It does not matter which side of the political aisle you align with; you might be an Ostrich if you cannot be honest about the present and potential future damage.  You must have your head buried in the sand or where you do not see the light of day. 

That asset becomes a liability when an asset is compromised, whether a business deal or an individual.  It must either be replaced, or dire consequences will likely occur.  We have a compromised person occupying the White House and carrying the title of President of the United States of America.  Biden is not the only compromised individual in Washington, but he holds the most powerful office in America and possibly the world.

Based on the mountains of information available and information hinted at by various sources in DC, Joe Biden is incredibly susceptible to blackmail.  That has opened a dark door for America and threatens our national security, safety, prosperity, and progress.  From the start, he has been a disaster, and his administration’s edicts, mandates, and actions are a clear and present danger to America.

Dating back to our founding, there has been speculation as to what it would mean if the occupant of the Oval Office were decadently compromised.  The speculation was extended to the possibilities of that individual being willing to succumb to domestic and foreign interests.  We are discovering what it means to the Free Constitutional Republic and its citizens. 

Joe Biden and his family’s hands are dirty from graft and corruption.  We have never had a president so compromised and susceptible to blackmail by nefarious entities.  We have had corrupt presidents and administrations, but none so compromised as this one.  The incredible hubris of the Democrats attempting to paint Biden as a moderate is sickening.  I would say laughable, but there is nothing to laugh at; it is dangerous, diabolical, and deadly.

I remember the Leftists confederacy screamed vociferously regarding Donald Trump, “A president openly susceptible to blackmail cannot serve.”  That same cabal is astoundingly silent regarding Joe Biden as they ignore, deflect, distort, and deny his level of being compromised.  I would call it hypocrisy, but it is far more devious and dangerous than mere hypocrisy.

Biden’s closet skeletons prevent him from boldly and needfully confronting China, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, and virtually any other foreign power.  For three years, China has refused to explain why or how their virology lab in Wuhan was the epicenter of the COVID-19 virus.  They, with no fear, flew a surveillance balloon across our country.  They knew that there would be no repercussions, so why not? 

Considering the developing alliances between China, Russia, India, several African nations, and others, it does not bode well for America.  There was a time when Mexico, Turkey, France, and Saudi Arabia were solidly our allies, but today they are cozying up to China. Why?  Because they see where the true power lies, and it is not in America under this administration.  They are covering their bases, hoping that if all hell breaks loose, they will be on the winning side. 

Joe Biden’s administration has effectively shuddered all of Trump’s policies that were in America’s best interest.  The border is non-existent, the oil and gas industry is damaged so extensively that it will take decades to repair, and the insanity of a WOKE military means we have no real defense against foreign assaults.  I am not demeaning our men and women in uniform who are not adherents of the Leftist ideology and honor their oath of service.

The continuation of Joe Biden’s presidency guarantees that the Establishment and One World contingent will be able to advance their agenda of Marxism and the fundamental transformation of our Republic.  How can anyone think that is good?  China is marching toward global hegemony and, if achieved, will render the USA to the back pages of power in the world.

The policies of Joe Biden’s administration are plunging us toward a never-ending recession.  Recently, Louis Navellier, the man who sounded early warnings about the 2000 dot-com crash and the 2008 fiscal crisis, declared that the Biden policies are virtually guaranteeing a recession that has no end in sight. 

Mr. Navellier believes, with reason, that over the next decade, the American and world economies will suffer irreparable damage due to the Biden policies.  He warns that retirement accounts will dwindle if not disappear, and millions of Americans’ dream of financial security will be a dying wish.  Businesses will collapse, and he believes the coming disaster will be worse than the Black Monday collapse of 1987, the dot-com crash in 2000, and the 2008 fiscal crisis combined.  That is certainly gloom and doom.  I hold to hope, but only because I believe in God!

What many do not know or do not believe is that there is a shadow group that is running the show.  The nefarious group that headed up the Federal Government’s Censorship objective must be exposed.  The State Department’s Global Engagement Center (GEC) funded the development of censorship tools and used government employees to sell the plan to Big Tech.  Money, power, privilege, and free passes always get the attention of the mega players in the financial and technological world.  This was no different.  That is still more of the danger of this administration’s continuation.

GEC developed its Technology Engagement Team (TET) to secure the help and expertise of Big Tech to do its dirty work in suppressing the truth that countered its agenda.  This scheme had several initiatives:  Tech Demo Series, Tech Challenges, Tech Testbed, Techfor and TAP, Silicon Valley Engagement, and Disinfo Cloud.

According to GEC, Disinfo Cloud is “a platform that acts as a repository to catalog an ever-growing list of CPD tools and technologies.”  What does CDP stand for?  “Countering Propaganda and Disinformation.”  It is only available to .mil or .gov users but was later opened to the public.  The Countering of propaganda and disinformation was any information they disagreed with and did not advance their ideological agenda.  So, in reality, it was their tool of propaganda and disinformation while silencing the dissenting voices.  That is what we have under this administration—open and overt attempts to infringe upon our inalienable rights and usurp the Constitution.

It is time to face the reality of where we are and unite in prayer and efforts to counter this destruction and replace the compromised officers of government.  It is time to restore the Constitution to its rightful place.  It is time to return to moral sanity and ethical behavior in public officials.  It is time to return to God! 

God bless you, and God bless America!

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