SECESSION – Possible in Modern America?

I am fully aware of the constitutional restraints regarding individual states seceding from the Union.  However, I also know that constitutional restraints have not been a deterrent for many of the agendas of politicians and political parties for a long time.  I know the original provision for the State of Texas to secede and break up into five states and the arguments that those provisions were countered in subsequent actions. 

My point is that whether something is constitutional or unconstitutional is sometimes not a deterrent.  When any group desires something so deeply or feels the threat to their freedom so acutely that they see no other option but to operate extra-constitutionally. Are we reaching the point of no return when there will be a move to break the United States of America in half or possibly more than two nations? 

I do not care which side of the political aisle you align yourself with; you must be able to see the direness of the divide in America today!  We are more divided than I have witnessed in my decades on this planet.  Hate, in some circles, is deemed justifiable and even desirable.  The destruction of anyone or anything that is counter to the ideological agenda of those groups is considered praiseworthy.  The idea that the end justifies the means is dangerously prevalent in today’s America.

There continues to be noise and some saber rattling in various sectors of our nation, especially in my home state, Texas.  I was apprised that Texas state representative Bryan Slaton introduced a bill on the 187th anniversary of the fall of the Alamo to allow Texas citizens to vote on seceding from the United States.  He said, “After decades of continuous abuse of our rights and liberties by the federal government, it is time to let the people of Texas make their voices heard.”  I do not disagree with the need to make our voices heard, as to secession and the practical viability of that, I am concerned.

Let me offer a tidbit I drew from an article I recently read by Michael Ange.  He cited an interesting thought from the book by Cynthia Nicoletti of the UVA School of Law, “Secession on Trial: The Prosecution of Jefferson Davis.”  She argues that secession was not settled in 1865 or at any other time.  She cites the fact that none of the Confederate leadership was prosecuted for treason because it was a real possibility that their actions were not illegal.  She contends that the federal government dared not risk having a federal court conclude that the war the Union had conducted was illegal. 

Please do not read into my referencing that possibility, that I support slavery. There is a possibility that the United States Constitution does not prohibit secession by individual states.  If we read Article 1, section 10 of the American Constitution, we discover the absence of a prohibition to secede.  Article 1, section 8, enumerates the specific powers of the federal government.  But the tenth amendment in the Bill of Rights states plainly, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  Does that mean the decision of secession is reserved for the people?

I would hate to see America splintered into two or multiple nations for many reasons.  One of them is the ability of the United States to protect itself from foreign aggression.  The smaller unions might be less formidable foes and tempting fruit for the aggressors to desire.  Would those separate unions be able to secure the help of the other unions?  With the discord, disagreement, and hate that produced the separation, which might be an impossibility, and even find them becoming allies of the foreign aggressors.

Our inalienable rights, liberties, and freedoms are in the crosshairs of those seeking to fundamentally transform America and dismantle our system of government.  I believe in limited government and strongly advocate for it.  I am not naïve enough to believe that people are inherently good; I have lived too long for that.  I do not like conspiracy theories, but sometimes I must face the reality that some things are not theories and are indeed conspiracies.  I see America in danger of destruction today because of the division.

The recent indictment of former President Donald John Trump smacks with political bias.  The reality is that those things he is being charged with are eerily like things that other presidents could have been indicted for.  Yet, they were not, and at the time, we were told that doing so would jeopardize or inappropriately sway the elections.   Will this indictment not do the same?  When 55 percent of Americans polled oppose the indictment, does that suggest it might be more about politics than the rule of law?

I recall that leftists Jane Fonda, “Hanoi Jane,” publicly stated, “COVID is God’s gift to the left.”  What?  Using a pandemic or a crisis for political purposes and touting it as justifiable and praiseworthy is disturbing.  Using the paranoia of the pandemic for political purposes and to advance the agenda of global control is not in harmony with the spirit upon which our Republic was established. 

During the global shutdown, we saw many infringements upon our fundamental and inalienable rights as human beings.  Many were forced to stay inside, unable to visit family members on their hospital deathbeds.  We were restricted from having open church services and attending weddings and funerals, all in the name of benevolence. This appears to be part of the diabolical Great Reset the leftists and globalists desired. 

If the Trump indictment is not political gamesmanship and vendetta, it sure appears that it is.  It is my firm conviction that our only hope is God!  It is also time to reread and vocalize the precepts advanced by people like Thomas Paine’s “The Crisis” and “Common Sense.”  It is time to bring back the information and warnings recorded in the Federalist Papers.  It is time to restudy the intent of the Founding Fathers in our system of government and the determination to protect our individual liberties, rights, and freedoms.  It would be a great time to gather the family and read and discuss the Declaration of Independence. 

The Biden administration is seeking to cut Medicare Advantage, hijack federal agencies to ram through the climate change agenda, and more.  The left is devotedly seeking to repeal the 2nd Amendment and strip us of freedoms of speech, assembly, and religion.  We are under assault, which makes the question no secession more germane than ever in our past. 

I believe that there will be what I would call a civil war in America.  It will not be fought over the same issues as the American Civil War of the 1800s but will be deadly and divisive.  I fear that those in power are seeking to press the right buttons of those on the far Left and far Right, hoping to have an outbreak that will allow them to move in with federal troops and martial law. 

America, we are no longer, if we ever were, truly One Nation.  Many on both sides of the political aisle desire that we have no semblance of being a nation Under God.  Lunacy and evil are prevalent, which should cause those of us who believe in prayer and God to fall on our faces in intercession.  The Bible says that where evil abounds, grace does much more exceedingly abound.  I am praying for God’s Grace to be manifested mightily in America and the world.  We need help, and hate will not produce the needed help.  God’s love will.

God bless you, and God bless America!

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