No, I am not referring to the Mamas and Papas song from 1965.  Instead, I am speaking of the incredibly draconian, totalitarian actions by the state officials of the governor and elected officials of that other world.  I must apologize to all my wonderful California friends who are anything but followers of the toxic liberal woke agenda that is being imposed there.  There are good people everywhere; sadly, they are often a persecuted minority in some areas.

What I am talking about is the desire of the California governor and followers, as well as the national Woke proponents who are avid Greenies and desirous of achieving totalitarianism whereby they have total control of our lives.  California dreams of banning all combustion engine vehicles, gas stoves, and anything connected to the oil, gas, or coal industries.  They believe their actions are justifiable and required to save us from destruction!  Destroying our lives and ability to live is inconsequential; after all, saving the Smelt fish and addressing Global Warming while facilitating abortion and devious lifestyles must take precedence.

As many probably know, some months ago, the beautiful city of San Diego charted the course to tax people out of their automobiles and into public transportation.  The plan is to make driving your own vehicle so expensive that you have no option but to use public transit.  San Diego County’s Regional Transportation Agency (SANDAG) added to the pain of the price of gasoline with the plan to add three new half-cent sales tax increases.  Additionally, they are making over 800 miles of San Diego County freeway lanes into toll lanes and adding a milage tax for every mile driven to pay for their $165 billion mass transit plan. 

They have opted not to build the road improvements promised in an earlier plan but will keep the taxes intact until 2048 to pay for the improvements that are not forthcoming.  The Tractors song “Badly Bent” comes to mind, and the lyrics, “I’d like to ask the Congress, I’d like to ask the President where all the money went?”  They openly acknowledged that at the core of their intent is behavior change.  They said, “Charging fees for the transportation infrastructure that people use – for example, charging users for each mile they drive on the highway – can change travel behavior.”  Control, control, and more control is the desire.  We will tell you when, where, and how you can travel.

As usual, the people whom this plan will hurt the most are those on the lower end of the economic strata.  But the Donkeys are for the little people, right?  Then why is it that everything they do, hurts those of us who are not wealthy and frequently benefits those who are?  Could it be that their hands are also in the cookie jar?

We have had at least three decades of public education indoctrination with curricula and teaching methods designed to brainwash our most precious resource, young minds.  That is bearing the fruit they desired and deeply disturbing this Freedom Loving American Veteran.  I am a father and a grandfather, and what I see makes me weep and realize that the warnings of biblical writers are a modern reality.  We are living in dangerous and troubling times.  If this is not the biblical ‘Last Days,’ I am sure I do not want to be here when that time comes. 

California Dreaming is a phrase that I use to speak of the Utopianism of many on the Left and those who no longer believe in the ideal of America.  A recent poll indicated that only 27% of the younger generation are proud to be American.  I am convinced that is the result of the indoctrination they receive in educational circles, through the media, Hollywood, and the wise sages in athletics (sic). 

Those young minds have been filled with the rhetoric that capitalism is inherently evil and socialism or communism is pro-people, making everything equal and fair.  They have not been eyewitnesses of the devastation of those socio-political and socio-economic attempts.  They have not witnessed the devastating totalitarianism in those countries where socialism or communism is the government.  They have only heard the talking points of the Left, and as good soldiers of wokeism, they embrace it as the gospel.  After all, their fearless leaders would never lie to them, would they? 

A poll taken as recently as 2004 indicated that 91% of Americans were extremely or very proud to be American, and the United States ranked first in the world in national pride.  What caused this dramatic shift in national pride over the past two decades?  A recent poll indicated that the percentage had dropped to 68%, but in the two youngest generations, 38% of the Millennials and 16% of Gen Z are proud to be American.  The youngest generations are bearing the fruit of the design to destroy America from within.  A valid question would be, “Have we lost America?”

Who is to blame for this shift in ideological belief?  Who isn’t?  As a minister of the gospel, I blame those of us in the clergy for our failure to decry the wrongs being advanced and fight for what is biblical, moral, and the ideals of republicanism (not the political party).  I blame the educational system and those who seized control and mandated the toxic agenda and curricula.  I blame parents for not following the biblical precept of teaching our children at every opportunity and standing on biblical and moral principles rather than ceding the education of those children to politically correct modern indoctrination. 

Do I blame anyone else?  Of course, I also blame personal greed and the attitude of ‘what is in it for me?’ and ‘if it doesn’t impact me significantly, I’ll just let the politicians handle the politics.’  Our prosperity and freedom helped generate a spirit of indifference and self-centeredness that caused us to ignore the warning signs.  I blame the politicians for allowing the thirst for power and control and their newfound pathway to personal wealth.  I blame the globalist inspired by Hell, who learned they could shame and bribe governments and elected officials to achieve their ends.  Who is to blame?  All of us!

Hybrid Socialism/Marxism prevalent in America today claim’s that the United States has always been unfair, racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, rapacious, and imperialistic.  In their minds and message, America was, is, and unless fundamentally transformed, evil.  The reality that Marxism and Socialism have failed miserably every time they were implemented is absent from their reality.  Those advancing the theory believe the previous attempts failed because those promoting the theories were not as intelligent as they are and drifted from those systems’ pure principles (sic). 

One day, the younger generations will be in charge, which is frightening for posterity.  Can you imagine what it would be like when those younger Americans blindly support efforts to fundamentally transform us and take total control?  Can any of those desiring to transform America explain how the plans of free everything will be paid for? 

How will the Utopian government facilitate the agricultural endeavors to feed the exploding population due to the absence of a border?  What will happen when the promised guaranteed job and income fail to become a reality?  What will happen when the dollar is stripped from its perch as the world’s reserve currency and becomes worthless paper backed by nothing?  How will that America defend itself against the inflexible diabolical powers that have attained global hegemony?  We will be a memory, not a republic, enslaved rather than free!  

America, if we do not wake up, we will witness the fundamental transformation of the Republic.  I hope to offer possible solutions in future articles.  But for now, my plea is, if you are a believer in God, please begin to intercede for America and, thereby, the world. 

God bless you, and God bless America!

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