MR PRESIDENT – There Is A Problem But…

Blog Post - Real Problem

You sir, cannot seem to see the forest for your political ideology and driven agenda to alter, transform and modify or completely modify the United States Constitution.  Those are your trees blocking the view of the beautiful forest called America and that is sad.  It seems that you seize upon any event that affords you an opportunity to advance your rhetoric and narrative while ignoring anything that would detract or negate your position.  That is not surprising for many politicians and individuals do the same in a limited fashion but you seem to do it to the extreme.

After the recent shooting at the Planned Parenthood Center in Colorado you immediately jumped in the mix with your statement which has an element of truth but misses the point entirely.  Your words, “We can’t let this be normal…” carries an element of truth and I can agree this is not normal for a citizen, regardless of ethnicity or religion to take a weapon of any kind and randomly kill other human beings.  That, in my view and the view of many experts in the field of human behavior, indicates a problem far beyond the weapon or type of weapon used.  It should cause us to focus on the problem inside the individual’s head and heart but that would not advance your agenda so you conveniently omit any focus on that issue.  No, you focus on the weapon of choice and further the narrative regarding the so-called “assault weapons” or “military style weapons”.  I do not hear the same clamor when someone flies a plane into a building, blows up people with bombs, uses knives, baseball bats or some other weapon of choice.  I only hear you when it is a firearm and that concerns me.

Blog Post - Forest

When you take a shot at those of us who offer prayer and suggest that we are hypocritical by praying without aligning ourselves with your “gun control” agenda I am troubled.  Your statement was, “If we truly care about this – if we’re going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, for God knows how many times, with a truly clean conscience – then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war on our streets to people who have no business wielding them.  Period.  Enough is enough.”  There are elements in that statement I can agree with but the basic premise I cannot.  You mentioned the easy accessibility of weapons of war to people who have no business wielding them is interesting.  When the Muslim shooter at Fort Hood killed people you did not mention guns but cautioned us about profiling and the dangers and wrongness of Islamophobia.  The portion of your statement which I can agree should direct the focus to the mental state addressing mental disorders and connecting the dots in religious or ideological beliefs.  Those factors are far more critical than the incessant drive to pass more “gun laws” in a false narrative that if we do so we will stop “gun violence”.  No, we will only take actions that reduce the number of law abiding, mentally sound individuals in America who have access to a firearm which is a constitutional guarantee.

Mr. President, so often you seem to have such tunnel vision you either cannot or will not see the real problem and address it in an open forum with a willingness to hear real solutions. Your approach and that of many on the left side of the political aisle is to demonize firearms or those who question where the majority of terrorism originates.  You sir, refuse to address the issues an open border brings preferring to label everyone who seeks to address illegal immigration and the national security concerns as racist, phobic, bigoted and unfeeling or lacking compassion.  Your expression that by going to the “Climate Change Conference” in France you would be giving ISIS a major slap in the face or a sharp rebuke would be laughable if it did not identify the lack of understanding or willingness, on your part, to address the real problem of Islamic Jihadism and terror.

Blog Post - Root Cause

Yes, there is a problem and we are seeing more and more outburst of terribly evil and insane actions by groups or individuals.  We have a situation where certain groups or ethnicities are allowed to commit acts of violence with impunity and even offer justifications for their attitudes and actions the door is opened for more of the undesirable behavior patterns to surface.  We have a mental, moral, political and often religious problem that seems to be ignored and the focus is on the single element that those pushing the agenda want to ban or severely restrict.  Guns, cars, knives, bats, bombs, poison or words are not the real problem, people are.  If we do not address the problem in people and relationships we will NEVER solve the problem of violence and even with heavy emphasis and focus on the real problem we will NEVER fully remove violence from our society.   Weapons of war and destruction will not be beaten into plowshares or pruning hooks until Jesus establishes His kingdom and rules the earth in His Millennial Kingdom.  Gun control or banning guns is not a panacea for violence rather it allows the focus to be diverted from the real issues which are much more difficult to solve.  The “gun restriction” or “ban” is a feel good step for those naïve enough to believe the rhetoric and a diabolical step for those desiring to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America or the World into their Utopian Fantasy Land.

America we need to insure that we do not give up our unalienable rights in an attempt to resolve a problem through “feel good” actions that fail to address the real issue.  That is another reason that 2016 is critical.  Please do not understand anything I have said to suggest that I do not want to utilize our laws, currently in existence, to address criminal activity using a firearm or any other weapon.  I am praying for the victims and families as well as the condition in our world that is producing this type of action.

