I cautiously address this, and although I wish it were an exercise in humor, the things I will cite are authentic and dangerous.  I laugh when possible and take things with a grain of salt.  However, in the modern era politically, I am finding that increasingly difficult in America.

What baffles me is the reality that millions either agree with the political lunacy, do not care, or are blinded by political bias.  Why do I say that?  Because they continue to vote for those advancing those policies and pursuing those agendas.  There is no logical explanation for that phenomenon, but a reality, it is.

There are entities like The Babylon Bee that seek to use parody to bring people to their senses or offer something to laugh at.  Some entertainers write and sing parody songs that highlight the lunacy of today.  It would be wonderful to laugh it off, but with the seriousness and danger of the end game of the agenda of those following the toxic liberal lunacy, I cannot do that.  Therefore, I continue to sound the alarm and hope enough people will awaken and unite to salvage our Republic.

Let us walk back a few months to the California Lunacy, where their Governor and the illustrious politicians opted to take money from legal taxpaying citizens to buy medical insurance for the illegals.  Couple that with the lunacy of the Federal Government sending out virtual truckloads of COVID relief cash, and we now discover that over a Billion of it found its way into the pockets or hands of incarcerated inmates, including the Boston Marathon Bomber.  How sane is that?

We have constitutional restraints for many things the government is doing, but our elected members of Congress fail to enforce the Constitution.  The constitution offers protection and restraint, but it cannot enforce itself. With the abridgments by the White House, bureaucrats, Representatives, and Senators, as well as the courts, we are left with a piece of paper that is ignored and meaningless.  It is meaningful but becomes impotent when not enforced by those charged with enforcing it.

With the lunacy of spending more than one-third of our national production (GDP) and maxing out the federal credit cards with over $20 Trillion this past year, one would wonder if there were an ounce of sanity in Washington.  The draconian lockdowns that occurred during the height of the COVID pandemic only make sense if you consider the seeming agenda of control.  All that happened with the Vaxx Mandates, the Lockdowns, and the other infringements upon our Rights and Liberties were trial runs.  I am convinced that we will see worse and direr things soon.  I hope I am wrong!

Almost no thinking American, including the legal Hispanic community, believes that the Border Crisis is good.  Most Americans view the illegal invasion as a problem, yet this president, this Congress, and our Courts seem to disagree.  Allowing unvetted, sick, and those engaging in human trafficking, drugs, and more to enter freely and stay is antithetical to everything America has stood for and anathema to reason.  Yet, they continue, and there is no evidence that any of those in Washington will take the necessary steps to stop the lunacy and destruction.  How did we become this blind?  How did we become this anti-American and anti-Freedom?  You say, I’m not okay with that, but millions continue to elect those who are.

The border crisis is just the tip of the iceberg of idiocy, and the long-term problems accompanying it could mean the end of our Free Constitutional Republic.  Is that the plan?  When the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Protection Agency announces that the apprehension of more than 2.1 million illegals came across our borders in the fiscal year ending in August, any reasonable person should see the problem and danger.  In August, we had six consecutive months with arrests of more than 200,000 each month.  Most of those were released, adding to the endless flooding across the border and even aiding in their violation of our immigration laws.

Our military’s purpose is protecting us, but with the Wokeism that has become epidemic, the strength of our military is suspect.  I cannot imagine a military where Air Force Academy cadets cannot use the terms “Mom and Dad.”  Have we gone completely bonkers?  The cadets are warned not to commit what was called “microaggressions” by using terms like “you guys” or “terrorists.”  They were told that rather than saying “Mom and Dad,” they were to use terms such as “Parent or Caregiver.”  They were informed they could no longer say “boyfriend or girlfriend.” Still, they were to use the term “partner.”  The focus is no longer on national security and training but on being politically correct and embracing the pervasive Woke Mentality in our culture.  That is beyond lunacy!

We have come to the place where the declaration of William F. Buckley is germane and apropos of today’s political Woke PC World.  He said, “I would rather be governed by the first 2,000 people in the telephone directory than by the Harvard University faculty.”  We could probably use virtually any University’s faculty aptly.  Much of our so-called academia and Woke World’s view of itself makes them too smart for their own good.  Knowing stuff does not make one intelligent; being able to rightly apply that knowledge makes one wise.  We are grossly devoid of wisdom in today’s political world.

My earthly father was not a well-educated man.  He only finished the 9th grade, but he was a very wise man.  He could outthink most of today’s politicians and taught himself to do virtually everything that needed to be done around our small farm.  He was a survivor and innovative.  He might not do things according to the blueprint of academia, but what he did worked, and his ability to think and create provided a living for our family and a secure home. 

My earthly father wanted his children to be better educated than he was and wanted us to surpass him in our accomplishments.  Yet, he was careful to instill in us the ability to think so that we would not become the south ends of northbound horses.  By today’s standards, my earthly father would have been deemed unqualified to lead the city or state where we lived. Still, I believe he would have done a better job with more reasoned sanity than most of those highly educated windbags in Washington who don’t know how the rest of us live. 

I am pro-education but insist that academic credentials are far from coterminous with genius.  I hear today’s intellectuals insist that men like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, or imbeciles, and I laugh.  Those men, with all their flaws, proved to be more interested in America and Americans than the entire lot of the so-called qualified and educated.  They make the flawed assumption that intelligence and effectiveness politically are based on academic degrees.  Results cannot be dismissed and should never be diminished.

I have touched on just a few of the dying flowers in the Garden of Lunacy in modern America and ask, “How Could Anyone Vote For The Followers of the Toxic Agenda Being Advanced by the Toxic Liberal, Globalists of today?”  

God help us to wake up.  God bless America!   Join me in the Fight to Save our Republic.


  1. Thank you! You said, “My earthly father was not a well-educated man. He only finished the 9th grade, but he was a very wise man. He could outthink most of today’s politicians and taught himself to do virtually everything that needed to be done around our small farm.”
    I can so relate to this as my dad was like that, forced to quit going to school early to work the family farm in Iowa, but was the wisest, smartest man, could fix everything, and left a legacy of daily bible reading and obeying the Word out of Love for God, and when he passed into glory, the Glory palpably came into his room and I heard the audible words, “divine glory” both before he was escorted by Jesus Himself, and that night I woke to hear the same words, and the hymn “Blessed Assurance” sung in my innermost heart, the words that have so much meaning to me to this day.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to continue to blog what so many want to just sweep under the rug.

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