Would Big Tech Try to Manipulate People’s Thoughts??? Surely Not, Right?

Surely not, right?  After all, we are a Free Constitutional Republic with a 1st Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech, which includes the ability and freedom to think.  We may think rightly or wrongly but the constitution mandates that we be allowed to exercise that God-given ability.  The unfortunate reality is countless numbers never utilize that ability and seem to have lost the skill of cognitive reason.  We have become a society of ‘non-thinkers’ and ‘sheep.’  That is frightening!

I discovered some information produced by an Oxford University-trained artificial intelligence (A.I.) expert if there is such a thing.  His name is Justin Lane and he is described as a man that has zero tolerance for fluffy theories and rhetoric.  He has researched the field of cognition, both human and artificial, as well as religion and conflict.  That is a broad spectrum, but his research and postulations are very interesting.

Many of us have been leery of Big Brother’s all-seeing eye and the intrusion and usage of artificial intelligence to manipulate many things including human behavior.  Mr. Lane did some very interesting fieldwork in Northern Ireland studying the Irish Republican Army and the Ulster Defence Association up close.  He applied his humanities research to AI programming and agent-based computer simulations. 

A side note that I found a bit funny was that he entered the undergraduate program in Baltimore, Maryland as a Green Party liberal.  He emerged from England’s ivory towers as a 2nd Amendment advocate.  That is nothing short of amazing!  He self-describes himself as a political moderate with a ‘libertarian flavor.’  He insists that the tech world is simply a series of complex tools that used properly can produce good.  That is the fly in the ointment, ‘used properly.’  When did any of the nefarious wannabe totalitarians desire to use properly and righteously anything? 

Vehicles or elements of the tech world such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the myriad of analytics companies aggregate massive amounts of data on users.  That is what we call, ‘Big Data.’  What is it for?  Who knows the ultimate design, but we do know that they are looking at mass data, looking for patterns!  Much of that is driven by the bottom line of manipulating and advancing sales, but it has branched out into the dark side of politics and the control of human behavior.

If it were simply mass data with no personal identification, it would not be such a terrifying concern, but it is not.  Instilled in that data there exists the individual granularity.  They can, have, and are using the information for nefarious purposes.  The prospect of it being used to target individuals is massive.  The dangers under a totalitarian authoritarian Gestapo are beyond the pale.  When those in control of the data demonstrate they are devoid of any ethical mooring, we should all be deeply concerned.

If you examine China, Joe Biden’s, “not so bad folks” and how they operate you realize we are just a click away from the same condition.  Under the Chinese Communist rule, if someone says something negative about the government, their credit score goes down and their lives are in jeopardy.  They do not look at the aggregate, they are demonstrating what Big Tech and the would-be dictators in America desire, “On such and such day you said something critical of the government, therefore you cannot buy that bus ticket, or get that job.”  Call me an alarmist if you please, but it is happening in China and other parts of the world and I believe it is being implemented in 2021 America. 

When people are more concerned about how much they are paid per click rather than the dystopic hell being created, we provide an easy path for them to do their dirty deeds.  We are being manipulated through the TV, radio, Internet, and other means of information publication.  There is passive and aggressive manipulation transpiring and most are asleep at the switch, thinking, “Well it has not affected me.”  I would say, “You should add YET to that sentence.”  However, I believe it has affected each of us even if we are unaware.

The A.I. Police are watching our speech on social media platforms.  Mr. Lane suggested that over 90% of the initial flags for offensive content are done algorithmically, through artificial intelligence systems.  The human reviewers are self-training the AI based on the content flagged. 

I believe it is provable, but let me offer it as a theory, that conservatives, constitutionalists, and Christians are being censored more than the followers of toxic liberalism, political correctness, woke-ness, and the cancel culture.  The bias in censorship is not totally related to the political but that garners the lion’s share of the flags. 

Facebook is known to use tens of millions of ‘user reports’ to flag content that offends them and thereby train their algorithms accordingly.  I suggest that it is time that conservatives, constitutionalists, and Christians play the same game as the followers of toxic liberalism.  We need to report content that we deem offensive and thereby impact their algorithm training.  If we sit silent, the only reports of offensive material come from the Left and we become the prime and sole targets.  Will that work?  I don’t know, but it is worth a try!

I believe that mediums like Facebook hide things they know would be offensive to conservatives, constitutionalists, and Christians.  Why?  So that we will not report those things and thereby put a monkey wrench in the algorithms they are using to harm and silence us. 

I find it interesting that in the United Kingdom it is illegal for citizens to own guns yet there were thousands killed by guns and bombs in the past few years.  What does that suggest?  In my view, it says that human nature is much more a factor than man-made law.  The Heart is the issue and the Heart will only be changed by God not man’s laws or edicts. 

If you research the percentages of political speakers on the campuses of some of our major universities, you find that over 90% are liberal. Those Universities do not promote critical thinking.  Heaven forbid, critical thinking is anathema to the Leftists’ ideological agenda.  The less we think the better they are able to advance their agenda and sell us their distorted view of reality.    When a professor can make comments that can only be construed as racist and transphobic and be heralded as an example of Woke-ness to be followed, you see the problem.  If you call them out, you are called every dirty name in the dictionary.  Well, start calling me names, because I am willing to call you out!

I think, therefore I am a danger to the agenda of the totalitarian globalist dominance being pursued.  I and people like me who are willing to warn when we see danger will soon be silenced if not eradicated if this continues.  America, only you through prayer and committed effort can stop this, will you? 

God bless you and God bless America!

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