            May God bless you and God bless America!


Blog Post 1 - Barbarism

The old saying “a rose is a rose by any other name it is still a rose” is applicable to the barbaric practices of the Islamic Jihadist.  You can attempt to put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig.  You can call evil good and it remains evil.  You can call an outhouse a portal of waste elimination and the smell is still the same.  Barbarism is barbarism whether those in positions of power and authority acknowledge it or not.

The Islamist are not the first in history to be barbaric but they are as bad as any in recorded history.  Barbarians have no apparent conscience and truly believe that they have the right to do what they do and continue until stopped by a force greater than their own.  When I review recorded history I find there is much disagreement as to what cultures, nations or societies were the most barbaric but among virtually every account I find the following listed:

Blog Post 1 - Celts


They were European and prominent in the 7th & 8th centuries BC.  The Romans called them Galli and the Greeks called them Keltoi, both meaning “barbarians.”  Their maximum expansion was in the 3rd-5th centuries BC and occupied much of Europe north of the Alps.  The Celts seemed to have a thing for severed heads and after battle would collect heads, take them home and decorate their houses with them.  They believed that the head held the soul and by taking the head they took the soul of the one killed.  They would often paint themselves blue and fight naked as a supreme insult saying, “I have no fear of you and to prove it will stand before you naked and exposed.”


The held the belief that every 52 years the world would end unless the gods were strong enough and the best way to strengthen the gods was a steady diet of human sacrifice with a mixture of cannibalism.  Their practices were beyond horrific.

Blog Post 1 - Assyrians


             They hailed from ancient Mesopotamia and upon discovering iron and how to use it to form weapons they became a terror of the region.  Iron was much more durable than bronze and made the Assyrians formidable foes.  King Ashurnasirpal said:  “I built a pillar over against his city gate, and I flayed all the chief men who had revolted, and I covered the pillar with their skins; some I walled up within the pillar, some I impaled upon the pillar on stakes, and others I bound to stakes round the about the pillar; many within the border of my own land I flayed, and I spread their skins upon the walls; and I cut off the limbs of the officers, of the royal officers who had rebelled.”

             It seemed to be more than their way of putting fear in the hearts of their enemies they seemed to actually enjoy the sport of barbarism.


             They took babies they considered imperfect and tossed them over the cliffs to die on the rocks below.  They bathed newborn babies in wine to see if they were strong enough to survive. Every male was a soldier and fought until they could retire at about age 60 which some have equated to living to 400 today based on what they went through.  If you died in battle your grave was marked because you were a hero but otherwise no notice or mention of you.  Their law did not allow them to beat their slaves it require it.  Their barbarism and fierceness was well known and documented throughout the world.

Blog Post 1 - Mongols


It is estimated that Genghis Khan and other Mongols killed upwards of 40 million people.  They conquered anything and everything in their path and slaughtered everyone in the city except for the women they opted to keep as sex slaves.  It is recorded that during an invasion of India a Mongol general built a pyramid in front of the walls of Delhi out of human heads.  He used 90,000 of them to accomplish his architecture.  The force marched huge crowds of refugees before their armies as human shields.  At one point it is reported that they controlled as much as 12 million square miles and were ruthless.

             The closet we have today to the Mongols are the Islamic Jihadist and yet this administration finds it impossible to call them what they are, denies they are Islamic and makes excuses for their heinous acts.  It is not climate change, lack of jobs, lack of education or lack of tolerance that makes them what they are it is their BELIEFS.  It is rooted in their interpretation of their Quran.

Blog Post 1 - Islam

Thomas Jefferson challenged Tripoli’s ambassador to Great Britain as to what right his nation had to attack American ships, enslave her citizens and why the Muslims held such hostility to this new nation.  The answer is chilling.  Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja the ambassador replied that Islam:

 “Was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Qur’an, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

             Sadly, America paid ransom to these barbarians for 15 more years until Jefferson became President.  When the Pasha (leader) of Tripoli send a demand for payment of $225,000 and $25,000 per year Jefferson refused.  The Pasha cut down the American flag and declared war on the United States.  Jefferson determined that this must be met with force and with the approval of Congress ordered the American ships to seize all vessels and goods that belonged to the Pasha.  When they realized that the United States was serious Algiers and Tunis abandoned the war and the Americans defeated Tripoli.  This is the reason that the line, “to the shores of Tripoli” was added to the Marine Corps hymn.

