I am quite serious in my question regarding my beloved nation.  Is there a solution for what is wrong in America politically, economically, socially, morally, educationally, and in every facet of our society?  The short answer would be yes, and the long answer would be that it’s complicated and involved. 

Some of the solutions I see, others snarl at because they are rooted in my faith and constitutional originalist view.  Those who want God exorcised from everything, public and private, detest any mention of Him as our solution.  Those who believe the constitution is a living and evolving document moldable in the hands of politicians reject my solutions because they do not want to live within the constraints of that document.  Even some who claim to be originalists and Christians, at times, find my solutions unpalatable.  The reason for the latter’s hesitancy is that they believe we are to be overly inclusive and tolerant of everything and anything.

As I attempt to offer some of my concerns and views as to the solution or solutions and what happened in the mid-terms, I must answer some questions in our minds.  We cannot embrace the necessary change or adaptation without posing penetrating queries and attempting to answer them.  What are the questions?

The Red Wave that failed to become a reality, what happened?  There are more possible caveats of that failure than I can or would dare to advance.  One of the immediate things that I saw in the primaries was the efforts of the Democrats to pick the Republican candidates their candidates would face.  That cannot be overlooked.  The Republicans have done the same in the past, and it proved effective. 

Another element that I believe was revealed was that the Republican Establishment wanted it to be just the way it was.  Why?  Because they detest Donald Trump and do not want an outsider influencing the party they have controlled for decades.  I cannot fathom allowing personal or personality bias to become so strong that you would shoot yourself in the foot.  However, I believe that the Establishment of both parties are two peas in the same pod and have power, control, and personal wealth as their goal, not America or the American people.  That will be very difficult to offset and will continue to create a hostile environment for We the People.

I suspect that the Republican Establishment hoped for a razor-thin majority in the House and possibly a single vote in the Senate.  They did not want the Trump candidates or those who were conservative enough to powerfully resist the policies of Biden over the next two years.  Maybe they think or thought that small steps to impede him would provide impetus to their plea in 2024 to oust the Democrats from the White House.  They could argue that we did not have a strong enough majority to impede his agenda, so we need to have the White House, a larger majority in the House, and take back the Senate.  Will that work?  The next two years will be telling.

We pay the price when politicians focus more on their personal agendas and reveal their globalist views.  When politicians abandon sound constitutional reason and turn their backs on moral rightness, we pay the price.  We pay the price when politicians forget whom they are supposed to be working for.  I don’t know what happens when people go to Washington, but something transpires to alter them, or they finally reveal who they were.

I mentioned that the Republican Elitists helped manufacture this failure in the mid-terms and that the Democrats crossed over in the primaries, helping choose whom they would face.  Another factor is the mindset of the American public.  We have been inundated with the diatribe, rhetoric, and drivel of the Left for so long that many are drinking the Kool-Aid of deception.  The educational system has been offering dumbed-down curricula from nursery school to graduate school with a visible Leftists bias.  We have more than one generation who have been indoctrinated, and we see the fruit of their labors.

Many believe, and I am concerned, that early voting may contribute.  Although I have enjoyed the convenience of voting without the normal lines of election day voting, I am concerned.  Many have argued that it gives both parties an advance picture of how many voted and whom they voted for.  It also indicates the leaning of those who have yet to vote and are targeted doggedly.  It reveals how many votes will likely be needed, and a massive roundup begins.  Some would argue that is good, but with voter fraud, it does raise concerns.

It is nothing short of amazing to me how angry many people were leading up to the election and yet still voted for those who did the things that caused their anger and pain.  We could say that a definition of insanity was demonstrated in the results of the mid-term elections.  When seventy-five percent of the nation states that they believe the country is headed in the wrong direction and view the economy as poor, how could there not be a massive purging of those whose party created the dilemma?  But that is not what happened.  Instead, many of that seventy-five percent voted to keep the ones who did the damage in power.  That is beyond nonsensical.  Was the hate for one man that strong?

We should be concerned about the legitimacy of the elections.  We should be cognizant of the need to have verifiable methods to ensure that there is one vote for one person and that those voting are legitimately qualified to do so.  There were locals in which the Establishment and the cross-over primary shapers were not able to influence the vote.  In those areas, the Red Wave transpired. 

Suppose we allow the Establishment to maintain its grip on the party’s platform and agenda. In that case, we will watch as the Elitists Professional Politicians of both parties move America farther away from our founding principles and moral moorings.  The result will be the destruction of the Republic.  I cannot sit silent as that transpires without raising my voice, beating my drum, and sounding the alarm.  I hope millions join me.

What is the solution for America?  I said solution, not solutions because one excellent solution will impact and shape all the other needed remedies.  What is that?  It is a return to God and to moral rightness, strong families, and recognition of where our rights truly come from.  Our Declaration of Independence said it powerfully when the founders identified that we have a Creator, and He grants every human certain inalienable rights.  God, not the government, is our solution.

Politics and legislation will not solve the problems in America. They cannot affect the human heart in the way required for true change and restoration to transpire.  Only God can do that.  I believe in God.  I am a Christian in every dimension of my life.  My political, moral, economic, and social views are shaped by what I believe, and what I believe is rooted in God’s Word.  Therefore, I am renewing my commitment to intercede for America and pray that God’s people will make 2 Chronicles 7:14 a cornerstone in their lives.  We can see restoration and resolution of the myriad of negatives in America, but not without God.

God bless you, and God bless America!


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  2. As you said, the short answer is Yes. There is always a solution. We just have to be willing to make the solution happen.

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