When we consider things like the American Revolution, we tend to think only of the actual fighting of the war using troops against troops.  However, as in all conflicts, it began long before the shooting started.  It began in the minds and hearts of the people as they developed an intense desire for freedom.  I believe there is a revolution brewing, and it will either erupt into fighting in the streets or suppression of the people into subservience to the government elitists.  We will either rise up and find a pathway to freedom, or we will find ourselves in virtual chains to the ideologues of transformation of the republic.

The American Revolution began as early as 1760, with growing concerns and anger in the hearts and minds of the colonists regarding their treatment and suppression by the Crown.  There is a trigger point for every person when they say, ‘Enough!’ and resists.  We do not seem to have reached that point on a scale that will produce a revolution, reformation, and transform the morphed government back to a Constitutional one.  When will that happen?  Will that happen?  Will we see a civil war or an attempt to throw off the chains imposed by the federal government?  Only time will tell, and only God knows!

Thomas Jefferson wrote to John Adams in 1815 and insisted that the actual war was only the consequence of the Revolution, not the true Revolution.  He believed that the real Revolution began in the minds of the American people!  He argued that when their anger and dissatisfaction reached the point of no return, they fought.  They knew that any hope of a sustainable republic had to be formulated in the people’s minds.  Many of our Founding Fathers envisioned a Republic where people were continually informed and gave careful oversight to the government.  We, the People, were the owners of the government.

As a Christian, an American patriot, a Vietnam Veteran, a father, a grandfather, and a lover of freedom, I detest the idea of a global government.  The globalists have, for decades, if not for more than a century, slowly been implementing their agenda and laying the groundwork for a One-World-Government.  The signs are so prevalent that even a blind person could see them.  Sadly, too many do not want to see the handwriting on the wall and live in a Utopian Wonderland, believing things will magically improve.  They will not!  Those seeking power never willingly relinquish the gains they have made.

The paranoia that arose out of the COVID pandemic is revelatory of the designs and desires of the globalists.  Those in control seem to hyperventilate over the variants of the disease because they see it as a pathway to total control and monitoring of our lives.  I am not downplaying the seriousness of COVID; I have had friends die as a result of the disease or as a factor in their demise.  I know some who have never fully recovered from the effects of the disease.  I do not diminish it, but I also cannot overlook the usage of this crisis to seize power and the positioning of global monitoring of every human on the planet. 

We have moved from individual nations issuing edicts and mandates to a global consortium under the auspices of the United Nations, the WHO, and others to make their mandates legally binding internationally.  They have reverted from the requirement to maintain respect for human dignity, human rights, and our fundamental freedoms to focus on what they deem equity, inclusivity, and coherence.  That is a Marxist principle, not Republicanism or Democracy. 

The Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting religious freedom and enlightening the public, did some amazing research. Their cohesive compilation of information should cause people to take note and be alarmed.  The           WHO, the UN, and the globalists are empowering themselves to monitor and control us and create the ability to redistribute the wealth as they choose.  They are empowering themselves to mandate treatment, demand vaccine passports, contact tracing, and issue quarantines.   Control is the name of the game.  The Book of Revelation in the Bible speaks of this kind of activity.

Tyranny virtually always wears the cloak of benevolence and ultimately demands total control, supposedly in exchange for saving our lives.  The devaluing of human life can be seen in the desire for abortion on demand.  The presentation of the idea that restricting abortions is somehow taking away the reproductive rights of women is ludicrous.  The woman is exorcising her reproductive rights in choosing to have sex outside of marriage or without protection.  If she gets pregnant, another human life is inserted into the mix.  The desire of the woman not to have a baby does not supersede the right of the baby to live.  Adoption is always an option! 

Human life, once devalued, creates a mindset that invites euthanasia.  Where does it end?  When population control becomes the goal, human life has lost its value, and those deciding which life has worth and which does not become virtual gods.  That should cause each of us to have a twinge of anger at what is transpiring and a desire to see things restored to moral rightness, constitutionality, and our founding purpose.

We are living in a world that is deeply mired in moral relativism.  Our children are continuously taught that there are no absolute standards of right and wrong.  There are no absolute truths.  Relativism teaches that morality is subjective and a matter of convention, like the laws of society.  The advocates of that philosophy demand that just like laws differ from nation to nation and locale to locale or even in differing periods, morality also differs and changes. 

This philosophy allows the individual to have a warm-fuzzy sense of being open-minded, tolerant, and inclusive.  The idea that we control what is right and wrong gives us a false sense of power.  We believe we are the master of our fate and the captain of our ship of life.  It eliminates God and makes us the god of our world and life. 

Peter Kreet, in his “A Refutation of Moral Relativism,” uses the analogy that our instincts are like the keys on a piano, and morality is like sheet music.  The sheet music tells us what keys to play.  Likewise, moral principles tell us which instincts to engage in and which to ignore, meaning that morality must be more than mere instinct.  We are creations of God, and God is the guide of moral rightness. 

What does this have to do with the condition of the mind that produces revolution, reformation, and transformation?  Everything!  If we allow God to be our guide for morality and truth, then the usurpations and abridgments by the government or the purveyors of moral relativism will trouble us.  We will realize that if we allow this to become the norm, we will lose our freedoms and produce a society where human life is meaningless.  We will become slaves to the tyrannical.

We will resist when we reach the place where we can tolerate no more of the infringement upon our inalienable rights and the overt attempt to brainwash our children.  If we unify and return to moral sanity, God, and the principles of the American Republic, we will see the propitious smiles of heaven shining upon us and restoration.  The ball is in our court.  What will we do?

God bless you, and God bless America!

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