According to a poll released by USA Today, I am stunned that Hillary Clinton could still be in the race and even leading according to most polls.  If this poll is even remotely accurate, I can only conclude that millions are not voting based on their genuine fears and concerns but along emotional or political party lines.  They are not using reason, connecting the dots, and using any semblance of cognitive judgment in their voting.  If that is the case, we are way up the proverbial creek and the stuff is too thick to paddle in.  WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE!

Let me give you the poll and make a few comments and you can decide for yourself which candidate would best alleviate or address these fears.  I will take the list from the number one to the number ten concerns or fears.

  1. Corruption of Government Officials (Same top fear as 2015) – 60.6%.  Imagine that.  Corruption of government officials and yet Hillary Clinton one of the most corrupt politicians of modern times is still considered the frontrunner in this election.  You cannot attribute or connect Donald Trump to the corruption presently in government because he has not been there.  He has contributed to politicians but he has not been a part of the DC Corruption but Hillary has!
  2. Terrorist Attacks – 41%.  Now, I ask which candidate has a more definitive approach to dealing with terrorism?  Hillary Clinton was part of the Obama administration that largely created the vacuum from which ISIS originated.  They weak-willed and pussy footing around the issue of Islamic Terrorism not Donald Trump’s comments has facilitated, emboldened, and often empowered terrorist.  The Iran deal has funneled huge sums that are going directly to terrorist organizations.  So, again, how are people still considering Hillary?
  3. Not Having Enough Money for the Future – 39.9%.  Amazing, Hillary wants to continue the War on Fossil Fuels, continue and increase stifling government regulations, push forward with the TPP a bad trade agreement, continue Obamacare, and increase Taxes.  That would cripple the economy and push millions more into the unemployment lines.  Trump, on the other hand, has expressed a desire to lower taxes, reduce stifling regulations, repeal Obamacare, and redo the TPP and other bad trade deals.  Yet, Hillary is still being seriously considered for President.
  4. Being a Victim of Terror – 38.5%.  How can that be, since millions are going to vote for Hillary who, along with Barack Obama tell us that the massive influx of refugees largely unvetted, an open border, and an unwillingness to address the issue.  Can’t figure that one out either.
  5. Government Restrictions on Firearms and Ammunition – 38.5%.  This is a slam dunk.  Hillary is on the record wanting more and more gun control even though she claims to be strongly in favor of the 2nd Amendment.  Her record and rhetoric do not match.  How could anyone, wanting to preserve the 2nd Amendment cast a ballot for her?  Impossible to comprehend.
  6. People I Love Dying – 38.1%.  Other than Obamacare’s impact this is not something that either candidate can alleviate.
  7. Economic or Financial Collapse – 37.5%.  If you believe in the failed policies of the Democrats that involve higher taxes and more spending, then Hillary is your Huckleberry.  However, if you understand basic economics and factual history you know that by lowering taxes across the board the economy gains impetus and becomes stronger.  Only one choice in this category and it is not Hillary.
  8. Identity Theft – 37.1%.  Hello, Life Lock.  This is a genuine concern and with Obama’s giving our control of the Internet and Hillary’s agreement and complicity, how is this not a NEVER HILLARY issue?
  9. People I Love Becoming Seriously Ill – 35.9%.  Again, other than the impact of Obamacare this is not something that either politician can address.  It is part of life.
  10. The Affordable Health Care Act – Obamacare – 35.5%.  That alone should guarantee that Hillary Clinton never becomes President.  She will not only expand Obamacare but transform it into a Single Payer System.  She said as much in the 2nd debate when she alluded to Medicare as being Single Payer.  She said, “And it is working pretty good.”  Actually, it isn’t and with the expansion of Medicaid in conjunction to Obamacare, we are burying ourselves in red tape and a cost factor we can no longer calculate.  Yet, millions will pull the lever for Hillary Clinton in November.  The very person who will guaranteed your fears are realized.  HOW CAN THAT BE?


Therefore, I reiterate what I said in the beginning.  If these concerns are factual and this poll is even remotely accurate, people are voting with a blind loyalty that is illogical and irrational.  They are voting based on the rhetoric, spin, and manipulation by the Media, the Leftist, Liberals, Progressives, and finding willing partners in the Republican Establishment.  America is being sold down the river because politicians want power and have no concern for America.  God help us if we cannot somehow communicate these realities to the voters.  Mr. Trump, please focus on what you will do to CHANGE what is wrong and resist the tendency to get into Twitter Wars the left continually tries to bait you with.  ARTICULATE YOUR POSITION and you can win.  I am convinced if you would or could do that, you would see a Reagan type victory because AMERICANS ARE FED UP WITH POLITICS and POLITICIANS.   This is America we are fighting for!

God help us wake up and step up.  God bless you and God bless America again is my prayer and desire!

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