BLOG POST 2 - Checks and Balances

If I listen to the Main Stream Media, Political Pundits, Activist, and Democrats I would be forced to conclude that what is called “gridlock” in Washington is a very bad thing and a sign of gross inefficiency.  Please understand, I am not saying Washington is not inefficient but is what they are calling “gridlock” a bad thing?  It is, only if you find an impasse to your agenda and are unable to muster enough support or concessions to get your bill passed and your laws or regulations enacted.  You would, naturally, consider that “inefficiency” and call it “gridlock”.  If you are protecting the American Republic, defending the Constitution, and fighting against federal bureaucracy you call it “checks & balances” as designed by the Constitution.  If you are one of the millions who believe what is presented by the leftist media and the Democrats you give Congress increasingly bad marks and seek to oust all Republicans and/or conservatives.  The idea presented by this administration and some previous administrations is that if we have ONE PARTY, RULING in Washington, namely the Democrats things will get done and all will be peachy.  IT WON’T! That is the road to tyranny not triumph and if we don’t realize it we will lose the Republic.

If you are on the freeway or major thoroughfares in our cities and experience “gridlock” that is a bad thing.  Sadly, millions are unable to divorce government from that type of thinking and thereby fail to realize that government’s job is not to make money, produce consumer goods or even make everyone happy.  It is designed to exercise power and the more power it amasses the more power it wants and thereby amasses more power.  That is why this monstrosity we have allowed to be created in this massive overreaching and the overpowering federal government is a bad and incredibly dangerous thing.  Power has the potential to corrupt and usually does to some extent.  We have, or hopefully, we have witnessed the insatiable lust for power among the power brokers and politicians over the past few decades.  It is frightening in the sense that the masses do not understand government or how our current system works or has evolved from what the founders established.  Thus, we have a populace that detests what is called “gridlock” when in fact, it may not be a sign of inefficiency but a sign of the system working as it was designed.

BLOG POST 2 - Federalism

Most, who have studied government, history, and civics understand that the founders worked laboriously to ensure that no individual or group of individuals could have tyrannical control in our federal government.  That is failing for many reasons, not the least of which is the voting public’s willingness to let it happen or the failure to understand we do not have to allow it to continue.  Our system of government is a “three-pronged” system so the powers are divided between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches.  That was designed with purpose and we make a fatal error if we fail to grasp that and if our elected and appointed officials fail to do so.  Our system has what the founders understood as “checks & balances” in which the president has veto power over any bill passed by Congress and then Congress has the ability to override his veto with a two-thirds majority.  Checks & Balances!  The Supreme Court can rule on any law or case but Congress can limit its appellate jurisdiction.  The president nominates appointees and Congress can accept or reject them.  Therefore the system was designed to make it difficult to get a bill passed or nominee confirmed without serious vetting and examination and then if deemed in the best interest of the Republic it would pass or they would be confirmed.  Checks & Balances not Gridlock!  Additionally, the founders specifically spelled out what power would be under the purview of the federal government and all other things not specifically spelled out would belong to the states and local municipalities WITHOUT interference from the federal government.  LIMITED GOVERNMENT with a system of Checks & Balances is what we are supposed to, but no longer have.

The federal government seeks more power and control and has totally violated the 10th Amendment so often that it is almost non-existent.  One candidate and party want more of that usurpation and the other is “pro” limiting the federal government.  Each time Congress passes a law or the president enacts a regulation the more control they have over the citizens, cities, and states in direct violation of the constitution UNLESS we grant them that power via a constitutional amendment.  Thus I would argue that what is being called “gridlock” and the lack of “bipartisanship” is a sign that they system the founders sought could work effectively and is doing so limitedly.

BLOG POST 2 - Moral Obligation

That brings me to my affirmation about this year’s presidential election.  I understand that some feel they cannot vote for the Republican presidential candidate on moral grounds and to do so would violate their conscience.  I would never ask anyone to violate their conscience.  Let me explain why I will do whatever to keep Hillary Clinton from becoming the 45th president of the United States of America.  That is included in my previous paragraphs and the fact that I am 100% certain that her administration would be the Obama administration on steroids and the assault on the constitution and our freedoms and liberties would be vicious.  She could and probably would destroy the republic.  Therefore, I believe that it is my moral obligation to STOP HILLARY CLINTON and the only way I see that being possible is by voting Republican in the presidential election.  You may disagree and that is your right as a human being and I will defend your right to do so.  I only ask that you carefully consider what it would do to America for Hillary Clinton to become president.  Do you truly think we can survive?  I do not from a political and constitutional standpoint.  I am a Christian and know that God will protect His people but as has been the case in history and is revealed in Revelation not all will have their lives spared.  Therefore, for the sake of my nation, my conscience, my children, my grandchildren and future generations I will vote Republican in November for president.

God bless you and God bless America!

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