I have contended, for some time, that there is a war transpiring in America that is not a shooting war nor one from the outside.  It is an inside job, and one of the prime targets of this war is religion or, more specifically, Christianity.  The followers of toxic liberalism and the proponents of globalism are actively engaged in a war against our inalienable right of Freedom of Religion. 

There are reasons for that target, and I cannot address them all, but one of the prime reasons is to weaken the moral and spiritual foundations of the republic.  They have targeted the home (two-parent families with a mother and a father in the home) and sought to demasculinize males.  They have sought to pit us against each other through diversity that is genuinely polarization, not diversity that is being sought.

But the War on Religion or the Church (Christianity) is coming to light through efforts to expose it by organizations such as The Heritage Foundation and Advancing American Freedom (AFF).  They recently launched a lawsuit against the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ).  They are requesting the release of documentation exposing the complicity or suppression of information regarding violent attacks against churches and pro-life organizations.  It is far more expansive than we may have thought, and hopefully, the courts and probably the SCOTUS will rule in favor of those organizations. 

It is reported that as many as 200 churches and pro-life pregnancy crisis centers, and other faith-based entities have been vandalized or violently attacked.  The facilities and the personnel are being forced to live in fear as a result.  Some have expressed concern that the feds will do nothing to protect them.  Could it be that the acts of violence and destruction are in harmony with the desire of this administration, the toxic liberal ideology and globalism?  Could it be that they want to revoke our Freedom of Religion and our other Freedoms?  

Attorney General Merrick Garland promised that the FBI and the DOJ would actively and earnestly devote the needed resources to investigating those attacks.  However, only two people have been arrested out of the hundreds of incidents.  Garland’s excuse is that the disparity in prosecutions against the violent acts on abortion clinics is that the perpetrators used video and did it in broad daylight.  The idea that because there was no video and it was done under cover of darkness is weak and reeks of coverup.

I desire full prosecution of anyone committing acts of violence and vandalism regardless of their target.  The destruction of private property and harming individuals must not be allowed to stand.  Yet, we have witnessed the double standard in prosecution over the past two-plus years.  Those on the Left, the radical domestic terrorists who take over public buildings, burn, loot, do mayhem and harm citizens, were deemed justifiably angry.  Those on the Right who went too far were deemed to be domestic terrorists and quickly prosecuted. 

We have evidence coming to light that reveals how federal grants mesh neatly with the government’s desire and plan to censor our Freedom of Speech.  The federal government has developed and implemented plans to monitor every word we say.  Especially those of us who do not toe the line of adherence and compliance with the demands of the PC Police, the Woke, the toxic liberal agenda, and globalism are prime targets. 

The plan and pathway to achieving the goal of hearing every word is being fulfilled through the internet, social media, eavesdropping devices, satellite surveillance, and more. 

  • You will be on their list if you are a journalist who questions. 
  • You will be on their list if you are a politician who resists their demands. 
  • You will be on their list if you are a religious organization that promotes biblical morality, two genders, traditional marriage, and strong families. 
  • If you are a private citizen who does not align with the agenda of the Left, you will be on their list. 
  • The list is long and growing daily.

The federal government has awarded over five hundred contracts and grants for the purpose of “misinformation and disinformation” since 2020.  Imagine that?  What could the end game be?  The Department of Defense has been promoting research that involves Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology to monitor or listen to the Internet and other conversations. 

How have they avoided massive pushback?  They marketed this as a tool to track discussions about brands and products and track competitors.  That opened the door for the DOD and other federal agencies to enter the game and pay for-profit public relations and communications firms to convert their technology into tools for the government to monitor all speech on the internet.  Does that cause you any concern?  It should.

Supposedly, this is to identify terrorist threats, but we have already witnessed the overreach in the intelligence community.  We have witnessed the nefarious political plans and purposes come to light through information gained by monitoring and eavesdropping on citizens.  They are seeking to be Omnipresent – Everything Everywhere, All At Once! 

Let me list a few companies involved to validate my claim:

PeakMetrics – $1.5 million.  They track new sites, blogs, global social platforms, podcasts, TV, radio, and email newsletters.

Omelas Inc – $1 million plus.  They cull data from the most influential newspapers, TV channels, government offices, militant groups, and a plethora of RSS feeds, etc.

Aletha Group – Phase I Award of over $50,000 to develop a machine learning tool for proactive disinformation/misinformation detection, assessment, and mitigation.  They supposedly monitor the dark web. 

Newsguard – $750,000 by the DOD.  Two databases and fraudulent reliability ratings of thousands of news and private websites.

Primer – $3 million.  They are commissioned to develop technology and provide a database to monitor news and media data sources, etc.   They partner with Flashpoint, Telegram, Reddit, and Discord, seeking to mine a plethora of data for their plan to censor anyone and everyone not toeing the party line.

This is not Russian spying or Chinese spying. It is America spying on Americans to advance a political agenda and achieve total control and total compliance.  It is Orwellian to the core and far more than a conspiracy theory; it is happening now in America.

Back to the War on Religion.  If you can put in place the tools needed to monitor everyone, you can monitor the Church.  Why would they do that?  One of the reasons is their desire to develop a Church that modifies its biblical position and advances a Christianity that embraces the WOKE mentality and agenda.  If they can strip us of our faith or modify the message of the Church, they believe that they will achieve a society without moral absolutes and easily molded into the sheep they desire. 

I am sounding the alarm, and you can investigate what I am saying more thoroughly, or you can label me a conspiracist and ignore the warning.  I am concerned that by the time many realize that what I and others like me are declaring is real, the destruction will have taken place, and we will be a republic no longer.  I am warning, but you must decide what to do.  I cannot comply with an agenda that is antithetical to my faith and the Bible.

God bless you, and God bless America!

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