The so-called elitist ruling class of politicians has contempt and disdain for the rule of law.  They have no fear of being held accountable and having to pay for their abridgments of the constitution and violations of the law.  They have contempt for those of us who are subjected to the law, work for a living, and do not have access to insider information.  We are only valuable as votes and that has morphed into a condition where, if they cannot get our vote, they will manufacture their own.

If I allowed myself to plunge into the depths in which they dwell, their contempt for the law and the constitution would cause me to lose my grip on civility.  I would go berserk if I did not have a firm grip on reality and my rock-solid confidence in God.  Watching them react to potential damning discoveries of their transgressions is more than I can tolerate.  I find that I am best served, reading excerpts or transcripts rather than watching them.  Their clear contempt for us is deeply disheartening. When I see them on camera curling their lips with a supercilious smirk, making snide remarks, and sneering I want to regurgitate.  It is sickening.

The Durham report revealed numerous scandalous items that should have resulted in indictments or should have discredited them to the point they would scurry like rats into the darkness.  Rather, they scoffed at the report and reacted with a ‘yawn’ knowing that nothing would come of it and they, once again, would be free from legal scrutiny.  The media would cover for them with the necessary spin, the FBI would cover their tracks, and the establishment politicians would protect them.  They are, in that sense, above the law.  Not that they should be, but reality is reality. 

The liberal elitists and RHINOs in Washington will do everything in their power to protect the members of their political fraternity. They will unleash the full brunt of the federal government on anyone, not of their ilk, and will overreach and manufacture to prosecute anyone daring to challenge them.  That includes you and me.  That is one of the reasons for the 87,000-armed Internal Revenue Service Agents that are being employed. 

The Durham report, again, debunked the Democrat claim of Russian Collusion in the 2016 election.  The report should result in a public outcry demanding an ouster of all the corrupt politicians regardless of party, but it will not.  We have watched, dating back to the Clinton presidency the transitioning of federal bureaus of intelligence and law enforcement into political tools.  They once had a purpose and for a time served it well, but that ship has left the dock and the proverbial fat lady is lifting her voice informing everyone that the game is over.  They will not be held accountable. 

Unfortunately, this report, like those preceding, except when it is someone not a member of the elitist fraternity, will relegate the crimes or nefarious actions to the lesser charge of abuse of power.  It will be argued that these are disturbing actions but not prosecutable crimes.  I believe that, in itself, is a coverup and attempt to protect the power brokers in the political ruling class.  That is a tragedy and reveals just how far up the proverbial creek or into the abyss America has drifted.  We the people have no voice and no standing in their minds. 

The Leftists were the most vocal and adamant that there had been ‘election interference’ and the election was stolen from Hillary, but when 2020 arrived and there were charges, claims, evidence, and concern it was – “You are just sore losers, so shut up.”  In our present America and the dangers of election fraud makes it unlikely that we can ever trust any election again.  It has become a covert and at times overt war in the trenches.  Those who have control, tend to win and the threat of the strong arm of the government is enough to silence most.

The names, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, Peter Strzok, James Comey, and a myriad of others should be forced to give ‘under oath testimony’ at trial, but they will not.  This will be another of those picking the low-hanging fruit and hope that satisfies the voters who tend to have short memories in elections.  The mountain of evidence that not only alleges crimes but verifies them should be enough, but again it will be business as usual, and we will be tossed a bone to appease us.

The reality is that the only formal accusation that we will see is that of Igor Danchenko who will be tried for perjury.  He was the source man for Hillary’s team, he was the primary source for the infamous ‘Steele dossier,’ and was a confidential informant for the FBI.  Not informing on Hillary but for Hillary and against Trump.  He was hired by the FBI in 2017 even after peddling scurrilous ludicrous claims.

I suppose that we should be more concerned about what is legal in Washington and for the elitists in government than what is illegal.  It seems that those who have control make the rules and write the laws exempting themselves.  We know that from 2009-2011, Danchenko was under FBI investigation. That’s right, under investigation and yet they continually used him as a source.  He attempted to bribe people to provide classified information for money.  Yet, they continued to use him.  Does anybody smell a rat?

If the trial is allowed to play out it will reveal that Danchenko did not get his information from overseas operatives but in bars in DC.  We know that the Durham team interviewed the man listed as Source E in the Steele dossier.  He was the general manager of the Ritz-Carlton Moscow.  The man, Bemd Kuhlen, is a German citizen who does not even speak Russian.  Kuhlen insists he never even spoke to Danchenko.  If that is true, where did Danchenko get his juicy tidbits of dirt?  He got it from a Hillary Clinton supporter and operative.  But that will never see the light of day in a public hearing.

When we watch the Biden administration assault the Rule of Law, we should realize that they have no fear of the Law or even the public.  Biden’s illegal cancellation of student loan debt and this EPA rule that was struck down by the Supreme Court are examples of government gone rogue.  It is the seizing of power that is designated as solely belonging to another branch of government – Congress.

I do not care what you think about the January 6th incident, the unconstitutional treatment of the defendants is another example of the abuse of power.  Those defendants, in violation of the constitution, have been deprived of their rights, subjected to harsh punishment, and railroaded by politically motivated prosecutors, judges, and juries.  They are being used as pawns for political purposes rather than following the Rule of Law.  If we prosecuted all offenders equally, we would be well served. We do not and will not. 

We are witnessing the FBI go rogue at the behest of this administration and target the Left’s political enemies.  If there were any semblance of the equal pursuit of those on the Left, I would not be so incensed and concerned, but there is not, and I am deeply disturbed.

America, this election in November, which will likely have numerous bombshell activities and attempts to sway the public, will determine our fate.  If we leave those now in control, in control we can write Ichabod over the door.  We are in a war and the root of it is not political but spiritual and moral.  We are fighting for the soul of America but not as Joe Biden claimed or any of the politicians believe.  We are fighting but to win it will take a move of God on the human heart.  Unless the heart of man is changed the motives and actions will only change names with elections but not affect what transpires.

God bless you and God bless America!

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