I frequently have people tell me that I am overreacting to what is happening, that politics is cyclical and that although it is bad right now, the pendulum will swing back the other way soon.  I wish I could embrace that Ostrich in the sand mentality, but I see so many things in today’s America that cause me to reject that philosophy. 

When evidence surfaces that the corruption in the Deep State and the Governmental Swamp has reached the level that even the FBI attempts to use bribery to take down a political opponent of the Left, I cringe!  In the testimony of FBI supervisory intelligence analyst Brian Auten, we discovered that the FBI offered Christopher Steele $1 million if he could produce evidence to support the ludicrous allegations of his ‘dossier’ on Donald Trump.  Have they engaged in that type of activity regarding anyone on the Left? 

When we consider the facts, observe the actions, and listen to the rhetoric of the Biden administration we realize, or should, that they are at war with the Constitutionally Free America our Founders established.  I refer back to Executive Order 14067.  Buried inside that overlooked and non-publicized Order is the provision to allow Biden and his team of destroyers to gain some alarming control.

This Order, if allowed to stand, will give the federal government unlimited control over our money and our freedom.  That should send shock waves up and down the spine of every American who has worked for a living and has sought to provide a nest egg for retirement.  It opens the door for them to have legal surveillance of ALL U.S. citizens!  They would gain total control over our bank accounts and purchases.  They would have the tools and authority to silence ALL dissenting voices permanently.  If that does not evidence that the idea of cyclical politics is a dinosaur, what is?

When the corruption and blatant disregard for the Constitution and the Rule of Law are exposed as in the acknowledgment and defense by David Preiss, former CIA Officer in signing the Hunter Biden Laptop Letter we are in trouble.  He reveals what he and the Left think of us.  They think we are merely pawns and stupid.  This man has written two books entitled, “How To Get Rid of a President” and “The President’s Book of Secrets.”  He reveals his political ideology and the danger now resident in the intelligence and law enforcement arms of the federal government.  Cyclical Politics?  I believe that ship has sailed.

When we consider the danger of unending ‘Emergency Powers’ we realize that we have afforded the President and his administration the tool whereby they can advance their desired objective of Authoritarianism and even possibly the suspension of elections. They have not achieved the last goal but are well on their way.  This administration has informed The Daily Caller that their plan was to renew the state of emergency again before it expired on October 13, 2022.  Does that sound like they have something sinister in mind for this upcoming election cycle?

We will, in my view, observe the deviousness in the upcoming elections, many of which will be hotly contested.  By operating in a State of Emergency, we could witness the sudden disappearance of millions of mail-in ballots and the sudden discovery of millions of ballots.  We will again witness the courts refusing to become involved and ignoring affidavits and hard evidence.  We will watch the Emergency Powers provision dramatically affect the election. 

How many more manufactured emergencies will we face before they deem it necessary to suspend the elections?  How many more political opponents will be jailed, harassed, and harangued before this blows up?  How many more attempts to silence all dissent before those on the Right become fed-up and push back as hard as they are being pushed?  If that happens it will provide the desired conditions for the Left to move in with Executive Orders and mandates that could lead to martial law and the total lockdown of America. 

We have watched, throughout the presidency of Joe Biden, the media’s attempt to dismiss, downplay, and soften the outlandish lies and fabrications of Joe Biden.  The man, it seems, would not know the truth if it bit him in the behind.  This is not new to Biden; it has been his pattern from his early days in Washington.  The man appears to be a pathological liar and spins yarns that defy reason.  Yet, the media covers for him and disses anyone who questions the veracity of his mythical tales.

I would not attempt to catalog the litany of his lies and incredible fairy tales about his life and accomplishments.  Some of his most outlandish include his lie about being raised in the Puerto Rican community, his academic record, being arrested when protesting civil rights, being arrested in South Africa, pinning a Silver Star on a Navy captain, and his traveling on Amtrak to visit his sick mother.  He is sick and clearly suffering from a diminished mental capacity, but he has always told these kinds of tales. 

One of the attempts of the media to cover for him was to insist that Biden’s folksiness can veer into folklore and that exaggerations are only tools to make his claims more powerful to the audience.  What?  His exaggerations and veering into folklore (lies and tall tales) are okay because he is trying to impact his audience.   Seriously?  He even claimed to have been appointed to the Naval Academy.  His stories grow more preposterous with each telling, and yet it is ignored.  A person living in a fantasy world is sitting in the Oval Office and issuing Executive Orders, how can that be safe for Constitutional America?

I will resist the temptation to delve into the Hunter Biden cover-up and the intellectually dishonest push for an immediate transition into Green Energy to save the planet.  I will resist giving the mountains of factual data that debunks the claim that guns are the problem causing violence in America.  I will resist but with this caveat, the lies and misinformation are blinding the public to the real problem.  People, mindsets, ideology, mental illness, and evil in the human heart are the real problem, not the inanimate object used to perpetrate crimes and violence.

The claim that guns are used in 74% of homicides is fallacious.  The report by the FBI was that guns are used in violent crimes that are then claimed to be homicides.  However, the FBI includes many things in their definition of violent crimes and homicides equate to 1% of those crimes.  If you dig deep enough, you find that the FBI acknowledges that 78% of total violent crimes are committed without using a gun. 

The federal government, our federal intelligence, and law enforcement agencies are part of the distortion and misinformation.  All this combined causes me to realize that we are in a War for Freedom in America, and we have evolved politically well past any cyclical shifts in the political power and swings of the pendulum.  We must return to our founding, our moral moorings, and God.  If we fail to unite and restore constitutionalism to America, we will watch her succumb to the Authoritarian Despotism of the Left and Freedom will go the way of the dinosaur and the Dodo bird.

God bless you and God Bless America!

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