Things do not always go as planned but when it comes to Barack Obama’s presidency, I’m not sure that he has not succeeded in advancing his core ideology.  However, if we were grading his administration in its contribution to America’s advancement and Constitutional integrity we would give him a failing grade.  I’m sure he would assess his 8 years in office as a rousing success.  Perception is not truly a reality in a factual sense but becomes reality to those willing to accept the rhetoric and spin presented.  Facts are often inconsequential and unimportant and perception is of paramount importance. 

In the State of the Union address in 2016, Mr. Obama stated that one of his chief initiatives was to “Secure the Paris climate agreement.”  That was not submitted to Congress as a treaty and can be ignored by the incoming President, Donald J. Trump.  He also sought to achieve his “Iran nuclear deal.”  This was another example where Mr. Obama viewed his powers as that of a dictator and omnipotent ignoring the requirement to submit it as a treaty to Congress.  It opened the door for Iran to proceed unimpeded to nuclear proliferation.  Iran has violated the accord on numerous occasions and did so from the beginning. This opens the door for the new administration to either rip it to shreds or resubmit it to Congress where it would almost assuredly be rejected.  Either way, it should be a dead deal that was a very bad deal.

One of the items that Mr. Trump highlighted in the campaign was the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” which Mr. Obama has called one of his signature accomplishments.  Even Hillary Clinton was forced to acknowledge that it was a bad deal and has almost no true support in Congress or the public.  Another of his initiatives that can only be deemed a failure.  Mr. Obama virtually ignored precedent, history, Congress, and the American people in his “Reopening Cuba” and ignoring the incredible atrocities in human rights of the Castro Regime.  He has proclaimed that ISIS or ISIL was nothing more than the Junior Varsity, was being destroyed, dismantled, and contained.  WRONG AGAIN and the Grade we, must give you sir is an “F”! 

He will be remembered for his unwise actions regarding Afghanistan and Iraq that has produced more instability in the region and emboldened the terrorist.  His desire and attempts to “Close Guantanamo Bay” has repatriated terrorist leaders who have reentered the fight to bring havoc to the world and has killed Americans.  He thinks he has “Rebalanced the Asia-Pacific Region” but rather than rebalancing he has opened the door for China’s continued expansionism and aggression.  His record regarding “Cybersecurity” reveal abysmal failures one after the other and we are highly exposed to an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) by the terrorist or an adversarial foreign government and the power grid, electronics, transportation, and much more would come to a screeching halt and America would be dangerously exposed to attack.  HE HAS FAILED on virtually every front and if the next President, Donald J. Trump, and the Republicans do not take definitive actions to REPEAL many if not most of his policies and RESTORE the Republic to a Constitutional Status we are in real trouble in America.  I would predict, trouble that we will never dig our way out of.  BUT, WE CAN CHANGE THIS DIRECTION!

It is my view and that of many who are far more astute on these matters than I that Mr. Obama’s 2nd Term has been a colossal failure.  However, my view of failure and his view of success are assuredly not the same.  I am quite sure that the Progressives, Liberals, Socialist, Globalist, and haters of America view his two terms as roaring successes.  They would likely lament that he did not or was not able to go far enough in his ‘fundamental transformation’ of America. Those of us who are lovers of Freedom value the American Constitution, and desire to see limited government and a return to Constitutional Republicanism view him as a failure.  He advanced no policies that bettered America.  He has not strengthened our Constitution but has weakened our ability to enjoy our inalienable rights.  He has fanned the flames of racial discord, created a greater chasm with regard to class envy, and advanced political correctness to a position that it is destroying this nation.  HE HAS FAILED THE REPUBLIC but SUCCEEDED in advancing his ideological agenda.  That is good for the terrorist, the progressives, the globalist, and our enemies and bad for America as the Free Constitutional Republic.  I PRAY THAT WE SEE CHANGE that is Pro-America in the next four years!

 God, bless you and God bless America!


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