I continue to have Christians and Secularist tell me that I should BE SILENT on matters political as a Christian because it is unallowable Constitutionally and some even suggest morally or ethically.  As you well know, I adamantly disagree based on my interpretation of the teachings of the Bible, the wording of the American Constitution, and the many writings of our Founding Fathers.  I am 100% convinced their purpose was not to prevent Christians, Religion, or the Bible from having any influence or involvement in matters of civil government but to prevent the government from mandating a religion or forming a State Religion.  They sought Freedom of Speech and that included and includes the right of Christians to speak on matters of politics and vice versa.  NO, I do not believe the Church should control the government and mandate it follow any particular religious view nor do I believe the government should control the Church and dictate to it what it can teach and where it can speak.  I do believe there is a clear separation in function not an isolation or banishment of religion from matters political.

Let me ask, realizing that my questions are most basic.  If we see someone in grave danger and we could warn them should we warn them?  If we see a building on fire should we sound the alarm?  If we have a friend about to make a tragic mistake should we sit silent and allow them to do so without proper warning or caution?  If our children were doing things that endangered their lives and livelihood should we sit silently?  If someone says, “I’m going to kill that person” would our silence be construed as consent or should we point out the flaws and wrongness of their actions?  If you have a friend contemplating marital infidelity should you warn of the negatives of that decision?  Would or could your silence be construed as consent by your friend, their spouse, and others who discovered the situation and your action?  I have heard all my life, “Silence is Golden” and “If you cannot say something good, don’t say anything.”  Well, if I know an action is going to bring harm and possible destruction and I cannot say anything good about the plan to carry out the action am I mandated SIT SILENT?  Please don’t do that to me if you see me making that kind of mistake.  SPEAK UP, SPEAK LOUDLY, and SPEAK FORCEFULLY, Please!

Okay, with regard to America as the Constitutional Republic our Founding Father’s established and we have enjoyed for 240 years if we see danger and destruction how can we sit silent?  I do not want to see churches become nothing more than Political Action Committees for candidates but I do want pastors to speak the truth and expose danger while pointing to real solutions.  Is it wrong for pastors to speak about racial discord and point out the spiritual negatives of racism and improper interaction between people?  Is it wrong for pastors to speak about infidelity and warn of the dangers of succumbing to those actions or lifestyles?  Is it wrong for pastors to enumerate and speak against anti-biblical government policies that bring harm to the citizens, fight against the work of God, and bring harm to the entire nation?  Political Correctness and the weapon of the Internal Revenue Service threatening the ‘tax exempt status’ of churches because they dare voice a biblical view that decries a political agenda or policy are dangerous.

In our beginning, as a nation, the Pastors were loud, vocal, and persistent about many matters political because they understood that politics affects life and if we allow unscrupulous men, women, or political agendas to prevail we harm people.  As I see, I must speak, and as I speak, I must pray.  Therefore, I will speak without fear of what man may do to me and ‘warn of dangers’ and point to the only true and real solution, GOD.  In preserving the Republic and our Freedoms it often becomes necessary to speak out against a candidate, policy or political party and that I now do.  The Democrat Nominee for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is a danger to America and will do great damage if not destroy our Rights and Liberties the constitution recognizes and guarantees.  Therefore, I will VOTE AGAINST the Democratic Nominee in November and that means I will cast my ballot for the Republican.  WHY?  In my view, if I allow Hillary to become President and the Leftist to keep the Executive Branch America may be lost forever!

God bless you and God bless America!

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