AMERICA, AMERICA, I Would Have Saved You…

Those who truly know me, know that everything I think about life is rooted in my understanding of God’s Word.  I base my entire life on the Word of God and the precepts taught therein.  We may disagree about what God’s Word says.  We may disagree politically, environmentally, economically, socially, and religiously.  We may, but that will not alter the fact that God is the God of All Creation!  He is the sovereign Lord of the universe!  He is the Creator and owner of everything!  That will not change with my endorsing or reject it.

Now that I have potentially alienated some and sufficiently pushed their hot button let me proceed regarding the condition in America.  The condition of the nation, in my view, is directly connected to our relationship with God and His Word.  The condition of the nation is directly related to the condition of the Body of Christ in the world today.  I would and possibly should say, the organized church not the Body of Christ.  I don’t want to engage in doctrinal or theological hair-splitting but want to relate a prophecy from the Old Testament to Israel to the condition in America.  I want to connect some dots in current events and make an impassioned plea to all who will hear and desire to restore the republic.

The prophecy to which I refer is that given to Ezekiel 13.  I believe that if you will read the entire prophecy and carefully examine it, you too will see some similarities and connecting of the dots.  The prophet was instructed to prophesy against the prophets who were offering words concocted from their own wishes, wants, desires, and imaginations.  They were not pointing the people back to God but giving false hope.  They were crying aloud, “Peace, where there was no peace.”   They were denying the moral and spiritual problems and thereby leading people down a primrose path to destruction.

The word to Ezekiel is fascinating.  He says that their efforts are like building flimsy walls that cannot withstand pressure or the elements.  In order to hide the weakness of their efforts they ‘whitewash’ the walls.  I see something similar in today’s America where religious and political leaders are proclaiming that America’s problems are only superficial.  They are denying the clear directives of the Bible and pursuing ideologies of convenience and personal gratification rather than repentance.

God said that He was going to unleash the elements against the flimsy whitewashed walls, and they would crumble.  If that can be related to America it is not a good word but a word of warning.  It is not saying that where we are in America is another round of the cyclical politics that we have witnessed for decades and generations.  It would be a warning that unless we return to our moral foundations, we will witness the walls of protection destroyed and then the republic will be overrun and destroyed.

The prophet’s words reveal that the people were pursuing pleasure and seeking everything but God.  They were calling evil good and good evil.  They were protecting that which should not be protected and leaving unprotected that which should be protected.  They were aligning themselves in opposition to the precepts that had made them the greatest nation of their time.  They were engaging in practices that demanded the divine protection of God be removed and the judgment of God to come.  I see that in America today. 

In the current administration, there are so many things being pursued that remind me of ancient Israel.  We have politicians on the Left insisting that requiring proper identification to vote is somehow suppression of voting and racist.  However, to get into their conventions and to receive their entitlements identification is required.  That would suggest that their position on Voter ID is hypocritical and an example of planned fraud and corruption.  They insist they are fighting for Democracy but forget that we are a Representative Democracy or a Republic.  Everyone who desires honest elections should favor a process by which every voter is identified as legitimate and only one vote per person is cast. 

This current administration is passionately seeking to force citizens to comply with their myriad of mandates.  The man in the White House declared, “In America, if you lose (an election), you accept the results.”  Imagine that!  At that very time, Texas Democrats were fleeing the state to prevent any legislation on voting.  The very party that claims to be fighting for the rights of the voters has advanced proposed legislation and executive edicts to curb freedom of speech, religion, and to gain total control of the information highway.  They use propaganda and their media allies to attempt to shut down debates and eliminate all political opposition.

Tyrants have, through the centuries, used the theoretical welfare of the people as their alibi for the heinous acts and draconian impositions they pursue.  The French philosopher Camus said, “The welfare of the people, in particular, has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.”  Deception and believing a lie enable people to pursue their own destruction feeling good and holier than thou.

Our founding fathers and the framers of the American Constitution believed in and sought for a government of, by, and for the people.  The Left and godless of today have no desire for such a government.  The Left does not trust the very people who elected them.  They desire to control and prefer that people not be exposed to the truths of God’s Word with regard to interpersonal relationships and moral values. 

I will not get into an argument on being or not being vaccinated.  I see that as a personal choice and hopefully, everyone has made their choice in an informed manner, using factual data, not hyperbole or propaganda.  You can get seemingly valid information from both sides on Google. There are scientist and doctors on both sides of this issue countering each other. That reinforces my conviction that it must be a heart issue and I must seek the direction of God for me, not for anyone else, but for me!

The threat to go ‘door to door’ is an infringement on so many of our inalienable rights it is deeply troubling.  It is doubly troubling when there is not effort or plan to use the same mandate on the illegals flooding into our country.  All this should trouble those who support the vaccine and those who do not.  If they can do this and can identify everyone who has or has not been vaccinated what next? 

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra declared that it is “absolutely the government’s business” to know who has and has not been vaccinated.  That smacks with a totalitarian mindset and exhibits the depth or height to which Statism has reached.  It suggests that the interests of the government are superior to the people’s idea of their own needs or interests.  I am convinced that the Left believes that the term ‘democracy’ means placing power in the hands of the purveyors of the toxic liberal progressive agenda.  I am persuaded they believe, that if there is a conflict then the government is empowered if not mandated to exercise totalitarian power and squash all dissent.

We are building flimsy walls in the supposed effort to build and protect America.  Walls that are not established on factual data, biblical principles, or morality.  We are rapidly becoming a people who serve the god of self-interest and the proverbial question looms large, “What’s in it for me?”  When an administration openly appoints people or takes positions that are aggressively anti-American the walls of protection are nothing more than whitewashed pretenses and cannot survive. 

I hope that everyone will open their hearts and eyes and see the moral condition of our nation.  I hope that everyone will make it a personal objective to allow the Golden Rule to become part of our interpersonal relationships.  I hope that everyone will research American history and our founding and realize that our founders recognized the importance of God’s providence, smile, and the value of His word.  If we return to God, He will return to us.  America has hope but only as a nation that will become One, Under God!

God bless you and God bless America!

2 comments on “AMERICA, AMERICA, I Would Have Saved You…

  1. amen sir good word and right on it

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