I believe that Professional and Politician would be a conflict of terms to our Founding Fathers and the Framers of the American Constitution.  I will offer some quotes from various Founding Fathers hopefully adding credence and validity to my argument.

In 1782, Benjamin Franklin spoke of the differences between America and the statist bureaucracies of Europe. Unlike Europe, there were few political offices in America. None of them was profitable enough to be attractive to men of greed. In fact, all politicians were expected to earn their own living in the private sector. Political office was to be chosen not for profit but for the purpose of sacrificial service.

Franklin asserted, in his own very un-PC way: “Industry and constant employment are great preservatives of the morals and virtue of a nation. Hence bad examples to youth are more rare in America, which must be a comfortable consideration to parents.”

According to Dr. Foster, Franklin’s “industry and constant employment” have been misdirected by a professional political class that systematically ignores the limitations imposed upon them by God and the Constitution:

“Most Americans do not know that their public servants actually live in a different world and under different laws than they do. Federal and state public employees have their own pension plans and health care that guarantees each person hundreds of thousands of dollars in their retirement. Recent studies reveal that public salaries are nearly double that of the private sector for comparable jobs. And because of public employee unions, these millions of bureaucrats are promised life-long job security and retirement by age 50-something. On the other hand, private citizens, by the age of 65 receive a pittance of their contribution to Social Security, virtually no pensions, and Medicare which is nearly bankrupt.”

Sadly, today it is so lucrative to hold a political position that multiplied millions are spent for an office that supposedly pays $100-200 grand or so per year.  Yet, those that go to Washington may be of meager substance financially but leave there with portfolios in the millions.  The Founders made it clear repeatedly that they wanted no person regardless of qualifications to become a Permanent Fixture in Public Service. 

George Washington could have been King but his desire to see the Free Republic was greater than any ego that he might have possessed so he refused and refused to serve more than two terms in office.  I believe that is a very good standard regarding our politicians.  If we the people would hold politicians to that standard and regularly send fresh new blood to Washington, I am convinced that it would a couple of elections to break the grip of the Power Mongers.  They would begin to lose their grip on our throats, and we might, and I do say might be able to finally elect people that truly were public servants rather than people who view us as their servants! 

That leads me to the question “What would the Founders say about our current political state?”  What would they say about how Washington, DC operates today?  I am quite certain they would be more than a little upset.  I believe they would be vocal in exposing the fallacies of our current mode of operation and oppose the complete disregard for the Constitution. 

I can say that because of their laborious efforts to ensure that the Federal Government was limited in scope.  That is quite unlike today where it has its tentacles in every facet of life and business.  They wanted a Federal Government that could be questioned by the people, balanced but today we have a monstrosity that considers itself as all authoritative in all matters. 

            I am convinced that they were unable to conceive of a situation where Congress would pass the mind-boggling amount of legislation with little to no serious deliberation as takes place.  The Federal Government in the guise of regulations now has so many regulatory agencies that few, even in Washington, know how many there are or how they operate, overlap, or the extent of their control over the American public.  Sadly, the voting public is so “ill-informed” about what is going on that few take the time to research what is happening.  It is impossible to depend on the national news media to accurately or truthfully report the activities. 

Additionally, few of the elected officials dare make known to their constituents what is actually happening because they know that the public outcry would be so loud that it would be heard from Texas to Washington, and from coast to coast. The massive replacement of them and their counterparts would be historic.

Former President Obama flooded the system with Czars who were not required to undergo the rigorous process of vetting and confirmation by the Senate.  Some of them had more power than any established governmental agency.  They proceeded to run rough-shod over the Constitution and the clearly expressed desire of the majority of American citizens.  He did so with little opposition in Congress.  He and the Left virtually controlling the judiciary and had the full support and backing of the powerful PACs and Unions.

The Founders and Framers offered us a Republic but warned us that we would have to do our due diligence to keep it.  Over the past 50 to 100 years we have been incredibly lazy, ill-informed, and disinterested.  We have slept and allowed a slow erosion and evolution of the Founder’s Republican Democracy to become at best an Oligarchy and at worst a Soft Tyrannical Government.  We plunged headlong rapidly toward something even worse. 

Therefore, our failure to become adequately involved, informed, and engaged may have cost us the Republic.  I cannot stress how important I believe it is for each of us to become deeply committed to prayer, learning what is happening, and invest our time and if possible, money in the arduous task of reclaiming America! 

I pray that it is not too late and that we will awaken from our slumber and stop being hypnotized by the utopian fantasy being promised and see the deception for what it is.  Our Freedom is at stake, are we up to the task of Reclaiming the Republic?

God bless you and God bless America!

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