Before anyone lashes out at me over the Trump Slogan, can we stop and think about where we have been for several years politically and economically?  Are we better off now than we were during the eight years of Barack Obama?  I don’t know how anyone can answer that in the negative, but some still discount everything or ignore every success that this administration has enjoyed or produced in two very short years.

President Trump, unlike any former president, has endured what has virtually been a 24/7/365 assault on his person, character, and legitimacy.  His family has been attacked viciously.  He has endured more scrutiny from Congress, the Courts, the Media, and the opposing Party than any president I can recall.  He has doggedly focused on his agenda and even in the face of their incessant diatribe and rhetoric with the unfounded and unverifiable allegations, he has continued to do things that are good for America economically.  He has taken a firm stand against terrorism and for securing our borders.  He has sought to bring the Trade Balance into a more equitable position and demonstrated the resolve to guarantee that the world knows we will no longer be a doormat.  That is paying dividends that he gets little credit for.

If he uses tear gas at the border he is a villain, but when Obama did the same there was not a peep of opposition reported in the media.  If he stands up to the members of NATO and insists they are not but should be paying their fair share, he is shredding our relationships with our friends by saying, “America first.”  However, those nations are all devotedly committed to their nations first.  His predecessor went on a world tour apologizing for our success and supposed arrogance.  Mr. Obama decried American Exceptionalism and spoke as though it were a bad thing.  American Exceptionalism is one of the factors that enabled this nation to become the world leader and bastion of opportunity it has been for centuries.

President Trump has modified Teddy Roosevelt’s edict to “walk softly but carry a big stick” to “calling things as he sees them and carrying a big stick.”  The MSM and Democrats call him a bully and tyrant for doing so.  When Obama and Hillary cozied up to Putin and Russian they were, in the eyes of the Media, simply trying to find a way to work with them.  But when Trump speaks nice, to the Russians he is colluding and when he speaks harshly to them he is plunging us into war.  He cannot win, no matter what he does.  Someone said that if President Trump were to declare Thursday breathing day, the Democrats would all be dead by Friday because they would seek to stop breathing in opposition and protest.

Recently, the threat of tariffs on China and Trump’s negotiations produced a concession from the Chinese Government to buy, “a substantial amount of agricultural, energy, industrial, and other products from the United States to reduce the trade imbalance between the two nations.”  That is good for American farmers and America.  This is to begin immediately and has opened the door to renewed negotiations on structural changes with respect to forced technology transfer, intellectual property protection, non-tariff barriers, cyber intrusions, and cyber theft, as well as services and agriculture.  How is that not good?  How is that not beneficial?  How is that not better than the nothing that former president Obama did?

Economically, our Gross Domestic Product continues to grow above 3% a ceiling that the previous administration insisted was a thing of the past and unreachable.  Consumer confidence has increased to the highest level it has been in almost two decades.  President Trump cut 67 Obama-era regulations that were stifling business and economic growth and added only 3 new rules.  His actions have saved over $8 billion in lifetime net regulatory costs.  How is that not good and praiseworthy?

The judicial appointments on the federal courts including the Supreme Court of constitutionalist give America a silver lining to look to in the days and years to come.  The national unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in almost 50 years.  He has worked out beneficial trade agreements with China, South Korea, and Vietnam that are encouraging.  Energy costs are down because of the reduction in the stranglehold of the Obama administration and the future looks bright for our achieving the brass ring of total energy independence.

He withdrew from the disastrous trade agreements such as NAFTA and renegotiated new deals and got us out of the terrible and costly Paris Climate Change Agreement as well as blowing up (figuratively) the Iran Nuke deal.  President Trump has not achieved all he promised or purposed to do but he has done much that is Good for America!  He could have achieved more, and the Republicans would likely have held the House in the mid-term elections had the Republican Congress gotten behind his agenda and kept their promises to the voters.  We can reclaim the lost ground in 2020 but only if they have learned their lesson and get with the program.

America has been Great and, in many ways still is.  I contend that America is arguably the greatest country in the world.  She was heading toward disaster on many fronts but thankfully in 2016 enough Americans had awakened and voted to prevent the planned destruction of “fundamental transformation” advanced by the previous administration.  I shudder to think of where we would be economically had Hillary been elected.  I believe that our borders would have been virtually if not literally erased, our constitution shredded, and our national security would be on holiday had she won.  She didn’t, and we must ensure that no one of her ilk is ever allowed to occupy the White House again.

America, we have a big hill to climb and even as caustic as this president can be, he is doing good for America.  He can be abrasive, his moral fiber questioned, his ability to be ruthless despised but if you are honest you know he has been what we needed in America.  I often wish he could or would be less caustic but that is who he is, and it just may be that no other approach would have stopped the toxic liberal destruction facing us.  I am praying for our president and hope that you pray for him and America.  We can retake the Hill of Greatness again and see America restored to the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers fought and died to give us.

Call me a Trump apologist if you like, but I try to be objective in my view of politics.  I do not have blinders on when I look at this President or any President.  He has flaws and will make mistakes, all have, all do, and all will, including you, and me.   Hopefully, all of us want to see America become that which our Founding Fathers envisioned and we have tasted, “One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

God bless you and God bless America!

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