I am not disparaging or demeaning those suffering from cognitive mental disorders, but the craziness exhibited in today’s government is beyond belief.  I could cite dozens of examples but let us begin with a few and hopefully cite a couple where sanity seems to be in the mix.   I know that America is in deep trouble unless and until we return to constitutionalism, moral sense, and God. 

Did you hear or read what the current Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, said in comparing car accidents and shootings?  I am unsure if he is still on maternity leave, but he went on MSNBC and made an astounding statement.  He said that people are constantly dying from automobile accidents.  That would not be alarming, but he said that was happening “at a level comparable to gun violence.”  That would not be disturbing, but he continued, stating that those dying in automobile accidents were “just as racist.”

What?  What in the world are you saying, Mr. or Ms. Secretary?  He asserted that automobile accidents result from “discrimination” against “black and brown Americans.”  Has anyone checked to see what he is smoking?  Of course, he was pandering in saying that.  He was talking to none other than the infamous Al Sharpton.  Pete, there may be some of that, but your comparison is ludicrous.  You are attempting to fan the flames of racial discord, and I believe it is political to its core.  It is an attempt to advance the Leftist agenda of divide and conquer.

The abject lunacy and dangerousness of transgenderism is another evidence of the level of depravity and insanity that is prevalent today in America.  It permeates every sector of our society and is rampant in the political world of 2023.  It speaks to the cultural collapse of our society, and it is not relegated to America but is an epidemic worldwide. 

The educational system is one of the primary vehicles through which it is promoted.  The Department of Education’s mandates regarding this issue and a plethora of other WOKE issues are rendering the education of our children null and void.  In a measure, we are engaged in a Civil War (without guns) in American education.  The anti-American WOKE Leftists have declared war on God, the Bible, traditional family values, true science, and history. 

If one does not ascribe to and embrace their ideological worldview, that person is deemed racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and dangerous to world peace.  There are those who would call themselves centrist who are being driven to embrace the views of those of us on the Right because of the rabid insanity of the WOKE Left, which is the modern Democratic Party.    

I will not use the colorful descriptive adjectives that Donald Trump used about the WOKE agenda. Still, it does place us in a position to navigate the proverbial creek without a paddle.  The stench is more than a little disturbing; the utter destruction of our traditional values and biblical views is under constant assault.

We are going to discover the intestinal fortitude and spine to resist with everything in us, or we will watch as brainwashed Gen Z and Millennials become the educators, and all future generations will be brainwashed and stolen from us, resulting in America’s demise as the Free Constitutional Republic founded in 1776s and beyond.

I believe in education and realize that not everyone can homeschool or utilize private schools.  Therefore, public schools will remain a necessity in the foreseeable future.  The danger is that if those schools remain an indoctrination center to clone WOKE proponents and mindless robots of Leftism, it becomes an enemy rather than a blessing.

The Department of Education released its New Title IX Rule affirming protection of the participation in sports by transgender students.  Simply that means that biological males that are not good enough to compete against other biological males will be allowed to compete against females.  Please do not assume that I am saying women are inferior; they are not!  However, physically they are usually weaker than males.  They may be superior in intellect and other skills, but allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports would be like allowing college athletes to compete against High School or Junior High School athletes.  The level of physical development is vastly different, giving an unfair advantage.

The argument that every student should be allowed to participate in athletics, free from discrimination, misses a critical point.  They are focused solely on the transgender student who is a biological male and ignoring the females to enjoy the ‘full experience.’  Today, we have transgender gangs roaming around, attempting to shut down government proceedings and attacking those who disagree with their agenda.  Riley Gaines, the female swimmer, is an example of the danger posed by those groups.

The Bible clearly states that God made two genders, not an endless listing of wanna-be genders.  God is impeccable in His knowledge, foresight, compassion, love, and perfection.  He created everything, and when He finished, He said, “It was good.”  We have taken what He created and corrupted it incredibly.  He made them “male and female.”  He made the man and woman to have a social, moral, romantic, and physical union that could result in the propagation of the race. That is not possible between two of the same sex.  God was not hesitant or ambiguous about His view of gender and marriage, nor should we be.

Moving on to another example of political insanity is the occupant of the White House, Joe Biden, and his action to parole or release more than a million migrants into the United States via a parole pipeline.   He has released a foreign population of illegals that exceeds the populations of six states.  That is beyond insane; it is diabolical. 

Data analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies’ George Fishman, a former Department of Homeland Security agent, spoke concerning Biden’s Catch and Release Policy.  Between January 2021 and February 2023, over 880,000 migrants.  In addition to that astounding number, over 75,000 Afghans and almost 120,000 Ukrainian nations have been released into the United States.  The report indicated that Biden had imported a foreign population into the United States that exceeds the population of six states – Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Delaware.  Not cumulative, but of each of those states, his foreign population is greater.

In January and February 2023, the Biden administration released over 40,000; in November and December 2022, over 230,000 were released into the interior.  You could say that the Biden administration and the Left have effectively become a ‘full-service travel agency’ for illegals.  How is that Build Back Better?  Where is the sanity?  Where is the sanctity of the Republic?  Where is the concern for America and Americans who are either naturally born or legal immigrants?  This is destructive and evidence of how far down the shaft of depravity we have descended.

America, we cannot fix this at the polls or politically.  We can help via those avenues, but our only and sure hope is God.  If we do not return to our moral foundations, we will see another generation stolen from us and transformed into a WOKE minion and guarantee that all hope is lost for America as the Constitutional Republic.  We can see America restored if we return to God, the Bible, and moral sanity and refuse to give up or give in.

God bless you, and God bless America!

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