The more I listen to and talk to people the more I am convinced that even our politicians in Washington are clueless as to what our true system of government is or is supposed to be.  Most of the Democrats and an unhealthy portion of the Republicans in Washington continually refer to our “Democracy.”  Conveying the idea that we are a Direct Democracy. 

If they understood what our Founding Fathers and our Constitution created, they would use defining adjectives with the term or not use it at all.  We are not, nor did the Founders desire us to be a Direct Democracy.  They abhorred that system of government and considered it a guaranteed way to implode and become a free nation no more.  Direct democracies lead to tyranny.  However, that may be why some call our system a Democracy because they desire us to become a socialist, fascist authoritarian system of government.

The idea that ‘majority rule’ is the law of the land is only partially accurate.  Of course, in today’s political climate, the majority are recognized only if they are avowed devotees to the toxic brand of liberalism espoused by the Leftists.  Anything conservative, Christian, or constitutional is deemed to be America’s greatest threat.  They hurl pejoratives and vitriolic charges at anyone not embracing their ideology and the masses regurgitate it as if it were a divine revelation.

Recently, I used a quote, often attributed to Huey Pierce Long, Jr. nicknamed, “The Kingfish.”  Long served as the governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932 and was a United States Senator from 1932 until his assassination in 1935.  The quote was, “Of course, we will have fascism in America, but it will come under the guise of anti-fascism.”  There are many variations of the quote, and the Fact Checkers go berserk attempting to discredit it.

In the 1930s political commentator, Lawrence Dennis was openly sympathetic to fascism but changed his view in 1936 and authored a book entitled, “The Coming American Fascism.”  Dennis said, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag.”  That is a warning that few have heeded.  It is not unlike the warnings of our Founding Fathers regarding our Republic and Republican form of government.  They feared any abridgment of the Constitution and any move toward allowing a rabid majority, at any given time, to rule.  That would place the nation in a fickle state of security.

Today, we are watching a brand of fascism being presented, promoted, and embraced by politicians, media types, Hollywood, and even some religious leaders while vigorously denouncing fascism.  ANTIFA is an example of what I am referring to.  They are either incredibly ignorant or brainwashed.  But what could we expect from the assembly line of mind-control and misinformation called our institutions of higher learning?  We have endured decades of anti-Americanism and anti-Republicanism in our schools and are reaping the fruit of those seeds of destruction.

ANTIFA operates as a virtual carbon copy of the German Nazi Party and Mussolini’s Italy.  Those were devotedly hardline socialists.  The favorite charge of ANTIFA is “fascist” and like the charge of ‘racist’ it is used so infrequently it has become almost undefinable.   They and those on the Left seek to impose the idea that fascism is a right-wing philosophy without understanding that the very tactics they use have deep roots in fascism.  They use tactics like ‘mob rule, mob psychology, character assignation, and purging of academics who do not embrace the left-wing ideological agendas.’  That is a fascist tactic.

The Nazis believe in confiscation of private property and wealth, free education and healthcare, abortion, mass public work programs, guaranteed jobs, control of the arts and libraries, control of education and attacks on independent schools, as well as making churches and charities fall under the total control of the government.  Does that sound familiar? 

Making the state the guardian of our children and our lives is fascist.  They promoted the confiscation of all guns lawfully owned by law-abiding citizens and blamed the Jews for the injustices in their country.  Today, rather than blaming the Jews the ANTIFA and Leftist fascists seek to blame conservatism, whites, constitutionalists, and Christians who do not bow at the altar of tolerance with all the ills of mankind.  Some even suggest another form of a holocaust and ridding the world of those of us who refuse to ascribe to their brand of ideological philosophy. 

The leaders of Black Lives Matter proudly announced that they were all ‘trained Marxists.’  I am not seeking to only address one side of the political aisle and acknowledge that there are those on the Right who seek to expunge the world of all who do not ascribe to their brand of ideological philosophy.  Hate, racism, and turning from the expressed view in our Declaration of Independence that “All are created equal and have inalienable rights” is destructive and contemptible.  The KKK and Aryan Nation are equally destructive!

Fascism is alive and well in America and is being embraced by millions, who have no idea what they are supporting.  They have been taught to hate those on the Right and those not of their ethnicity.  Sadly, human greed is playing a part in allowing this doorway to be open.  The corrupt and unethical politicians seek to buy support with ‘free everything’ knowing full well that nothing is free.  If those politicians believe that there is an endless supply of money, they are even more delusional than I suspected.

In the 1930s many saw this coming and sounded the alarm.  Most ignored them or were unaware of their warnings and why they were sounding the alarm.  Most people in America were living lives largely unaffected by the shenanigans and usurpations of those seeking to transform America into something other than a Republic.  The move to achieve the agenda of the globalist has been plodding along for many decades.  We have fiddled while our Rome was being burned.  Shame on us!

In 1938 Professor Halford E. Luccock of the Yale School of Divinity preached in a sermon in September, “When and if fascism comes to America, it will not be labeled “made in Germany”; it will not be marked with a swastika; it will not even be called fascism; it will be called, of course, ‘Americanism’.”

America, we are rapidly losing our Republic and our failure to heed the warning of Benjamin Franklin is troublingly evident.  He said when asked what system of government they had established, “A Republic if you can keep it.”  We can keep it, but not if we do not become informed as to what system we have, why we have it, and what it means, and teach the current and next generation the truth. 

We must no longer be willing to leave the politics to the politicians, education to the revisionist, and morals training to a self-serving fearful clergy and religious institutions.  We must study history, pay attention to politicians and their agendas, and return to the Bible for guidance on our moral principles.  We need a move of God to address the hearts of people and each of us must seek to be the person we desire others to be.  The promise of the Bible from God is that if we will return to Him, He will return to us.  Let’s return to Him!

God bless you and God bless America!



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