Love me or hate me, that is inconsequential to the truth.  I contend that it is a mystery how anyone could vote for those who are clearly demonstrating their willingness to destroy our system of economics and government.  How anyone could vote for Joe Biden or most of the leftist Democrats in this era is mindboggling based on what they say and what they do. 

Yes, I have some specifics in mind, but those few that I will address are just a drop in the proverbial bucket and the tip of the dangerous iceberg.  I am appalled at those who willingly vote for candidates or a party that are overtly guilty of violating the voters’ core principles.  I say that to Christians who support the proponents of abortion, same-sex marriage, gender blending, and racial discord among other things.  That will get me kicked to the curb, but it is my core conviction that the Bible is Truth and our Standard for Life, Faith, and Practice.

Recently, the often-illogical president, Joe Biden made a nonsensical statement regarding women that is utterly insulting to all women.  He implied on International Women’s Day that women cannot live up to their full God-given potential without unfettered abortion.  Ladies, did you hear that?  Unless you have or can have an abortion you are somehow blocked from reaching your potential.  That is insulting and should have elicited the rage of All Women Everywhere.  Not, the faux women who are men (I use the term loosely).

This president has, in my view, declared war on babies, the unborn in the womb.  He began that prong of his war on America, God, and Freedom in his first weeks in office.  He repealed the Mexico City Policy which barred foreign aid from going to organizations involved with abortion.  He has also created a White House Gender Policy Council.  Among its goals is the promotion of abortion at home and abroad. 

I can only imagine what our Creator, Jehovah God thinks about the worldwide slaughter of 43 million unborn babies per year.  The Holocaust seems small compared to what we are allowing in abortion, many if not most for convince sake, not for any health concerns.  Every time I hear abortion connected to ‘reproductive rights of women’ I want to regurgitate.  All of us have ‘reproductive rights’ and babies have a ‘right to life’ that those now living want the freedom to extinguish with impunity and ease.

Fueled by the championing of the Left, the Supreme Court has been reviewing or will review a case that could determine the fate of Religious Liberty in America.  The case is 303 Creative v. Elenis.  The issue is whether applying a public-accommodation law to compel an artist to speak or stay silent violates the free speech clause of the First Amendment.  Web designer, Lorie Smith, and her studio, 303 Creative are challenging on the grounds that forcing her to violate her religious beliefs is a violation of the First Amendment.  I agree!

Even one of Obama’s economic advisers has debunked the Biden claim that the inflation and potentially hyperinflation is Putin’s fault.  He says, “Nope!  It belongs to Joe Biden!”    Steven Rattner argues that only a small portion of the February numbers reveal that Russia had only a minuscule effect.  He said, “This is Biden’s inflation, and he needs to own it.”  Biden will never take any blame for anything; he never has and never will.

The list of escalation in prices include Hotels +29%, furniture +17.1%, chicken +13.2%, new cars and trucks +12.4%, flooring +11.3%, lunchmeat +11%, dry-cleaning +9.5%, tools +8.7%, baby food +8.4%, full-service restaurants +7.5%, pet supplies +7.5%, toys +6.7% and car repair +6.7%.  That is a short list presenting the reality that the cost of EVERYTHING under Biden has escalated.  He did not list fuel, gas, electricity, etc.  Again, the price of EVERYTHING is skyrocketing and yet people still are willing to vote for their own destruction.  That is a mystery!

Not adding to conspiracy theories, but Biden’s own U.S. Under Secretary of State Victoria J. Nuland recently confirmed what the Biden team denies.  The Biden administration has repeatedly denied any U.S. involvement with chemical weapons labs in Ukraine, but Nuland confirmed their existence in her briefing at the State Department. She said that the administration was concerned that Russia might get ‘those research materials.” 

The U.S. National Academy of Sciences reported in an article in 2005 that then-Senator Barack Hussein Obama negotiated the construction of a level three bio-safety lab in Odessa, Ukraine.  The Interim Central Reference Lab was geared to handle “especially dangerous pathogens.”  Not surprisingly, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby continued to deny their existence or our involvement.  He called it Russian propaganda.  Wait?  The Under Secretary of State is a Russian prop?  Is that what you are saying, Mr. Biden and Mr. Kirby?  I think not! 

In my view, Joe Biden and the Democrats do not care about ‘small-town America.’  I believe one of the strongest pieces of evidence of that was in his shutting down of the Keystone XL pipeline and wrecking our economy.  He revoked the Keystone’s building permit on the first day in office.  That was reckless a dangerous if not diabolical.  It was pandering to the radical climate alarmists and anti-capitalists in his party.  His ‘Build Back Better’ has been anything but better for he has demolished the building rather than doing renovation and is making us homeless in the process.

If electric vehicles were truly the answer, then why do Biden and all the Leftists not immediately go to electric vehicles, ships, tanks, and planes?  They are too costly and inefficient.  Imagine trying to fly an all-electric Air Force One or Helicopter?  To argue in defense, Biden’s mouthpiece, Psaki contended, “Presidents of the United States don’t do a lot of driving.”  That is beyond laughable and incredibly lame, but they issue the propaganda and rhetoric, and their followers absorb it like it was life-giving nectar with magic qualities.

Then we come to our southern border and the literal open-door policy of this administration.  I agree with those who call this debacle treasonous not simply incompetence.  I do not consider it hyperbole but a painful reality.  I believe that the border breakdown is by design, not incompetence.  Incompetence is involved in everything this administration has done, but it extends far beyond incompetence.  Therefore, I believe the use of the incredibly strong charge of treason is apropos.  A nation without borders is not a sovereign nation. 

The Left desires to have such an influx of new voters to solidify their hold on political power, they are willing to expose America to terrorism, disease, economic disaster, and crime.  They are willing to threaten the jobs and livelihood of legal Americans with cheap labor by illegals and provide the illegals with many freebies to entice their invasion.  That is treacherous if not treasonous. 

All of those things and a myriad of others are reasons that I call it an incomprehensible mystery why anyone or how anyone could vote for those who are covertly and overtly seeking to destroy us.  It is an enigma.  I am praying for America but even more for the church and believers to return to our lost moral moorings and return to God.  I am praying for America to be saved for posterity.  I am in my sunset years, but my children and grandchildren have a lifetime ahead of them.  I want them to enjoy the freedom I have known.

God bless you and God bless America! 

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