That is the title of a book written by Canadian Evangelist Willard Cantelon wrote three books on global economics, The Day the Dollar Died, New Money or None, and Money Master of the World.  He lectured at civic, university, and church gatherings all over the world.  I borrowed his title as the subject of my article to serve as a catalyst for the diabolical actions of the current president advancing the globalist agenda to destroy America. 

How do you destroy the arguably greatest county in the world?  There are many tentacles to that monster of destruction and one of them is to kill the dollar.  I have contended that Joe Biden is suffering from a form of dementia but is also firmly entrenched in a decades-long agenda to fundamentally transform America and free market capitalism.  One of the pathways that he and they believe is the most viable is to make the American dollar worthless and replace it.

Are you aware of Executive Order 14067?  On March 9, 2022, he signed that Executive Fiat with little notice or fanfare.  How it escaped the Republicans in Congress and the watchdogs for Conservatism, is questionable.  Fox News, to their credit, did call it ‘deeply troubling.’  Within the verbiage and power laced in the order, it becomes an incredibly dangerous and sinister pathway for total government control of our money and our freedom. 

Some analysts suggest that this Executive Order makes provision for the government to engage in legal surveillance of every U.S. citizen.  If that does not get your attention, you might want to check your pulse.  It paves the way for them to have total control over our bank accounts and purchases.  We know the $600 ceiling on purchases before the IRS examines them behind the scenes.  This is not headed in a positive direction.  There is also the pathway to censor and silence all dissenting voices permanently.  Yes, I said permanently.  Do I have your attention yet or are you deeming me a conspiracy kook and discarding my warnings?

Do not take my word for it.   Some people who have inside information are also sounding this alarm.  Jim Rickards, a well-known economist, and former advisor to both the CIA and the Pentagon also see this as incredibly dangerous and sinister.  He believes it is a threat to every American citizen and that it could and probably will mean the end of the U.S. dollar as we know it. 

Mr. Rickards called it the ‘3rd Great Dollar Earthquake’ and believes it is in the process of becoming a reality.  According to him, the 1st was when Roosevelt confiscated private gold in 1934.  The 2nd was when Nixon abandoned the gold standard in 1971 and this would be the 3rd and final straw that breaks the camel’s back and kills the dollar.  I hope he is wrong, but believe he is on the money in his predictions.

Should we be concerned about a cashless society?  Should we be concerned about a World Government?  Should we be concerned about the moral breakdown in America and the genocidal shift through the abortion industry that has anesthetized us to the horrors of taking an innocent life?  Should we be concerned about the push for a gender-neutral society and the encouragement of gender confusion in our children?  Should we?  If we are not, then we are not paying attention.

We have been dumbed down so significantly in America that we accept high school graduates receiving a diploma without being able to read at a cognitive level.  We have so devalued math, history, civics, and English that many cannot function without Google or electronic devices.  We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated with paranoia and fear in so many areas that we are becoming a non-functional society.  We are rapidly heading toward being a society that needs specific daily instructions from the government or some power to guide us through the day.

Take the ludicrous idea that man has pushed the planet that has existed for at least 6,000 years and according to some billions of years to the point of destruction.  Seriously?  We are going to believe that this planet that has survived splendidly is in danger unless we go Green, recycle every can and bottle, eat less meat, and eradicate bovine flatulence.  Are we that gullible or simply that lazy and dumb? 

How could supposedly intelligent people ignore science regarding that entity in the womb (baby) and not acknowledge that it is a developing human being?  How could we ignore the DNA and Chromosomes that distinguish male and female and realize that both science and the Bible identify two genders – male and female?  Have we become so indoctrinated and brainwashed by decades of inane ideas through the educational system that we now have true intelligence lower than a braying donkey in the wild?

I have always believed that if a person has any reasonable amount of intelligence and will pay attention, they will see the light and change their minds.  Today, that seems to be a relic of ancient history.  We have people, who even though they see with their eyes, but cannot see.  Even though they hear with their ears they do not hear, or they fail to connect the dots.  Well, more likely, they are ideologically entrenched in a particular political persuasion and too prideful to acknowledge their error.  That is dangerous!

Joe Biden is closing in on 100 Executive Orders if he has not already passed that mark and it is costing the American Taxpayer an exorbitant amount of money.  It is also threatening our republic and our freedom.  Why are more people calling attention to the destruction?  I had one person tell me, “Well at least he isn’t Trump?”  Seriously, that is your justification for accepting his damage like a docile sheep in the fold. 

Remember Barack Obama famously declared, “I’ve got a pen and a phone.”  Well, Mr. Biden had surpassed Obama in his use of Executive Fiat and is ruling this nation with his pen.  Albeit many of his orders are illegal and unconstitutional, unless someone in Washington challenges him, he and they will continue.  He has already cost us $1.5 trillion according to most reports.  That is destructive and weakens the foundations of America.

According to some analysts, a so-called budgetary impact analysis accompanies each executive order but does not include actual monetary costs.  I wonder why?  It allows them to conceal the true impact and damage.  The Executive Orders usually contain vague language supposedly telling us if the order will have an impact on, increase or decrease federal costs.  Of course, they increase costs.  Reducing expenditures is not a part of the DNA of the Democrats and most Republicans in Congress.

The Inflation Reduction Act could prove to be the nail in the coffin of our American economy.  Executive Order 14067 will work hand in hand with that and the 87,000-armed IRS agents, the FBI, CIA, Homeland, and the NSA to bring us under the thumb of the federal government.  If they control our money, they will control us. 

We must stand up and resist and the most prolific pathway we have is at the voting booths.  Remember in November that we are voting for America and Freedom not simply particular candidates.

God bless you and God bless America!

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