I have contended for a long time that our most basic problem in America is not political, social, economic, or any of the other issues that we deem to be numero uno on the list of problems.  I have contended that America is being lost, not simply because of politics, interpersonal relationships, economic policies, or even the infringement upon our inalienable and constitutional rights.  They are all factors and extremely serious.  I am not diminishing those issues and reject them resoundingly.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I am a Christian, an American, a Patriot, and a lover of Freedom. 

In my study of world history and the civilizations that have existed and my study of the Bible, I am convinced that many of the things that happened to ancient Israel are happening in America.  The same warnings were given by God, the same pattern of disobedience and rejection of God or bringing us to the precipice of destruction.  I do not expect everyone to embrace that idea, but it is what I see and believe.  I only ask that you allow me to present some possibilities and then you prayerfully and intelligently decide.

I was stunned when I discovered something that took place at the end of Barack Hussein Obama’s administration. It was an action that suggests Idol Worship not only exists in America, it is endorsed and supported by some powerful political figures.  If that is true, then we are facing an impending judgment that could, as with ancient Israel, result in the dismantling of America as America.  It could mean that our system of government, our liberties and freedoms stripped from us and we find ourselves spiraling into the abyss of destruction.  I pray that I am either wrong or America will awaken, repent, and return to her founding precepts and moral foundations before it is too late.

Based on a number of things that have transpired in America and something that transpired in 2016, I question if America has shifted from a Christian stance into an idolatrous one.  I see signs that suggest that Baal worship is rising in America, especially among the elite, politically powerful, activists, and some religious leaders.  The god that I see being brought to the fore and positioned to become the god of the land is the supreme god worshipped in ancient Canaan and Phoenicia – Baal. 

Baal worship was one of the idolatrous practices that God condemned by name.  I see the signs, but also believe that few in America have an elementary understanding of what Baal represented.  Let me offer this tidbit regarding who Baal was and what worship of that false god represented. 

Baal was the god of power, fertility, prosperity, and sexual immorality.  When Israel turned away from Jehovah God, the Living God.  Baal was a god to whom they offered their children as sacrifices. They would place their infants in the hands of the idol and then roll them into the fire.  Ancient Israel offered up thousands of their children to that evil god.  America is turning to the spirit of Baal and turned to the god of prosperity, power, apostasy, and sexual immorality.  We have offered up children to the god of self-indulgence self-obsession and convenience (Baal) by the millions through abortion.

It is one thing for me or anyone to suggest that America is turning to Baal and idolatry but another if there are concrete visible signs that testify to that reality.  Could the sign of Baal come to America?  Is it possible that the sign of Baal could be erected with official endorsement in America?  If so, then my contention has substance and weight.

In the Fall of 2016, in New York City, there was the unveiling of the Arch of Baal. It was done with Middle Eastern music playing in the background and leaders of that city praising the reproduction of the Arch of Baal.  This arch in the Middle East led the worshippers of Baal into the Temple of Baal. 

I find it interesting that this would transpire in New York City, but closer examination reveals that New York City is the center of abortion in America.  It is where that activity was launched in its greatest measure.  New York City is also the financial capital of America.  I ask that you consider the Bull on Wall Street and study its connotation in Scripture.

In the 2016 election we, for the first time, had abortion as an issue on the ballot. It was seen in the stark contrast of the two major political candidates for president.  Hillary Clinton has long been deemed the champion for abortion and praised by Planned Parenthood.  Donald Trump stood on the opposite side of that issue. 

Through the years, the Democratic Party has moved farther and farther to the Left and away from God and our basic traditional and moral foundations.  They booed God at their convention in previous years, and in 2016 literally celebrated abortion at their national convention.  They vowed to obliterate every hindrance to abortion and abortion on demand in America.  They championed infanticide and the murder of unborn innocent children arguing that it was about women’s health and a woman’s right to choose.  What about that baby’s right to life and to choose to live?

We are in a spiritual war and unless we realize what is happening and fight with God’s spiritual weapons, we will lose the republic.  Before the mid-term elections in 2018 during the confirmation hearings for a supreme court justice, they erected the Arch of Baal in Washington, DC.  That was set up on September 26, 2018, or one day before the hearings for the SCOTUS confirmation.

What happens in a nation’s temple, and the Capitol has been called America’s Temple, is important!  In the ancient temple of Baal and pagan temples, prayers were offered to their pagan gods.  In America, traditionally prayer is offered to the God of the Bible in our Capitol but in 2021 something transpired that made my skin crawl and alarm bells began ringing in my spirit like never before.  I heard the warnings being cried in the heavens and realized that almost no one was paying attention. 

On January 4, 2021, the inaugural of the new congress a prayer was offered. That prayer was different than any previous prayers.  The prayer was offered by Representative Emanuel Cleaver. He offered his prayer and lifted up America to the Hindu god Brahma.  This Representative is a pastor and his prayer was: “The god who created the world and everything in it: Bless us and keep us may the lord make his face to shine upon us and be gracious unto us. May the lord lift up the light of his countenance upon us and give us peace, peace in our families, peace across this land, and dare I ask o lord, peace even in this chamber. Now and evermore, we ask it in the name of the monotheistic god brahma and god known by many names by many different faiths.” He not only concluded his prayer is Amen and a-woman.

We have legislation and executive orders being issued that are anti-biblical and are direct threats to our freedoms including our religious freedoms.  The escalation of the radical agenda of the followers of toxic liberalism coupled with things like I have alluded screams to me that America is in deep trouble. 

Before the 2020 Election, I heard in my spirit while praying, “This election is up to you.”  I questioned that and said, “Up to me?”  I heard, “Up to the believers, the church, the followers of Christ.”  You may believe that what transpired was what was needed in America.  I believe that what transpired intensified the push to pull America away from her moral, religious, and foundational moorings and into idolatry.  We can recover but only if we Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and follow the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14. I believe that the outcome is in our hands.  It is in God’s hands, but God will either directly or indirectly judge America or bless us if we repent and return. 

America, it is our decision!  The problem is not political but spiritual.  It is a matter of the hearts of people.  It is time that the church, the believers, and all lovers of freedom proclaim God’s Truth and Return to God.  I thank Jonathan Cahn for helping me glean some of this information.

God bless you and God bless America!

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