The evils of history scream warning and signal danger, yet it continues and escalates.  Many questions arise that are unanswered.  Why not protect the southern border?  Why would this administration signal our avowed enemies that we will make little to no attempt to protect our borders?  Why would actions be taken that suggest we are no longer a sovereign nation?

We have a troubling situation in the FBI raid, which largely ignored the 4th and 5th amendments in raiding Donald Trump’s private residence.  Why ignore all known precedents, laws, traditions, and the Constitution as well as leave common sense at the door? 

Why would those who embrace the ideological position of the Leftists and Globalists stand and cheer when the Blue States pass laws making it legal to kill the unborn?  Sacrificing children was a part of the pagan world of Molech or Baal.  They did so to gain favor with the gods in ancient history and today we abort for convenience.  A child in the pagan world was not safe either in the womb or after being born.  On this and many other fronts, we are inching nearer the abyss into a darkness that is irrecoverable. 

This administration has willingly and even gleefully embraced the Greenie World and purposefully cut off the supply of energy to the American people. Why?  On the other hand, the Republicans who purportedly support the Constitution have often been milquetoast cowards and nowhere to be found on the battlefields. 

I must ask, and this may irritate some, what would have been the reaction if Donald Trump had done what Joe Biden did?  What if he had called all the leftists ‘enemies of the state’ and the ‘greatest threat to our democracy?’  He would have incurred the ire of millions on all sides of the aisle.  Yet, we have Joe Biden issuing his superfluous diatribe laced with alarming vitriol and crickets from all sides.  Evil is gaining control and we are being transformed into paganism.

We have opened so many doors for evil to fill what used to be filled with an awareness of God, His providence, morality, and respect for others and the constitution.  We continue to tolerate that which will destroy us and because we have adopted the view that to be Christian, we must tolerate everything, and to not be a racist, homophobe, bigot, misogynist, or xenophobe we have to accept everything.  Some have even attempted to insist that All Faiths lead to God and Heaven.  Just be sincere in what you believe, and you will be okay. 

God commands us to Love one another, not to embrace the practices of those who promote evil and engage in abdominal behavior.  One of the things that pagan culture and the demonic principalities desired in their pursuit of transforming a culture was the children.  If they could not sufficiently influence the present generation, they sought the next one and as despots through history believed, if you can manipulate the minds of the young you can control society.  We are living in an evil world!

One area that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back is ‘Gender Ideology.’  We are on a pathway to moral destruction, and I see nothing short of a miracle of God to stop it.  Once, the groomers, globalists, and nefarious transformationists achieve their objective of erasing the lines of gender, we will be lost.  When we groom, condition, and manipulate the malleable minds of children we will see adults, in control, who have no consciousness of reality.  Our world will be so paganized that reality will be whatever the individual desires it to be, and that poses dangers beyond what I care to visualize.

On Dr. Phil’s television show, Matt Walsh asked the “trans” guest a simple but probing question.  He asked, “What is a woman?”  A legitimate and valid question that should be easy to answer and a question that needs to be asked.  He could not answer the question.  When a ‘trans-woman’ insists that he is a woman, he does not mean that he feels like a woman but that he is a woman.  It is not merely that he wants to be a woman, but he believes he is a woman.  Yet, he cannot define what a woman is.

God created us male and female and did not make a mistake.  Genetically males and females have different chromosomes and therefore a male cannot become a female and a female cannot become a male.  You may surgically and hormonally alter the appearance, but you have not changed the DNA. 

In Pagan mythology, the view is held things like maleness and femaleness are based on personal preference not biologically established genetics.  When we allow the distortion of biological, scientific, and biblical lines regarding gender and everything else, we adopt a pagan view of life.  When we push God and moral standards out of our government and society, we open the door for all the other pagan ideologies to prevail.  We doom ourselves.  Thus, I insist that the battle we are fighting in America is not simply a political one, but a spiritual, moral, and reasoned battle.  We are fighting for the ‘soul of America.’

I have not sufficiently stated what is in my heart and mind, but due to space and time, I will end this critique of where we are and why I believe we are being paganized in America.  We were a Christian nation, and in many respects still are, but we are moving farther and farther away from our founding biblical principles.  If we reject God’s providential and moral influence on our nation, we will perish, and it will be a dangerous place in which to live.

God bless you and God bless America!

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