Sometimes songs from the 50s and 60s inspire me when I am considering certain topics affecting America and the world today.  Fats Domino’s song comes to mind when I think of the Democrat’s search to replace Bumblin’ Mumblin’ Hidin’ Biden.  They have a pool of old guard candidates and a pool of known commodities, as well as a pool of lesser-known governors to pick from. 

Of course, that would necessitate ditching Vice President Kamala Harris as well as the incumbent President.  Will they do that?  It looks as if that is the plan, but to whom will they turn?  Will they go back to Hillary, Booker, Warren, Sanders, Klobuchar, and those of that ilk?  Will they turn to California Governor Gavin Newsom a liberal of liberals?  Maybe they will turn to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy who has been California Dreaming since his election and turn New Jersey even bluer.

We have mayors of major cities that are entrenched in the WOKE mindset and political correctness that have turned their cities into sanctuary cities, with stringent gun control, escalating taxes, and crime.  Then there are some less telegenic and lesser-known top executives from Illinois and Colorado who are testing the waters.  Newsom and Murphy were carbon copies of Cuomo in dealing with COVID-19 acting draconianly and releasing thousands of non-violent criminals back onto the streets.  Some of them immediately committed violent crimes.  Nice work, right?  Hardly but those are the prime candidates for the Democrats.  The well seems to be running dry!

Governor Murphy has made light of the Second Amendment and demonstrated a willingness to wage war against our inalienable rights.  That makes him a perfect Leftist, so he is a serious possibility.  But I offer one that is being bandied about that concerns me more than any of the offerings mentioned thus far.  Who is that?  None other than the former first lady (?) Michelle Obama.  Her disdain for our American system of government and willingness to play the race card on every occasion makes her a dangerous commodity.  She is probably the one Democrat hopeful that would be the most formidable opponent.

Many have labeled Mumblin’ Bumblin’ Hidin’ Biden as a useful idiot and a pawn of the uber leftist globalists.  His approval or disapproval ratings are deeply concerning to those seeking power and control, so they are scrambling to find a way to toss him aside.  What is the definition of a ‘useful idiot’?  It is someone who has no clue that he/she is being used to promote an extremist agenda that he/she does not actually understand.  I would say that applies to the current president and vice president equally.

Joe Biden reads what is on the teleprompter and frequently reads the instructions as well.  He then walks off the stage and if questioned often become belligerently angry and attacks the questioner with some inane comment.  He is manipulated and controlled, in my view, by those behind the scenes.  Who are they?  The names of Ron Klain, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarret, and Barack Obama come to mind, and I see their fingerprints on most of what he has advanced.

The Democrats cannot expect him to willingly resign or refuse to run again, that would not fit the ego of Joe Biden or most Washington elitists.  They might resort to the 25th Amendment which has never been used to toss him aside.  If they, do it would be because they do not trust the electorate in the primaries to bypass a sitting president and choose another candidate.

We have a behemoth, out-of-control, big spending overreaching government.  That did not take originate under Biden but has been building for decades.  However, under his administration and the insane spending and economic strangulation he has enacted, it has grown even larger and is more imposing and threatening. 

In the movie Love Story, Ali McGraw’s line is easily modified to describe Big Government.  She said, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry!”  Big Government means, never having to say you are sorry because you are in control, and no one dares question you.  You are the Lord of the Universe, and no dissent is allowed.  That is where we are today.

They botched the Wuhan Flu, China Virus, or COVID if you please but they will never say, “I’m sorry, we overreacted and destroyed the most robust economy without justification.”  We were supposed to be under house arrest for two weeks, but it turned into months.  They told us that masks worked then they did not work, and then they did, and then wear two masks, etc.  The empirical data and research reveal the flaws in their premise, but will they apologize, Never!

The vaccines are still under much debate and even the National Institute of Health has produced studies that suggest that the vaccine damages the immune system.   What?  If you have or have not had the vaccine that is a personal choice or should be. 

Vaccines are supposed to prevent a person from being infected with the disease.  Well, that is how it has been in the past, but we went from this being an iron-clad preventative to this might help you not be hospitalized.  Then there were boosters after boosters were required and some researchers questioned the effectiveness and even suggested potential dangers.  I am not trying to start a debate on the vaccine because those on both sides sometimes become irrational in advancing their opinion. 

The amazing action of protecting the drug manufacturers from potential lawsuits was and is of great concern to me.  If the vaccines were as viable and effective as claimed, then why was that protection necessary?  I have been informed by some who have more inside information about this than I, that it was the only way Big Pharma would produce the vaccine as rapidly as they did.  Yet, the same government wants to make gun manufacturers liable for someone using one of their firearms in a violent crime or mass murder.  That is a double standard, but will Big Brother ever say, I’m sorry? NO NEVER!

Recently the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr. Ashish Jha became incoherent when asked about the Vice President out hugging people after the President’s diagnosis.  She was part of his inner circle and had been exposed to him prior to the diagnosis, so was she endangering people?  She violated the COVID protocols mandated for the rest of us ordinary common Americans.  Is she the equivalent of Typhoid Mary and should we as one person suggested call her COVID-Kamala?

Couple all this with the never-ending Trump hate and we have a political world that is ripe for a tyrannical coup.  It might only take another virus that is more serious and deadly than the last to achieve that objective.  With shortages, the crumbling economy, and the damage of the drought we are prime targets for some nefarious action that would plunge America into a state of chaos and crisis that the elections upcoming would become almost meaningless.  Politicians seem to drink from the same water trough or monetary fountain and the thirst for power is never satiated. 

Axios recently published an article that indicated Trump planned to radically take on and take out the Deep State in a Second Term.  One of the reasons the insiders deemed his reelection unacceptable and worked to ensure that it did not transpire.  Hate him if you please and hate me for saying he was working to dismantle much of the Deep State, which is your privilege and choice.  I am not a worshiper of any man, but I recognize when people are fighting for what I believe and when they are not.  The article is interesting, and I suggest you research it.

But What You Gonna Do When The Well Runs Dry?  Fats Domino said You’re gonna run away and hide.  If the Democrats lose control of both houses of Congress in this election there is hope and you will see them running for cover.  If they win and maintain control, you will watch the RINOs expose themselves in clamoring for the approval of those in control.  The Politicians will get the Gold Mine and the American People will get the Shaft!

God bless you and God bless America!

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