I have been labeled so many things, being labeled a conspiracist for what I am about to say will simply be another in the extensive list of monikers that have been ascribed.  I have reached a place in my life where although I care what people think, I realize it means little in the scheme of things.  Truth is far more important than someone’s opinion of me.  Sounding the alarm when there is danger is far more important than trying to protect my image.  That does not mean I seek to be purposefully caustic.  I do not! 

I like to be liked and enjoy feeling wanted and even needed, but when I see my nation heading down the slippery slope of destruction, how can I be silent?  If you disagree with my observations or my warnings, that is your prerogative and right.  If you wish to write your own blog dissecting my assertions, that is within your right, so go for it. 

However, if you are genuinely concerned about America and desire to keep our Constitutional Republic the Free Republic it was established and designed to be, I ask that you consider my observations. 

When I speak of ‘Wagging the Dog’ or ‘The Tail Wagging the Dog’ I am referring to the sleight of hand used by politicians to divert our attention away from what is really happening or the true objective.  The phrase usually refers to something important or powerful being controlled by something less so.  It has been a tactic used by politicians and presidents to distract from and hid the truth.  I believe that we are possibly witnessing a massive ‘Wag the Dog’ in the traumas of today’s America.

We have some profoundly serious and real problems in America!  That is an understatement!  Those problems include economic issues that are on the brink of being catastrophic.  We have energy issues that are dangerously close to rendering people incapable of working, traveling, or conducting most of life’s business in person.  We have moral issues that are shredding any semblance of sanity and/or safety for our children.  We have violence issues that are so horrific that many hearts are failing them for fear of what they see happening. 

Those are horrific, dangerous, disruptive, and difficult, but are they the real issues or the real objective?  I suggest that, while they are, in themselves, each terrible and need to be addressed, they might only be hiding the true agenda from public sight.  If I am right, then we will see more and more of the kinds of things we have been seeing and each will transcend the previous making us more willing to embrace governmental control.  Could it be that is the objective?

Gun violence is beyond terrible and when it involves innocent and defenseless children it is doubly horrific.  The politicization of mass shootings inspiring a call for a total ban on firearms, disseminating false information, and fanning the flames of paranoia is, I believe, only a tool or a pathway to an objective.  The demand for immediate action that is not thought out and surpasses reason is drawing out those with any measure of celebrity making them experts.  Doing something due to a lack of understanding of the real problem only exacerbates the problem.

I saw that Coach K of Duke University made the statement that the desire to own an automatic weapon is disgusting.  He went on to expose his ignorance on the issue and the firearms being used calling them ‘automatic’ when in fact both the pistols and rifles used have been ‘semi-automatic’ not ‘automatic.’  We have a ban on automatic weapons, and it requires a very expensive and difficult to obtain a license to own one.  Coach, I respect your right to an opinion and preference but before you open your mouth, please know what you are talking about.

Sadly, this is not relegated to guns it is spreading to all sectors of our society and all the issues we are facing.  Those who are devotees of Climate Change and Green Energy seldom speak with facts regarding fossil fuels but out of fear, and paranoia, and become rabid in their attacks on anyone disagreeing.  We need fossil fuel, and it is the most readily available and reliable source of energy we have.  We can develop alternative energy, but the indefensible position that if we do not do so immediately, we will destroy the planet is false.

Those who demand the right to abort a baby regardless of the stage of development in the womb insist that failure to allow unlimited abortion is an assault on women and will cost lives.  Seriously?  Cost lives?  What about the sixty-three plus million babies that have lost their lives due to abortion?  I know that is a hot topic that will get me banned from social media, but that entity in the mother’s womb is a baby and if we value life, how do we devalue that life in favor of convenience and choice?

The Bible makes a powerful statement in John 8:32 – “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”  The absolute best defense against error regardless of what we are speaking.  Truth is factually accurate and remains constant and absolute.  The best method of detecting counterfeit money is to become unshakably familiar with the real.  When you know the truth, you find detecting the false reasonably easy.

However, the master deceiver of all times and those schooled in his tactics sometimes present distortions that make it difficult to discern the truth.  I am convinced that ignorance of our true history in America, real science, and the Bible make us easy targets for deception.  

I want to always be compassionate and as understanding as possible.  I want to heal the hurts of others whenever possible.  I want to love everyone as unconditionally as possible.  But, if I attempt to demonstrate love, compassion, and understanding by allowing that which is dangerous and harmful to become the acceptable norm, I am neither loving, compassionate, nor understanding.  If I do that then I am participating in the abuse that they bring.

Governmentally we are, too often, played like pawns on a chessboard.  We become useful tools to advance their objective.  If they can distract us, ‘Wag the Dog’ and cause our fear and sense of guilt to reach the point of surrender and plea for them to take control, we lose freedom. 

I believe that many, if not most or all, of the issues prevalent in today’s world, are either manipulations, ‘Wag the Dog’ ploy or examples of ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ tactic.  If we believe in Freedom, we must pay attention.  If we believe in God, we must engage in intercessory prayer.  If we believe in inalienable rights, we must demand that all politicians regardless of political affiliation honor, protect, and defend the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  Failure to do so will produce a result none but those in power will like.

God bless you and God bless America!

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