Jefferson and previous presidents understood that you meet barbarism and terrorism with force not attempting to placate them with rhetoric and temerity.  Mr. Obama either fails to understand this or is so in harmony with the actions of the terrorist he cannot embrace the idea of squashing them like the vile vermin they are.

God help us to wake up, stand up, speak up and come to the rescue of the Republic and the world in the fight against barbarism.    God bless you and God bless America!




Blog Post - Purse

Congress has the “power of the purse” to stop many of the illogical, illegal, unnecessary and unconstitutional expenditures, programs and bureaucracies exist in Washington and across America.   Unfortunately the Republicans have allowed the media, the current administration and the Democrats to advance the false narrative about what actually happens and cower in fear refusing to use the only real tool they have to stop the runaway train of destruction that has been unleashed.

If the Republicans were to pass a continuing resolution to temporarily fund the government and the president were to veto it one should know that “crucial services continue without interruption”.  That is completely contrary to what is being advanced every time the budget comes up and the Republicans fail to articulate the counter to the leftist narrative and fear that is heaped on the public.  There is no interruption in services necessary for national defense and law enforcement.  Those services and payments that are mandatory such as Social Security and Veterans’ benefits continue uninterrupted contrary to the fear tactic used by the president.

Under Article I of the Constitution, “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in the consequence of appropriations made by law.”  We have the Antidefenciency Law (ADA), which makes it illegal for federal officials to spend one dime in excess of appropriations or to obligate the government to enter into contracts before an appropriation has been passed to pay for the commitment or contract.  This law prevents government employees from volunteering their services “free of charge” except in specific situations that affect, “the safety of human life or the protection of property”.  That is so loosely interpreted it is almost meaningless.

Blog Post - Shutdown


 The Congressional Research Service reports that there is an OMB memorandum for 1981 that gives examples of functions that continue during a funding lapse or “shutdown”.

  • National security, including the conduct of foreign relations essential to the national security or the safety of life and property;
  • Benefit payments and the performance of contact obligations under no-year or multi-year appropriations or other funds remaining available for those purposes;
  • Medical care of inpatients and emergency outpatient care and activities essential for the safe use of food, drugs, and hazardous materials;
  • Air traffic control and other transportation safety functions;
  • Border and coastal protection and surveillance;
  • Protection of federal lands, buildings, waterways, and other property of the U.S.;
  • Care of prisoners and others in federal custody;
  • Law enforcement and criminal investigations;
  • Emergency and disaster assistance;
  • Activities essential to the preservation of the money and banking system of the U.S., including borrowing and tax collection;
  • Production of power and maintenance of the power distribution system; and
  • Protection of research property.


In 2011 they went beyond those basic services and listed others that would continue.  Truthfully most of the government would function and it would be business as usual during that time.

The key for the Republicans is that if they allowed funding to expire then it would be incumbent on the Democrats to find 60 votes in the Senate to refund those programs and if they could not the program could be allowed to die.  Why not use the “power of the purse” and put the onus back on the Democrats rather than hiding in fear afraid of your own shadow.  Do what you were elected to do!

God bless you and God bless America!


14th Amendment

Illegal Immigration and Amnesty are not secondary issues in this presidential campaign as Bret Baier of Fox News seems to think.  It is an economic issue, national security issue, national sovereignty as well as a social issue.  At one time I thought that if a person was born in the United States they were automatically afforded citizenship by the Constitution of these United States.  As a student of history in college and over the past 40 plus years I have discovered the writings of the authors of the 14th Amendment and their view of what that amendment actually was designed to do.

The 14th Amendment, as per Senator Jacob M. Howard of Michigan in 1866 wrote, “…every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States.  This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.” 

