If you believe in unicorns and own a couple of flying pigs, you might say, yes.  The extreme left believes that the only hate that exists is that which comes from those opposing them.  They see nothing in what they do or say as being laced with hate.  Are they delusional?  I do not know, but I do know they are living in an alternate universe where reality and honesty are non-existent. But to be fair, there are some on the extreme right that view everything through their prism of ideological narrowness.

Before the election, Ohio Democrat Representative Tim Ryan demonstrated that lack of contact with reality and a lack of cognizance regarding hate.  He said, “Kill and Confront the extremist movement of which J.D. Vance, unfortunately, is a part.”  What movement is that?  It is those who want limited government, wants the Rule of Law to be enforced, support the constitution, and back conservatives.  Those are the ones that Congressman Ryan thinks should be killed. 

But that is not hate, right?  That is not incendiary rhetoric, right?  He claimed to be seeking the support of Trump voters and he spews that kind of hate-filled vitriolic rhetoric.  Who in their right mind would support any candidate that openly advances the idea of “killing” their opponents? That is not a Free Constitutional Republic but a despotic third-world atmosphere.  For him, if you question the validity of the last presidential election you deserve to be killed.  If you support limiting or banning abortions, they believe that you should be killed.  How is that not identified as hate?

We have a major political party that has embraced the ideas of Marxism, Socialism, and Fascism.  They hate our Free-Market Capitalism and want to punish those who have excelled in business and made money.  They have abandoned science and medical realities that have existed for centuries and the biblical declaration regarding gender.  There are two and only two – Male and Female.  There are not scores of varying genders based on what someone concocted and decided they should be called.

The Left has targeted parental rights and responsibilities as dangers and their infringements upon immature children and is embracing the groomers. They are advancing the idea that children, who hardly know the difference between boys and girls should have ideas of gender confusion pressed upon them.  If parents protest, they have deemed domestic terrorists and a threat to democracy whatever that might mean when used by the Left.

Marxists’ views crumble without the legions of foot soldiers to advance their cause.  We are seeing the production of a massive army of brainwashed through our institutions of higher learning.  The frightening thing about that is that those are the ones in a decade or two who will be running the country.  When education was coopted, and the systematic indoctrination of revised and rewritten history was introduced we opened a door to our own destruction. 

The public schools from kindergarten through higher education’s advanced degrees are inundated with destructive fiddle-faddle and utopian rhetoric.  Our founding is lambasted as evil and anything or anyone who is a white male who thinks must be either reprogrammed or eliminated.  We have produced generations who bought the drivel and now teach pushing the fallacious to the nth degree.  We have those indoctrinated in that rhetoric now in Congress, sitting as judges on the bench, teaching, and heading up corporations.  If you cannot see the danger we face, you are not paying attention.

Hate is, to the followers of the toxic brand of liberalism advanced by today’s Cancel Cultural Marxists and the Democratic Party, is one-sided.  Well, it is one-sided to them.  They believe they are justified in their hate, violence, destruction, theft, and inciting violence.  They believe the only racists are those who vote Republican or Conservative.  They believe that any Christian who does not bow at the altar of Abortion and stands in agreement with Gender Confusion, Climate Change, and radical hate-filled racial activists is evil and must be eliminated.  Please know, there is hate on both sides and it is wrong too!

Sadly, we have become a society where a sizable number have never escaped the adolescent years mentally or emotionally.  By that I mean we have a society where a majority seem to believe that they are right regardless of the facts or factual presentation of the evidence.  They believe that anyone not backing their ideological positions is wrong and poses a threat to them and society.  Therefore, harming their opponents is not hate, it is a public service.  That is insanity and it is hate.  A rose is a rose no matter what you call it.

These Leftists believe that they are the smartest people in the room. However, there are some narcissists on the Right who believe the same about themselves.  The haters seek those who will mindlessly regurgitate their palaver and spin their spin.  They want followers who do not think but robotically spout the preapproved chants and talking points.  If it is Trump, it is evil.  If it is conservative, it is evil.  If it is Pro-Life, it is against women.  If it Pro-Family, it is homophobic.  If it is for a secure border, it is xenophobic.  The list goes on.  They are right, everyone else is wrong and America must be fundamentally transformed.

They believe there are no moral absolutes and no absolute truth.  They demand that we follow the science and ignore the scientific data and the inconsistencies in their so-called scientific proofs.  They believe that Christians who stand for and seek to live according to the Bible are vile haters and must be marginalized at best and shut down completely at worst. 

They believe they are the victims and those of us who disagree with them are the victimizers.  They appear as the Athenians whom the apostle Paul addressed. They welcome any new thought that is other than biblical, moral, or factual. They like utopian theories and insist that if we are to be deserving of national sovereignty we must embrace every religion, every sexual preference, and certain brands of genocide, and reject everything that made America, America.

Gender dysphoria and transgenderism are now deemed normal.  How did we reach this place?  The answer to that also explains why hate will not dissipate regardless of who is in power in Washington.  We reached this place by pushing God out of our society, and out of the public square.  When that began to transpire there was a corresponding rise in the amount of moral decline, crime, and weakening of our societal framework and our governmental structure. 

Victims never see any fault they might have had, only the abuse.  I am not diminishing true victims, but our modern state of entitlement and victim mentality is the reason that hate will not cease.  So long, as people can justify their hate, hate will survive and thrive. 

If we want to return to the America we were founded to be and become a light on the hill shining into the darkness, we must return to our moral moorings.  I believe that means we return to God.  I believe that means all those who believe in God and prayer begin to intercede and refuse to become sucked into the black hole of hate and vitriolic rhetoric. 

I pray for America.  I pray for everyone living in America.  I pray that we will awaken from our slumber and demand that the politicians honor the constitution and once again recognize our inalienable rights.  Until we do that, we will continue down the path of hate and decline.  That will mean America is doomed, it is just a matter of when.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. markone1blog says:

    “Hate” will not dissipate until we conservatives assume a permanent prone position.

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