When I hear a politician say that they have a mandate from the voters to do this or that, I shudder.  My observation has been that the so-called mandates the politicians envision as being demanded by the voters are nothing more than an excuse to do what they desire.  I am convinced that those with an insatiable thirst for power and control believe that every time they are elected or allowed to do their deeds, they have a justification for their actions.

I do not believe they care whether we truly want what they are doing or not but use our permissiveness to pursue their agenda.  It is my observation that bad actors in both major political parties are in bed with the idea of domination.  They use buzz words that sound saintly and righteous.  They present verbiage that sounds caring and compassionate but inside the vileness of their hearts direct their actions.  They plan evil on their beds and pursue their prime objective of Control and Dominance.

We hear words like ‘equity’ and ‘equality’ bandied about and the crowds listening to the diatribe and rhetoric shout like those at an old-fashioned tent revival attendee.  The giddiness of the proponents of ‘leveling the playing field’ by governmental mandate seems to be infectious among those not willing to investigate the facts and use cognitive reason. 

Joe Biden has repeatedly insisted that he and they have a mandate to do things that even when their own polls indicate the majority do not desire what they are pursuing.  A mandate?  A mandate of the mind is not a mandate of the people!  At a time when I thought nothing could surprise me, I continue to be surprised by the duplicity and complicity of politicians of both major parties in seeking the fictitious ‘level playing field’.  I guess they believe the absurd claims that if the government were to ban guns the criminals would turn theirs in.

I don’t know if it is out of guilt or driven by a misguided view of humanity and our individualism, but they seek to make law things that will further widen the gap and squash creativity and incentive.  We are all equal in creation, but we are not all equal in talent, intelligence, ability, or drive.  We are individuals who working collectively can and do produce some amazing things as the past 50 years have evidenced in advances in every sector of life and industry.

I am surprised when I read the list of bipartisan legislators supporting the EQUAL Act (Eliminating a Quantifiably Unjust Application of the Law).  This seeks to abolish all remaining sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine.  On the surface that sounds good. 

On June 22 the Acting Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, Regina LaBelle testified before the Senate. She declared, “The Biden-Harris Administration strongly supports eliminating the current disparity in sentencing between crack cocaine and powder cocaine.  The current disparity is not based on evidence yet has caused significant harm for decades, particularly to individuals, families, and communities of color. The continuation of this sentencing disparity is a significant injustice in our legal system, and it is past time for it to end.”  What was missing in her testimony?  There was no mention of the significant harm (i.e., crime, violence, addiction, and death) caused by the use and trafficking of the drugs themselves, then or now. 

In 1986 a bill sponsored by Senator Joe Biden, yep, the current president, called the Anti-Drug Abuse Act was passed.  It was a reaction to the skyrocketing addiction rates among ever-increasing numbers of crack users, mostly in the inner cities and accompanied by incredible violence.  It spread from city to city and was the monetary vehicle of many gangs such as the Bloods and Crips and left a trail of carnage in its wake.

The bill was in response to the demands of African American communities that had been ravaged by drugs and violence.

I am supportive of helping the addicted as much as possible and also staunchly behind incarcerating the dealers.  If that seems to affect any group of people more than another the question must be the level of the activity of dealing drugs.  I do not want any group needlessly targeted but if the crime is committed the enforcement must be in place.  There is evidence that in the 1990s, crack laws helped diminish cocaine use and a reduction in crime.  The data indicates that there was a 40% reduction nationwide and amazingly, 80% in New York City! 

Heather MacDonald dramatically pointed out that due to the reduction in violence associated with the drug trade in that era, “over ten thousand minority males are alive today who would have been killed had the homicide remained at its earlier levels.”  Positive and proactive law enforcement proved to be a benefit to citizens. Today, the push of the Left and the Woke Crowd of Politically Correct Snowflakes is to ‘defund’ the police and let crime be unchecked.  It makes me wonder if the politicians pursuing those edicts are participants in the monetary benefit of the trade.  If not, I have to wonder if they are themselves, users!

This is just one of the many tentacles the federal government is seeking to impose on us and define what is best and good for society.  The drive for political correctness and equality has become an epidemic that is more threatening than the COVID-19 Pandemic.  I am not diminishing the virus for I know people who have perished from it and others who are suffering diminished health as a result. 

Control is the name of the game and at the beginning of the Pandemic we were told that we had to do this and that to ‘flatten the curve’.  Now, they continue to push for a Vaccine Passport to become the Law of the Land.  The amazing ease they gained control, locked down the nation and much of the world is frightening.  The mask argument has raged with vastly differing opinions within the medical and scientific community.  It has divided families and produced enmity between persons who normally would stand shoulder to shoulder on issues. 

The Mandates to stay home, wear a mask, etc. were supposedly temporary and to enable us to ‘flatten the curve’.  But like almost every law passed and mandate enacted by the government nothing is temporary.  Control once obtained is not relinquished without a fight.  They are finding new ways to launch the public into a state of paranoia and through fear or a sense of guilt impose their wills on citizens.  If those seeking to remain relevant and powerful get their way, we will be wearing masks into perpetuity.

I don’t care which side of the issue you stand on masks or the vaccine, I have to wonder, is it in our best interest to have the government determine what we can and cannot do?  Will it stop with masks or vaccines?  They continue to tell us, “It will get worse.”  We know that 56% of Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine.  There are 48% fully vaccinated and in the over 65 population, 79% have been vaccinated.  Yet, we continue to have variants, mutations, and even the vaccinated become infected.

The CDC has reported that it is estimated that 35% of all Americans have been infected over the last year.  They indicated that with the overlap between those previously infected and the vaccinated that 80-90% of Americans either have a natural or vaccination immunity to the Chinese virus.  I do believe they talked about ‘herd immunity’ in the beginning but no longer bring that to the table.

I do not want the virus, nor do I want anyone to contract the disease. But I am concerned that their Mandates are more about Power and Control than protecting the American people.  That applies to attempting to ‘level the playing field’, change sentencing mandates and guidelines for drug crimes and other crimes.  It is across the board.  If Control is the objective rather than protecting or benefiting the citizens, then we the people must become involved in protecting our liberties and freedoms.

Again, I do not believe we can rectify the power problem in politics at the ballot box alone.  I do not believe we can achieve it through a constitutional judiciary alone.  I believe that the only way we turn the tide of destruction is by returning to God and returning to our moral foundations.  If we do not become a people, whose God is the God of the Bible we will see incremental erosions of our liberties and become the proverbial frog in the pan of water.  One day our liberties will be no more!

God bless you and God bless America!

One comment on “MANDATES??

  1. markone1blog says:

    We will soon be hearing Democrat brown shirts (or black shirts, since Antifa and BLM like that color for their standard uniforms) saying: “Your papers, please.”

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