The modus operandi of the professional politicians occupying the desks in Washington are adept at finger-pointing but inept at fixing problems.  Blame the other party or the opponent, and all is well in their minds.  After all, we, the people, the peons, the unlearned, the uninformed, should be grateful for their occasional offerings thrown our way. 

When I hear the Left blaming the Right for the problems with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, I am stunned that so many believe them.  If we were to pause and consider the actions of the political elitists in Washington, we would quickly realize that fixing the problem is not the intent but finding plausible ways to blame someone else.  They are focused on Power and Control, not doing our bidding.

All of us who have paid into the Social Security System know that we are looking down the barrel of the loaded gun of cuts in our benefits.  The mismanagement of funds is the blame; those on fixed incomes will pay the price for their ineptitude.  The anticipated date of those cuts is 2034, just 11 short years down the road.  I will be in my upper 80s at that time.  I will likely be unable to actually engage in employment that would produce the needed additional income, so I am preparing for the future the best I am able.

Blaming the Right for the cuts and the disaster in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid is ludicrous.  If you take just a moment and reflect on the reality that through the efforts of the Left and this administration, they are shoring up the retirement system of the Ukrainian pensioners to the tune of a 20% raise in 2023.  The Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said, “As early as March, the government will index pensions by 20% for about 10 million Ukrainians.”  That is based on the funds sent to Ukraine by the Biden administration.  

Americans are looking at dramatic and austere belt-tightening for Social Security recipients in the future. Still, the government is working to ensure that other countries do not endure the same dilemma.  How is that for America first?  We have spent more than $100 Billion to aid Ukraine but engage in finger-pointing and trashing anyone wanting more money to stay home to take care of our own first. 

I believe in benevolence whenever possible, but it should be done in the right way and through the right venues.  The federal government appears to care more about citizens of other nations than Americans is not the right way!  All politicians engaging in such actions should face the real danger of not being reelected.  Instead, they are awarded additional terms to do further damage.  Rather than place the blame at the feet of the guilty, the finger-pointing facilitates the expanding divide in this nation, and we continue to plunge toward oblivion.

The Congressional Budget Office, in their 2022 report, stated: “…if Social Security outlays were limited to what is payable from annual revenues after the trust funds’ exhaustion in 2033, Social Security benefits would be about 23 percent smaller than the scheduled benefits in 2034.”  Wow!  We are taking measures to ensure the Ukrainians will get a raise in their pensions and leaving Americans who paid into Social Security holding the bag with austere cuts. 

I suspect that the CBO’s report is rosier than reality affords.  Social Security benefits come from payroll taxes and the Social Security’s trust fund “assets.”  That entire system was destroyed under Lyndon B. Johnson and continues to plunge toward extinction.  Maybe that is part of the plan to place us at the mercy of the federal government for our subsistence and thereby under their control. 

Either way, this is telling of the hypocrisy of the professional career politicians who have a secure retirement system.  They take care of themselves and other nations, but Americans are not on their list of priorities.   Our only value to them is our vote, and until they can figure out how to eliminate that, too, we have limited value.

Yes, Social Security is a government Ponzi scheme! Those of us who paid into the system expected to receive a reasonable return on our forced investment.  We know it is a government boondoggle and a terrible investment, but we had few other options.  Politicians know that if they act, the voters will respond, and their careers will be in danger.  Therefore, they have kicked the can down the road so long that the bill will soon become due, and there will be no way to avoid the dire measures that must be taken.

However, I think that virtually all Americans would agree that we should not be paying billions of dollars that we do not have to bolster up the infrastructure and social support for Ukraine or any other nation before taking care of our people’s needs. 

A recent report indicated that about 14 million will be dropped from Medicaid under the enacted new rules.  As of this date, there are approximately 84 million on Medicaid.  It has grown by about 20 million since January 2020.  At the beginning of COVID-19, the federal government stepped in to prevent states from taking people off Medicaid, even if they were no longer eligible.  Making too much money did not disqualify them.  If they gained healthcare coverage through an employer that did not disqualify them.  They were still on the rolls if they moved to a new state.

Just like purging the voter rolls of ineligible people, Medicaid should also do so.  Our ineptitude in handling the fiscal needs of government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and a plethora of entitlements being paid has brought us to this point.  We could have avoided much of it and averted the pain millions will feel, but politicians played politics rather than governing as mandated by the Constitution.

Couple the government’s mishandling of Medicare and Medicaid, take a peek at Biden’s H.R. 5376, and realize that it is a nightmare for retirement savers.  Biden’s campaign slogan, BBB – Build Back Better, is a joke of epic proportions.  Build what and where should be the question.  That bill was guaranteed to increase inflation.  Imagine that a bill titled “Inflation Reduction Act” is guaranteed to Increase, not decrease, inflation.  They knew it, they know it, and they want it.

The federal government has been printing fiat money for decades since the withdrawal from the ‘gold standard.’  That will not stop even though it is worthless paper backed by nothing.  Should our debt be called in or the world eliminates the Dollar from the standard, millions would find themselves destitute overnight.  Unless you are in possession of precious metals or have other trading commodities, you will face the dire conditions of Germany in the 1930s. 

If they destroy the money and make us totally dependent on the federal government, they will have the desired TOTAL CONTROL they have long sought.  America, we are in a mess and may be too far down the road to fix the problem.  My faith is not in government but in God.  I have preached for decades that there would come a time in America when God’s people had to trust Him totally again.  I believe we are there! 

We can’t fix this problem at the polls; we fix it on our knees.  We need divine intervention from heaven, a return to the Bible, moral rightness, and a restoration of ethics.  We need to become We The People, not We the Sheep.  It is time to think for ourselves and stand for what we believe.  God help us if we fail.

God bless you, and God bless America!

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