I recently read and heard some people arguing that the Biden administration, and therefore America, has no energy policy.  I disagree.  I believe that this administration and the Leftists, Globalists, Elitists, and anti-Capitalists have a policy or agenda.  I believe that the policy they pursue is not in the best interest of America or the American people.  I believe their agenda is anti-capitalism, anti-republicanism, and pro-globalism.  I believe that they, not just Biden, but his handlers know exactly what they are doing and doing so with diabolical intent.

I do agree that the Biden administration, like all political groups or politicians, wants to take credit but never blame.  They never, under any circumstances admit or confess failure, mistakes, or error.  Among the followers of the toxic liberal agenda, their favorite scapegoat is the fossil fuel industry, namely Oil and Gas.

If you listen to their diatribe about saving the planet from manmade global warming, climate disruption, or manmade climate change, they always seek to pain the Oil and Gas industry and their executives as demons from the pit of hell (but they do not believe in the devil or hell).  Now that the gas prices are rising at the pumps, the Left is crying that the ‘Oil and Gas’ industry is not drilling and producing fast enough.  Seriously? 

They blame Putin or Trump for every economic failure of the Biden administration.  When you consider what they are saying and what they are doing you see what has caused our current situation.  May God help us, if we fail or lack the insight to reject that spin and in the next election send them to the unemployment line.

The draconian mandates and illogical shutdowns because of the fear of COVID opened the door to our present condition.  I acknowledge that reality, but I also contend that the Biden administration’s policies from ‘Day One’ have exacerbated the problem.  Putting band-aids on cancers will not cure them and that is what they are scrambling to do because of the plunging poll numbers and the coming mid-term elections.  I pray we are not so lacking in cognitive ability that we are deceived.  They need to be shown the door in November.

As to the contentions of the Biden administration and his talking heads that there are 9,000 oil leases the oil industry is not tapping as the problem, I refer to what geologists have informed me.  Geologic testing done on many oil leases reveals that there are no producible volumes of oil under those grounds.  Yes, they have a lease, but if there is nothing worth drilling for you cannot make the oil magically appear.  It is not like putting a straw in a juice box and sucking out the contents.  If there is nothing there, there is nothing there!

Those oil wells produce oil, natural gas, and water.  The process, so I am told, is that the oil and water flow into tanks to be moved by trucks to refineries and then to the market.  Natural gas can only be moved through a pipeline.  Millions are spent on the production of the product but without the pipeline, that product cannot be brought to market.  So, who are the ones acting diabolically?  Who is shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline?  Not the oil and gas executives, but Joe Biden! 

Pipelines are proven to be the safest and most ecological method of transporting oil and gas.  Unlike wind turbines, they are not killing flying eagles and other birds.  They have fewer issues with leaking oil than do the turbines.   Pipelines’ historic record proves it to be a safer method of transporting oil and gas than rail or truck.  It is estimated to cost $5-10 per barrel to transport via a pipeline.  Rail is chosen only when there are no pipelines available.  Therefore, who is the culprit in our oil and gas problem?  Not the industry but the actions of Joe Biden. 

It is easy to hate corporations and executives in those corporations and some of it is based on their excessive greed. But if we do so we are blaming the wrong entities for our energy crisis.  It falls at the doorstep of Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, and weak-willed Republicans.  You can refuse to look at the facts, accept reality, and trash me if you choose, but until and unless we reject the agenda of the Left, we will see prices continue to soar and remain dependent on nations that hate us to supply our oil and gas. 

I believe that the reversal of some of Biden’s draconian and destructive regulations would cause the price of oil and gas to be dramatically reduced.  Opening the Keystone Pipeline would have an immediate positive effect. Sadly, prices never drop as fast as they rise, so we are in for a rough ride.  I suggest that some of that may happen during the summer leading up to the November elections in an effort to stave off sweeping defeat for their party in Congress.  However, I also believe that if that happens and they remain in control, we need to anticipate a return and even escalation of those regulations shortly thereafter.  They will not totally abandon their agenda.  We are their target!

In pursuing the idea that the Biden administration has no energy policy and my disagreement, I agree with a CNN panelist that said, “Americans have not had a sense of leadership since last summer.”  I believe it is longer than that but that was her words, and she is a leftist.  CNN a strong Biden supporter and propagandistic tool of the Left conducted a poll that placed Biden’s approval rating at 39 percent.  The Quinnipiac University’s poll placed it at 33 percent.  Their poll also indicated that 54 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s agenda, policy, and leadership.

How could any reasoning individual insist that an 8.5 percent inflation rate is healthy, good, progressive, or productive?  I believe the true rate is much higher, but that is the number the government is reporting.  In March 2022 we reached a 40-year high inflation rate.  That means that everything and I mean EVERYTHING costs more and will continue to cost more in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.  We are in a lifeboat with holes in it and only voting the lot of them out will enable us to reach drydock and refurbish the boat.

Even those who support Biden should be willing to acknowledge, and many do, that Biden is not in control.  He is being handled and maybe even played and we are the losers in the political chess game.  A growing concern for the Left is Biden’s poll numbers with Generation Z and Millennials.  His support has dropped 21 percent with Gen Z’ers and 19% with Millennials.  That cannot be comforting for them.

Real leadership and real concern for Liberty and Freedom would demand the protection of Freedom of Speech!  It would diligently and faithfully war against censorship and misinformation!  That is not what we are getting from the Biden administration and the Left.  Rather we are getting the opposite.  The mega-data conglomerates acting as propaganda mechanisms for the liberal leftists’ globalist agenda continue to censor those with opposing voices.  They and the media continue to disseminate false or misleading information in their push to advance the agenda of globalism and anti-republicanism. 

The contention that we are a Democracy is part of the misinformation and misunderstanding.  We are not a Direct Democracy and our Founding Fathers as well as our Constitution reveals that.  We are a Republic and in that a Representative Democracy, not a Direct Democracy.  I will not give a dissertation on the difference but suggest that you examine that reality and realize that only as a Republic can we have True Freedom that will last.

I stand for the Republic.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I stand for God and America!  Therefore, I write, speak, pray, work, and vote to have only those elected to office that stands for those as well. 

God bless you and God bless America!

One comment on “THE AMERICAN ENERGY POLICY – Not or What?

  1. Thank you for taking a stand as a man of God. Abiding and remaining in Christ the Son of Righteousness, Who is in our God of Righteousness, our Father of Righteousness, and His righteousness exalting sheep nations, I stand under the Name and the Blood of Jesus, with Christ in God, standing firm in abundance grace and the free gift of righteousness through Jesus the Christ, for the constitutional republic in America UNDER God our Father and his Christ governance, led by the Spirit of God, not under any man-made church or state, but giving ALL dominion, power and authority to God our Father and his Christ, now and is to come, and forever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!

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