THE VOTE IS IN – Now What?

I guess that depends on your perspective and political ideological aspirations.  I fully anticipate that the Democrats who follow the toxic liberal ideological views will press to increase taxes and strip us of more of our individual liberties and inalienable rights.  They will press for more gender confusion, political correctness, climate change adherence, and the move away from the abundance of fossil fuels.  They will continue to pursue their path to destroying our Free Market System of Economy and transforming America into more of a Socialist, Marxist, Fascist, and Totalitarian State. 

I would hope that the Republicans, especially those who believe in the Rule of Law and the Constitution would seek to shore up the weakened foundations of our Republic, reduce the size of government, reduce spending, and ensure that we maintain and enjoy our inalienable rights and individual liberties.  I would hope, but with the history of the GOP and the Donkeys in DC, I am not confident of that hope. 

However, I believe that God is still God and if we will follow the prescription of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and many other passages in the Bible we will open the door for His helping hand in our plight.  I am old enough to remember an America where people treated each other with more dignity and respect than the current condition. 

The comic strip Pogo declared, “We have seen the enemy, and it is us.”  In many respects, we have created the monster that we are not encountering in the federal bureaucracy and overreach of government. We allowed the activists and protagonists seeking to transform our Republic from a moral nation to an amoral or immoral one.  We have allowed those who detest everything of moral sanity, the Bible, God, and strong family to slowly evict God, the Bible, and moral reason from the public square.  That has opened the door for our plunge into a depraved state that is wreaking havoc in our society.

Every society goes through an evolutionary process morally, spiritually, politically, and socially.  There have been forces at work behind the scenes for decades to weaken the pillars of our American society and moral fabric.  In the 1960s we had numerous things that opened the door for the decline.  The sexual revolution transpired which was a direct assault on our faith and the strength of the family.  Along with that, the Supreme Court mistakenly took the Bible and Prayer out of the public school.  When I said took, it concluded that separation of church and state mandated that no organized prayer could be in the schools. The decline began.

With the decline in observance of God and His Word, and the shift in morals where sexual intercourse between couples was now openly and accepted outside of marriage, we laid the foundation for another door to be opened.  With the increase in sexual activity, the lessening of the importance of faith and the Bible, unwed pregnancies increased and the stigma and expectation of the couple getting married began to dissipate.  That was a natural precursor to the push for abortion to be the accepted outcome of an undesired pregnancy.

The Supreme Court ruled unconstitutionally that abortion was a constitutional right and made it a national issue rather than a state-by-state issue.  That instilled in our society a devaluing of life which when extrapolated reaches a horrifying situation toward which we are headed.  To further exasperate the situation, the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriages, contrary to our historic position and the biblical directive were now legal.  This was a further weakening of the fabric of strong families and the institution of marriage between one man and one woman as biblically defined.

With the diminishing of our public consciousness of God, the Bible, faith, family, and life we have witnessed the growth of government establishing and expanding bureaucracies in an attempt to address the myriad of issues resulting.  The costs of those programs and bureaus have caused the growth of government to the behemoth size it is now.  The increased deficit spending has buried future generations in debt and destroyed the American dream for multitudes.

The natural result of an amoral or immoral society is increased crime, violence, and a growing lack of respect for others.  If the focus is on “me” and what I want, then there is a corresponding decline in “you” and what you want, need, or have a right to.  If you have and I do not, in that condition, it is easy to develop the mentality of entitlement and believe that by having, you are somehow evil and I am good, therefore, I deserve part of what you have.  That is an untenable condition for a civil society.

The Founding Fathers, following some precepts of the Bible and sound reason, acknowledged that all people are Created by God.  They recognized that from God we have certain inalienable or unalienable rights that no government or person has the authority or right to infringe upon.  Among those many inalienable rights is the Right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  They developed the Bill of Rights to address several of those inalienable rights including freedom of speech and religion as well as the right to private property and the right of self-defense. 

Today’s Leftists do not believe the Bible, they consider the Founders errant in their views, and do not recognize God as the grantor of rights.  They believe that the government, meaning the central government in Washington, D.C. is the giver of rights.  In effect, they believe that the government is god and the government giveth and the government taketh away with regard to rights.  

The Left has openly supported and advanced the idea of redistribution of wealth, support of unending taxation claiming that it only affects the rich.  That claim is beyond fallacious and the idea of taking from one who earned or inherited wealth and giving it to those not producing is an untenable position that will destroy society.

America was the most unique form of government known at the time of its formation and still is.  Many nations have copied our system in a modified fashion and those living in squalor under socialistic and communistic systems know the value of freedom.  Sadly, in America, our politicians are largely professional layabouts, more like leeches than productive members of society.  They make their living not from their salaries but from the kickbacks and grafts that are prevalent in politics for those who play the game. 

Where do we go from here?  If those we have just elected do not do what is right, constitutional, and follow the rule of law, then we MUST, and I mean MUST find a way to primary the RHINOs and oust the Leftists in each succeeding election.  We must begin a campaign of involvement and renew our commitment to give oversight and stay abreast of what is happening in Washington.  Politics affects life and life is an inalienable right.

I want America to be the Republic we were founded to be.  I want limited government.  I want our inalienable rights recognized.  I want the politicians to become civil servants again and do our bidding, not pursue their personal or ideological agendas.  Do what is right and what your constituents voted for you to do.

America, we allowed this mess to become a reality, and now it is time to face the arduous task of correcting our errors.  We can but only if we return to God and unite as a voting bloc that gets their attention.

God bless you and God bless America!

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