That question is not meant to disparage those suffering from mental disorders; it is a question regarding what is happening politically, economically, socially, and morally in America!  I keep thinking that things could not get any crazier, but politicians will do something to cause me to realize just how wrong I was.  They no longer do things under cover of darkness; they operate in plain sight fearlessly.  That is the basis of my question, “Is Lunacy the New Normal?”

In the GOP response to the State of the Union Address by Joe Biden, Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a succulent point, “The choice is between normal and crazy?”  When the federal government and its agencies of the government openly defy constitutional restraints, that poses a danger to the Republic.  We are in troubled waters when this administration can openly allow millions to illegally enter the country and blatantly lie, insisting the borders are secure.  We are in deep darkness when the government is more focused on protecting the criminals than the victims.  Thus, my question is, “Is Lunacy the New Normal?”

The followers of the “Woke” ideology and those pursuing the agenda of the Left are attempting to destroy the distinction between genders and force compliance to the New Normal of Lunacy.  When seventy-five percent of the nation believes we are on the wrong path politically, we should realize that the danger to the republic is real. 

The disaster at the southern border is not only endangering Americans but causing the death of many.  The drug cartels are flooding our nation with the incredibly dangerous drug fentanyl.  The surge in deaths from that illicit drug is horrifying, but Washington seems to be taking a ‘ho hum’ approach.  With the recent move of the Washington, DC., city council to allow noncitizens to vote, an objective related to the open borders, we should see an increase in Lunacy and a decrease in Sanity and Normal.  So, “Is Lunacy the New Normal?” 

On February 2, 2023, the House of Representatives passed a bill (H. Con. Res.9) opposing the implementation of socialist policies and denouncing socialism in all its forms.  The vote was 327-86.  How could 86 Democrats vote to oppose the opposition of socialism and socialistic policies?  Is that part of the lunacy?  An even more disturbing question is, “Why Was This Even Necessary?”  Why did Congress need to pass a bill that denounced Socialism?  What happened to Republicanism (not the party but the system of government)?

We have a condition in America where younger Americans, indoctrinated through our educational system’s promotion of Revisionist History, Political Correctness, and Wokeism, embrace Socialism.  That is troubling!  The Axios and Momentive poll of June 2021 revealed that 51% of young adults (18-34) have a positive view of socialism.  Those in the age group of 35-65+ also showed an uptick toward favoring socialism.  What has happened?  We have multi-generational professional entitlement recipients.  Freebies, for me, is the modern mantra!  Rational thought about the cost and who is paying is missing from the equation.  Therefore, the question, “Is Lunacy the New Normal?”

If we go back to FDR, we discover that a number of members of the Brain Trust and Think Tank that advised the president were advocates of Marxism and Leninism.  They helped to produce the “New Deal” and the disaster that was created.  The Great Depression, with over 20% unemployment, economic chaos, and starvation, provided the open the door to coerce Americans into accepting the government’s overreach.  Big Government became Mammoth and has never slowed down.

Lyndon Johnson brought us the ‘Great Society,’ an expansion of FDR’s ‘New Deal.’  They were going to stamp out poverty but instead enabled the federal government to overreach even more and have more control over our lives.  Some have called this era of Big Government the Administrative State and is the tool those seeking to destroy America from within are using to achieve their objectives.  We have been inundated with alphabet agencies, the EPA, FDA, SEC, etc. 

Those agencies tell us how to live and seek total control.  They have obliterated the separation of powers as they exercise the powers of all three branches of government.  They tell us how to pursue our health concerns, interact with the environment, operate in a pandemic, and more.   Is Lunacy the New Normal?

The Founding Fathers hammered out a Constitution that involved incredible thought, study, and compromise between the various ideologies of that day.  Those men desired a Republic with a Constitution that would safeguard the inalienable rights of all citizens.  They wanted to ensure that we would be able to pursue Life without government interference and excessive oversight.  They desired that we be guaranteed Liberty and allowed to Pursue Happiness with all our freedoms intact.  Today that is anathema to the globalists and followers of toxic liberalism. 

Today, the Biden administration is openly targeting conservative news outlets.  He and they are using taxpayer funds to blacklist, defund, and silence ‘The American Spectator’ and other conservative media outlets.  This is censorship!  It can be called nothing else.  If a media outlet presents false information, they should be held accountable, but in today’s PC world, only conservative outlets are deemed to be purveyors of disinformation or misinformation.  The liberal outlets are protected; what they present, debunked, and exposed is deemed truth and protected speech.  So, “Is Lunacy the New Normal?”

Today, we have evidence that the Biden administration is even cozier with George Soros than Obama was.  That is difficult to imagine, but a Soros Open Society Foundation director has visited the Biden White House over a dozen times.  The connection of this administration to China and other nations that openly hate us is disturbing.  If we follow the money that has come to Joe Biden since he entered Washington, it should be alarming.  A man that was not wealthy is not very wealthy on a salary that could not produce that wealth. 

We are not allowed to discuss inner-city crime, the origins of COVID-19, or illegal immigration.  We are not allowed to discuss gender blending, sex change for children, and more.  If we question any of those, we are deemed racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist, or some other derogatory term.  We are called White supremacists and deemed worse than Lucifer himself. 

It is time to stop the lunacy, open the discussion between rational people, and see if we can find a solution.  I contend that the only solution is a return to our moral and biblical moorings.  If we keep electing those following the Lunacy of today in politics, we are part of the problem, not the solution.

America, I pray that we will awaken from our stupor and unite, returning to our foundational moorings and God.  I pray we will unite to reclaim our Republic and once again have a nation where ‘We the People’ have a voice and matter. 

God bless you, and God bless America!

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