I have purposefully waited to see what would be disclosed in the FBI raid on Trump’s resident in Mar-a-Lago.  Sadly, very little is being revealed.  I decided to wait and let my troubled spirit find some rest and peace before responding.  I wanted to be as thorough as I could in investigating, from afar, what transpired and what it might mean.  That being said, how could anyone who is not on the inside know what and why this transpired, the timing, and the objective?  I am not an insider, so I stand, like most everyone else, and watch from afar the fire that is being set in America.  I am troubled!

There are far more aspects of this situation that need to be addressed than I can address. There are real answers that need to come from the DOJ, the FBI, Congress, the Democrats, the Republicans, and maybe even Trump.  I always watch to see how those accused react, and Trump’s reaction is not different than what I would have expected.  He is responding like a person that believes he has nothing to hide and therefore is taking his case to the people because the recent past suggests he cannot get a fair hearing in Congress, the Courts, or Media.  If that offends you, I am sorry it is how I see it.

Trump has, unlike Hillary and others under the microscope of the FBI, called for the warrant to be unsealed and made public.  We know that the warrant was obtained on August 5, 2022, but not executed until August 8, 2022.  That in itself raises a question in my mind.  If it was as urgent and of such imposing interest for national security, why wait?  I cannot believe they had to obtain the warrant and then formulate a plan to conduct the raid.  Rather, I believe they had a plan in case they got the warrant, so why the delay? Beyond that why wait a year and one-half if what he has was so dangerous?

Another issue is that in June, Trump turned over boxes of documents.  There is the question of why they did not ask for the documents they desired.  Another issue is the documents that former President Obama took to Chicago, deemed to be approximately thirty-three million pages.  What about the documents of Joe Biden’s Senate tenure donated to his alma mater which will not be released until two years after he is out of public office, whatever that might be deemed to mean?  What about the documents in the possession of every former president?  Why this and why now?

The GSA, according to reports, packed the documents and sent them to Trump.  Therefore, one could say that he did not remove them from the White House, they were forwarded to him.  Maybe the GSA should be questioned as to what and why the documents were sent.  We know that would not have been headline news, but a raid would, so some of it seems like a photo op for the FBI and politicians.  What was the real reason for the raid?  Could it be to prevent Trump from running or becoming president again?  Why do they hate and fear him so much?

It is reported that they were seeking any document created in his four years in office.  What in the name of reason is that all about?  Every document?  Seriously?  That gives it the earmarks of a fishing expedition and calls to mind the diverse treatment of the Hillary situation and Trump.  The FBI had little interest in Hillary’s server in her house, the deleting of emails, and the destruction of devices, but they want every document Trump ever saw or created.  Wow!

Chuck Schumer famously declared that the intelligence community has six ways from Sunday to come after anyone who took them on as he responded to Trump’s challenging of the intelligence community.  Did Schumer have inside information as to the plans of the FBI, NSA, and CIA regarding Trump? 

But let me throw out a question regarding the packing and shipping of the documents by the CSA.  Yes, what I am about to say is conspiratorial and I have no evidence that it is valid, only a question to ponder.  What if the CSA packaged documents that would be damning to Trump and mislabeled them as an ace in the hole for later use?  What if they were in the network of those in Congress, the Democrats, the Rhinos, the intelligence community, the Deep State, and Swamp denizens as a ‘to be used later’ tool?  If that ever proved to be the truth, we would discover just how diabolical and devious those in power truly are.  Again, it is just a question or questions, not a theory.

I am disturbed but not surprised that the ultra-leftist and Trump haters are calling for his execution and even suggesting that Ivana’s casket was loaded with secret documents.  Seriously?  Burying documents with her.  For what purpose?  But before anyone rushes to judgment that Trump colluded with foreign powers and made deals using classified information should tap the brakes.

We have documented information that Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and even Clinton’s dealings with China are of grave national security interest and likely were criminal.  Why are those not being given equal scrutiny?  Could it be that one group is part of the Swamp and the other is not? 

Did Donald Trump commit treason by having the documents in his possession?  If he did, then we must address the documents of Obama, Biden, and every other president in our history.  I read the Left is frothing at the mouth over the possibility of the end of Trump and his influence on America.  I believe they are counting their chickens before they hatch, but time will tell.  I do not and have never understood the extent of the hate for the man.  It seems that many never-Trumpers are so rabid in their hate, that they are willing to make a deal with the devil to exterminate him. 

Graeme Wood wrote about the plenary power over national security issues the president has and his ability to declassify documents.  Under the Constitution, regarding national security, the president has complete and unlimited power.  Is that concerning?  Possibly, but let us dig a little deeper.

Mr. Wood conceded to some of the presidential unlimited power as he quoted J. William Leonard, former head of the Information Security Oversight Office.  He was addressing the “rules and procedures governing the classification and declassification of information apply to everyone other than the president.”  Mr. Wood said, “The President would not have to file paperwork, just say the magic words.”  Simply, he is conceding that Trump, while president, by packing up and taking documents with him automatically declassified them.

Does that extend to nuclear secrets?  I do not have the answer to that but have an opinion as does most everyone else.  So, what was the crime that Donald Trump is supposed to have committed, other than being a thorn in the side of the Elitist and Globalists?  Was he suspected of engaging in some Bidenesque, Clintonesque, or Obamaesque type activity?  Hardly. 

Do you remember that Bill Clinton’s former national security adviser, Sandy Berger, smuggled documents out of the National Archives in his pants and then destroyed them?  Documents that would likely have embarrassed Clinton during the 9/11 investigation.  Did they search Berger’s home?  If you said no, you get the gold star.

The FBI’s application for a search warrant requires an affidavit from an agent swearing under oath to the need and circumstances for a warrant.  In order to obtain a legitimate and justifiable warrant, there should be no pathway for a less intrusive means to obtain the evidence sought.  There should be imminent danger that the evidence would be destroyed without a swift and thorough search.  If they thought this was a real danger, why wait three days to execute the warrant?

Another red flag should be that the magistrate who approved the warrant was a former employee of Jeffery Epstein and an Obama donor, so something smells.  Let me offer several questions for pondering and I will close and leave the speculations to the speculators.  Did Biden approve this raid?  He says he did not know about it beforehand.  That makes it even more frightening that a shadow government is running things.  What role did Merrick Garland play in his collusion with the Deep State?  What about Chris Wray and his motivation?  Does this not expose the need to return to a limited government? 

In the light of the current ‘defund the police’ mentality, the actions current and previous by the FBI do not make the case for funding them.  If we are going to execute search warrants on former presidents, then where does it end and what will that do to our Republic?  Was this a last-ditch effort by the Left to derail Trump and why are they so concerned about him?

I will now return to my prayer closet and intercede for America and the world.  We need God more than ever and with the 87,000 new armed and willing to use deadly force IRS agents whose objective is putting more money in the federal coffers, I am concerned about what we have become.  Love Trump or hate him, he is not the problem.  If you want to disassociate any connection to me, that is your choice, but I am concerned about where we are mentally, ideologically, ethically, morally, and spiritually in America.  I am praying!

God bless you and God bless America!

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    You are so right – President Trump is not the problem. The left doesn’t seem to recognize – he is the solution.



  2. Myron McCrady says:

    Fantastic article, Brother! Too many ignore the warnings we get, and are dull of hearing. Not enough 2 Chr 7:14 happening in America. Godspeed ahead!

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