Whenever the federal government says, “I’m here to help,” I get concerned.  What exactly are they here to do?  Who or whom are they trying to help?  What is the hidden agenda?  Will the long-term effect be positive or negative for our constitutional liberties and freedoms?  Will it reduce the control of the government bureaucrats or increase it?  Those and a plethora of other questions come to mind when dealing with the government.

Does that make me a conspiracist?  I don’t think so, but I confess that when it comes to the government and most politicians, I am somewhat of a skeptic.  I trust God.  I trust the constitution.  I trust the intent of the Founding Fathers, but the current federal government, not so much, and sometimes not at all. 

The Bible speaks of the foundations, and in Psalm 11:3, we read, “If our foundations are destroyed, what should the righteous do?”  In viewing the writings of our founding fathers, studying history, and watching our moral decline and the result, I would contend that the support foundations include moral laws, ethics, spiritual consciousness, and morality.  The fundamental principles of law and order and justice hinge on those being in place.  Are they in modern America? 

If the foundations are destroyed, what then?  Some in modern America have become so disillusioned and discouraged that they have become fatalists.  I hear more and more people say, “What’s the use? Nothing is going to change.”  I believe that is the wrong outlook, not because I believe in the goodness of man but in the greatness of God. 

Someone paraphrases the words of Psalm 11 – “If men have no regard to laws and public decrees, which are the foundation of human society, but will boldly violate all known and standing rules of justice and truth; what can the righteous do? — What security can an honest man have? or what should he do but make haste away from the place where they act so arbitrarily and are so perfidious?”  Basically, that is saying if the righteous have not prevented or stepped up to resist the societal anarchy and collapse, what could David or any leader do?  Are we there in America today?

I want to revive some old history and discuss the perfidious actions involving the Coronavirus and the vaccines.  Let me state at the outset that I am not so much focused on whether some did or did not take the jab but on the lack of forthrightness by the government.  I believe that it should be an individual decision. I am more focused on the lockdown of the entire world, with minimal information being given to the public.  I said at the beginning that we should be questioning this action unless they know something far direr than they are telling us.  However, there was almost no pushback by the public.  What did they fail to reveal?  I still do not know, but I want to know.

We were told this was the deadliest virus the world had ever seen.  Yes, people got sick and died as a result.  The almost immediate fanning of the flames of fear and paranoia caused the world to panic, and people like docile sheep complied with the mandates.  I believed then, and I believe now that this was a trial run, and now that they have seen what can be done, the diabolical seeking world dominance will spring something on us in the near future that will be more dangerous and destructive.  Some of that desire to reduce the world’s population by one-fourth or one-third. 

I watched with incredible alarm as there was a reported shortage of ventilators, and people infected with COVID were warehoused in nursing homes with the very vulnerable elderly.  Why?  Was that a double-edged sword?  Did they, with premeditation, use this to euthanize some of the elderly and infirm whose cost (in their minds) outweighed their benefit?  That is plausible with the devaluing of the baby in the womb and the stated desire to reduce the world population.  It is diabolical and inhumane but plausible.

We were told early by some medical doctors of the value and benefit of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Still, the federal government and the CDC thwarted that effort trying to debunk their usefulness and prevent doctors from using them.  That, according to many medical doctors, costs thousands of lives needlessly.  The quashing of those drugs allowed the government to push for emergency authorization before adequate testing and full disclosure of what was in the vaccines to be granted. 

There was a push to use Remdesivir.  A drug that has proven to harm the kidneys and liver and, according to many medical experts, had a negligible effect on COVID.  The terribleness of disallowing families to be with their loved ones when they were placed on ventilators or taken off ventilators and left to die. 

There is the contention of research scientists that the mRNA vaccine is flawed and has the potential to do long-term damage to the internal organs, the immune system, and the circulatory system.  We saw a spike in health issues with young men where otherwise healthy adults were having heart attacks or deadly blood clots, as well as an increase in cancer.  Were those connected?  Only time will tell, and even then, we may never know. 

It is reported that there has been an increase in miscarriages and stillbirths in vaccinated females.  There have been reports of a measurable reduction in sperm counts in vaccinated men.  There seems to have been a rise in unexpected mortality unrelated to COVID.  Additionally, we have seen RSV in the news for the first time.  What is RSV?  It is a Respiratory Syncytial Virus causing a call for it to be declared a health emergency in children.

Please understand that I do not know if the vaccine was safe or dangerous.  What I know is that the government continually side-stepped the questions, protected the pharmaceutical companies that produced it, and sought to use the pandemic to achieve political ends.  That troubles me and causes me to wonder if there was something far more nefarious at work. 

The FDA issued warnings and even edicts that people were to stop taking Ivermectin for COVID.  They now claim that was just a suggestion, not a mandate.  Most medical doctors did not consider it a suggestion.  They used terms like, “You are not a horse.  You are not a cow.  So, stop taking the drug.”  Hidden within their statements is a remarkably interesting bullet.  “If your health care provider writes you an Ivermectin prescription, fill it through a legitimate source such as a pharmacy, and take it exactly as prescribed.” 

In my mind, that is an admission that it was effective.  So, why the push to prevent it?  If it had been used early in the COVID pandemic, many lives would have likely been spared, and the total lockdown and destruction of our economy would not have transpired.  Was there a hidden motive?  Again, this is more reason for me to distrust and question the edicts of the government. 

I know some people who took Ivermectin, Vitamin C, Zinc, and a few other things and faired quite well as they battled infection.  One doctor told me that had the push been to treat COVID with the things that appeared to work early; many would not have been hospitalized.  He said that it was virtually too late when they got to the hospital.  He considered it medical malpractice to have taken the government-prescribed treatment plan of doing nothing until you had to go to the hospital. 

I believed then and now that taking or not taking the vaccine should be an individual decision, not a forced mandate. The government has repeatedly violated our trust and given us cause to distrust them and question their motives and intent.  We are in the throes of an effort to reduce the world population and transform every sovereign nation into a world conglomerate of countries under a singular ruling authority.  That is spoken of in the Bible, and I write to ask people to pray and question rather than comply, not docile non-thinking sheep. 

God bless you, and God bless America!

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