I can hear the clamor, ‘conspiracy theories again.’  But when facts back up a theory or a charge, it is not a theory but a reality.  It almost seems like someone seized control of the federal government without our seeing it.  Well, they did!  Some of us saw it and have been sounding the alarm, often called everything but a sane human being.

There are so many areas to address. They highlight the coup or coups that have been transpiring as the nefarious globalists, deep state adherents, and swamp denizens seek to ‘fundamentally transform’ our republic into something other than the Free, Constitutionally Guaranteed Republic our Founders created.

The Border is revelatory of a coup by the Left using the Biden administration as their shill to destroy America.  They have effectively erased the Southern Border and opened the floodgates to a planned invasion that will prove catastrophic for our republic and freedoms. 

Reports show that over 5 million have crossed our border with impunity and are largely ignored by the feds.  I do not recall a bill coming out of Congress that repealed our immigration laws, do you?  I keep looking for an Executive Order signed by Joe Biden that made illegal entry legal, but maybe I missed it.

How about the Student Loan Forgiveness that the courts declared illegal but that does not bother the Biden team?  In my decades on planet Earth, I have always found that money borrowed had to be paid back, usually with interest.  Of course, that is unless you default on the loan or declare bankruptcy.  Those have or have had repercussions and damage the borrower’s credit rating. 

Money does not grow on trees!  But under this administration, it magically appears from the printing press of the Federal Reserve, and the flow of fiat money continues.  Ultimately that house of cards will collapse, and countries will be forced to abandon worthless unbacked paper for something like gold to do their business.  Individuals will be the ones who pay the direst penalty for the government’s Ponzi scheme.  Hey, $30 Trillion is no big deal.  WRONG!

The revelations by Elon Musk regarding Twitter’s use by the diabolical agent of Leftism scream that a coup has been underway for some time.  The release of Twitter files reveals that the Deep State and the Swamp are alive, well, and very real.  The collusion between Big Tech and Big Government is so apparent that even a blind person could see it. 

We know, beyond a doubt, that the FBI utilized Twitter and Facebook to wage an attempted coup against Donald Trump and other Americans.  The members of the Deep State and Swamp screamed that there was no such thing as the Deep State and that no irregularities or illegalities had transpired.  It was all Trump and others on the Right crying foul when no foul had occurred.  We suspected that was fallacious, but now we know the facts, and Facts are stubborn things.  They reveal truth!

The FBI, eager to utilize the Social Media outlet Twitter, granted Top-Secret clearances to Twitter employees.  That is more than a little troubling, or should be. It demands a much more in-depth explanation than we have received thus far.  They not only went after Trump at every turn and scores of other conservatives but also sought to protect Hillary, Biden, and Obama, most assuredly, to discredit the revelations about Hunter Biden’s damning laptop.

The Elon Musk Twitter drop clearly shows that the DNC had Twitter go after actor James Woods.  Woods is an outspoken conservative, making the Left terribly uncomfortable and placing a find-and-destroy target on his back.  In Hollywood and Leftist Political Circles, he is persona non grata.  What needs to be discerned is if the federal government was involved and, if so, the question of constitutionality and criminality.

The Twitter executives were lying through their teeth the entire time.  They believed they were protected because Twitter was an arm of the Deep State, but Elon Musk arrived and exposed them.  Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey attempted to assure Congress and the public that shadow bans and targeting of individuals were non-existent.  Salacious lies!  They were actively blacklisting conservatives and keeping ‘disfavored’ tweets from seeing the light of day.  They were hiding accounts and topics without the users’ knowledge. 

They argued that the Twitter algorithm did not make judgments based on political views!  Most of us laughed when that assertion was made; we knew it was fallacious!  Mr. Dorsey boldly declared, “We certainly don’t shadow ban based on political viewpoints.”  Hey, Mr. Dorsey, if you believe what you are saying, I have some prime oceanfront property in the middle of Arizona that I want to sell to you.  It has flying pigs and unicorns on it too!

Beyond Twitter, we have been informed that House Republicans have uncovered Text and Email evidence that Nancy Pelosi and her staff secretly decreased security at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 and, at the same time, were organizing a film crew.  Does that smell like something is rotten in Denmark?  Something fishy there!  We have evidence that President Trump requested additional National Guard protection for the U.S. Capitol that day, but Nancy Pelosi turned him down.  Why?

Do you remember Nancy saying to her staged camera crew, “I hope [Trump] comes, I’m going to punch him out, and I’m going to jail, and I’m going to be happy’?”   Well, Nancy, you probably need to go to jail, but what you and your cohorts did on that day, after and previous to that day, scream coup, but not from Trump.

A fact check debunked the claim media claim that Trump ordered audits of James Comey and Andrew McCabe by the IRS.  An IRS watchdog revealed that little tidbit. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration determined that the IRS randomly selected Comey and McCabe for audits of their tax returns from 2017 and 2019 as a part of a program the IRS uses to refine its technology.  There was no evidence of malfeasance by Trump or any Trump-appointed official.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General exonerated border patrol agents accused of whipping Haitian migrants as they crossed into the United States from Mexico.  Also, the Justice Department’s Inspector General debunked the infamous Steele dossier, which the media cited as evidence that Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election.  Those are just a few pieces of evidence to reveal that the Left is engaged in a coup against our Constitutional Republic. 

The continual misinformation campaign by this administration and the Left is beyond disheartening; it is dangerous.  If we do not demand that politicians follow the rule of law and the constitution, we will continue to watch our Republic become something other than constitutional.   We must make them accountable – ALL OF THEM!

God bless you, and God bless America!

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