Blog Post - Senator Howard

Subject to the jurisdiction does not simply mean being in the country physically but means “not owing allegiance” to any other foreign nation.  It is not just the physical jurisdiction but the complete jurisdiction of the United States of America.  Illegals cannot make that claim for they are ILLEGAL.  In 1866 Senator Edward Cowan wrote, “A foreigner in the United States has a right to the protection of the laws; but is not a citizen in the ordinary acceptance of the word…”  The words “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” was intended to exclude American-born persons from automatic citizenship whose allegiance to the United States was not complete.  The Native Americans were not initially included although born here because it was not perceived that their allegiance was not complete to the United States but to their own tribal councils.  With regard to illegal aliens in the United States unlawfully, their native country has a claim of allegiance on the child.  Therefore, the completeness of their allegiance to the United States is impaired and precludes automatic citizenship.  The proper interpretation of the 14th Amendment is that an illegal alien mother is subject to the jurisdiction of her native country, as is her baby.

In the “Slaughter-House Cases” the Supreme Court confirmed this restricted interpretation of citizenship.  In 1884 Elk v. Wilkins, the phrase, “subject to its jurisdiction” was interpreted to include “children of ministers, consuls, and citizens of foreign states born with the United States.”  In Elk, the American Indian claimant was considered NOT an American citizen because the law required him to be “not merely subject in some respect or degree to the jurisdiction of the United States, but completely subject to their political jurisdiction and owing them direct and immediate allegiance.”  The Courts essentially declared that the status of the parents determines the citizenship of the child.  To qualify children for “birthright citizenship”, based on the 14th Amendment, parents MUST owe, “direct and immediate allegiance” to the United States and be “completely subject” to its jurisdiction.  Simply, they must be citizens of the United States of America.

Blog Post - Birthright

The argument that just being born here automatically affords “birthright citizenship” in the United States is to ignore the wording and intent of the Amendment.  One cannot simply self-immigrate ILLEGALLY and then claim jurisdiction because they are here.  They are citizens of another country and subject to the jurisdiction of that country.  They become subject to our laws but that does not give them citizenship.  The Civil Rights Act of 1866 defined citizens of the United States as, “all persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power, excluding American Indians not taxed.”  The question of American Indians Senator Howard argued, “…have always been in our legislation and jurisprudence, as quasi foreign nations”. Senator Lyman Trumbull (D-IL) agreed with Senator Howard stating, “…it would be a violation of our treaty obligations… to extend our laws over these Indian tribes with whom we have treaties saying we would not do so.”  Trumbull insisted that the Indian tribes WERE NOT subject to our jurisdiction in the sense of owing allegiance solely to the United States.  He stated, “…it is ONLY those persons who come completely within our jurisdiction, who are subject to our laws that we think of making citizens.”

Blog Post - Anchor

The clincher in this is that in Section 5 of the 14th Amendment it reads:  “The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.”  That includes Section 1 deemed the “citizenship clause”.  Would Congress pass legislation granting “birthright citizenship” to the children of illegal aliens?  Do wild bears live in the woods?  If they follow the arguments of the authors of the clauses and amendment they would not but if they follow present day political correctness they would.  What do you think would be the case if the Democrats and RINO’s control the White House and/or Congress?  You get the Gold Star it would be Amnesty and Anchor Baby Citizenship automatically.

            May God bless you and God bless America again!



Blog Post - 2016

Recently someone asked, “Roy, what are you looking for in 2016 politically?”  I’m glad they qualified the question or I would have answered quite differently.  The question was not what do I expect to happen but what I am looking for or want to happen in 2016 politically.  One reflects my hope and desire the other would reflect what I see in the Spirit and what I am concerned is coming down the pike in America and the world.

Watching the Republican Debate (Audition) a number of things flooded into my mind and I am still reflecting on them.  The one thing that I came away with was what I would like to see in America nationally 2016 and beyond.  I am constantly thinking and rethinking what I believe to be critical politically as well as socially, economically, in National Defense and spiritually.  A number of the candidates offered hope that these things might somehow become part of the GOP platform in 2016 but that would largely depend on the nominee.  If it is another mainstream establishment moderate to liberal the GOP nominates hope goes out the window, but if the nominee is a constitutional conservative there is hope.  I have identified a small number who would qualify as truly constitutional conservatives, some I’m still vetting and some who are polar opposites of that ideological position.

Blog Post - Looking



I want to see the size and scope of the federal government reduced dramatically and agree with Rand Paul and a couple others that I’d like to see it so small you hardly notice but that is not going to happen.  Reduced?  Possibly.  Reduced to that size?  Not a Chance. 

