Before you blast me as a doom and gloom prognosticator, let me present my views, and then you think what you must.  In Ecclesiastes 12:13, we are enjoined to hear the conclusion of the whole matter before deciding, and that is all I ask, that you hear me out.  If, after you have read what I write and you disagree for whatever reason, that is your right and choice.

I love America!  I love God!  I love my family!  I love people in general.  I am very pro-America and will do everything I can to see this nation restored to the place of honor and prominence she has held in the past. America can be saved, but only if certain things transpire. We are dealing with self-inflicted wounds in this nation and wounds that can be healed if the right mindset and actions are embraced and pursued.  So, can America be saved?  Yes, but only if…

That’s where the rubber meets the road for me, ONLY IF.  But what is or what are the only ifs of which I am thinking?  Presentation of those may be a more arduous and laborious task than I am capable of achieving in a short article.  I hear people say regarding certain things in their lives, “it’s complicated.”  That would be applicable regarding detailing the ‘only ifs’ in saving America.  However, I would like to present a few thoughts and hopefully challenge you to expand the list.

If we are going to save America and maneuver the ship of state away from the looming abyss of destruction, we must include the God factor.  I realize that some immediately dismiss that, but our history and the history of the world reveal the dramatic difference between nations that make God central and those that do not.  We see the light and darkness in human relations, economic prosperity, and individual rights and freedom.  Where God is acknowledged, there is far more liberty than where He is not.

The moral climate of our nation is lower than it has been in my lifetime, and I suspect our history.  There has always been immorality and will be as long as unregenerate humans walk the planet.  When I speak of moral climate, I am not just talking about sexual immorality but the total state of man and our interpersonal relations with others.  The loosening of our moral moorings opens the door for lust, greed, hate, perversion, cheating, and stealing and makes prevarication the norm rather than the rare.  Man becomes the center of his universe, and his self-focus allows him to devalue the rights and lives of others.  When the self is the center, everything else takes a lower position of value. 

Without the God factor, America will continue to plunge into the black hole of corruption. Politicians will continue to seek power for their purposes rather than feeling any restraint or pricking of their consciences.  The rouge will become more rogue, and the diabolical devious power seekers will utilize every tool to attain the pinnacle of power and control.  America will be forever lost if we allow this to continue as the norm and become business as usual. 

I do not desire to make this a sermon, so let me move to another ONLY IF that must be addressed if America is to be saved.  I see several obstacles preventing the restoration of limited government and constitutional governance.  If these are not addressed, the Democrats will keep the House, Senate, and White House long enough to fundamentally transform America, and our Republic will no longer exist as founded.  In that globalist world, socialism or some variation will replace the free market; rights will be deemed to come from the ruling powers rather than being inalienable.  America will be lost and unredeemable if that continues.

One of the things that must be addressed is the easily corrupted system allowing mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting via the lack of oversight and verification of identity.  Our method of elections must be verifiable, and every vote verified if we are to salvage America.  I believe that anyone desiring the elections to be legitimate endorses voter identification. If mail-in ballots are to become a part of the process, we must develop a means of authenticating those votes.  Unfortunately, I do not see a means or willingness to do that in today’s political world.  Having a method to cheat is alluring to the nefarious, and the elitists will do all they can to protect that opportunity.

If you look back to the mid-terms in Obama’s first term and this time, the glaring difference was the enhancement of opportunities to cheat through mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting.  The Republicans won sixty-three seats from the Democrats in Obama’s first mid-term and have gained almost none this time.  I believe that until and unless we have verifiable votes, America will be lost. 

One thing the Republicans could strive for is presenting to the Supreme Court this issue as a part of a voter disenfranchisement case.  Will they seek that pathway?  It is unlikely that with the current establishment, people in leadership positions and controlling the congressional actions of the party. In places like Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, if people like Fetterman, Whitmer, Kelly, and others can win, the actual vote is immaterial. 

In Arizona, mail-in ballots were sent to Runbeck Printing Company to scan the ballots before being sent to the County, with no observers.  The possibility of fraud is so great that it should cause everyone concern.  In the deciding Maricopa County, the ballots were sent to Runbeck before going to the Maricopa County Elections Center.  That is unacceptable and makes saving America incredibly difficult, if not impossible.  The argument is that the company has super high-speed scanners.  It does not matter; oversight is mandatory if we are to have legitimate elections.

Suppose we continue to allow the disruption and diminishing of the family, the enhancement of an entitlement mentality, and political correctness that leads to thought policing and censorship. In that case, we place an obstacle in the path of saving America.  If we continue devaluing life, such as the life in the womb, we will gravitate toward euthanizing other groups.  If we continue trying to be smarter than God, we will watch our nation’s devolution, and our republic will be lost. 

Finally, can America be saved?  Absolutely, but only if we place our trust in God, not politicians.  We must become people who pray. We must take pains to become informed.  We must return to the original intent of giving oversight to the elected, and if they violate the constitution, we must show them the door.  We must pray as if everything depends on God (it does), work as if everything depends on us (we have a role), and invest our time and energy in participating in the electoral process.  If we fail to acknowledge God, do what we know to do, and participate in the process, we will lose our republic.  If we do those things, we can save America.

God bless you, and God bless America!

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