I want to see the deficit and spending reduced dramatically and the budget balanced but there are some caveats I must include.  I do not want a balanced budget that uses “baseline budgeting” for that will mean spending is not curtailed even if the budget is somehow balanced.  I want and “zero based budgeting” where we start a zero not where we were last year and give the automatic 5-10% increase and if we reduce the amount of automatic increase call it a cut.  IT IS NOT A CUT it is a paper manipulation that affords opportunity for spin and rhetoric.

I want to see entitlements dramatically reduced and provide a pathway to a person bettering themselves not becoming a professional recipient of government handouts.  Call me whatever you want that is destructive to America, the American dream and human dignity.  Making it more appealing to sit on one’s duff and receive a check than work is morally and fiscally wrong.


I agree with numerous candidates that we MUST have a strong military and provide them with whatever tools, equipment and weapons needed to protect and defend this nation and our national sovereignty.  However, while I disagree with Senator Paul on funding the military I do agree that we need to do it while reducing and/or eliminating the incredible waste that exists in military spending.  We need to control the proverbial $700 hammer and $150 nut or bolt.  There is incredible waste that we could eliminate and thereby reduce the money given to the military while increasing our national defense and making the military stronger.  That being said, we MUST have a strong military!


I do not agree with Jeb Bush or John Kasich and some others that we need to just turn our heads and ignore those here ILLEGALLY.  I also, understand that it is a problem to uproot families and split them.  We must SECURE THE BORDER, first and foremost and after the border is secured we can then work through what we do with the millions of illegals.  It is not a cut and dried problem, in my mind, but it is not as complicated as some would desire to make it.   I agree that it is not humane to ignore our laws and allow a flood of illegals from wherever who want to do whatever in our country.  We are either a nation maintaining its sovereignty or we are not and to fail to protect and secure our borders and enforce our laws would be an assault on law abiding American citizens.


Whether it is global warming/climate change, political correctness run amok or a hell-bent desire to force us into Socialism if not Marxism or Communism must end.  We have more civil unrest in America today than when Barack Obama was inaugurated as president.  It is not by chance this has occurred it is by design and this administration has facilitated the escalation.  We should be light years down the road to energy independence and interpersonal and ethnic relations should be improving rather than digressing.  I am convinced the left wants unrest for it fuels the fire which drives their ideological agenda.  They need an angry base to insure voter turnout, political and economic pressure.  Without it, they would lose every election and every ideological argument.

Blog Post - Solution

I do not believe that isolationism is conservatism but rather that it is dangerous.  I do not want us to be the World Police but I do want us to protect and defend our national security and have the backs of our allies in the interest of world peace.  I fully believe that we have the best opportunity to achieve and maintain peace through strength not weakness.  I do believe that our economy could be advanced rapidly if Government’s fingers were dramatically removed from the pie.  I fully support a total elimination of the Internal Revenue Service and believe we can best achieve that via a “Flat” or “Fair/Consumption” tax.

The problems we face are complex and the solutions are not easily placed in a few paragraphs.  However, I believe that if Christians were to truly adopt 2 Chronicles 7:14 as our guide and make it a reality in our lives we would see the hand of God move powerfully.  Would that eliminate the need for our involvement?  No it would not but would provide a base from which to achieve the desired result.  I have contended for a long time that what we need from believers is:  Repent, Return and Prayer. 

America we are on the brink of victory or destruction and what we do in the next few months will largely if not completely determine that.  God bless you and God bless America!


Blog Post 2 - Packaging and Selling

I cannot imagine anyone, at this time, not realizing that the Main Stream Media is a political arm of the Leftist and Democrat Party.  They ignore potentially damaging items by the Left and zoom in on any real or fabricated by anyone on the Right.  They do not seem to care about facts or truth for those only get in the way of the agenda and narrative.

Take the recent hoopla over Dr. Ben Carson and West Point compared to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  The Politico article that has somewhat been walked back but is still out there and the damage is done for the Kool-Aid crowd because it was reported and no matter how much recanting by the reporters it is out there.  A closer examination of the situation is in order.

Politico reported that Dr. Ben Carson lied about being offered a scholarship to West Point, meeting with General Westmoreland and more.  Their initial report was that Dr. Carson, then a high school 17 year old, claimed to have been offered a full scholarship to West Point.  They indicated he had pursued that scholarship but no record could be found of such an offer or application.  TRUTH – Dr. Carson did not apply to West Point.  If I, as a 17 or 18 year old High School student were told that I would be given “room, board and full tuition” I would have concluded that it was a scholarship offer and in fact did.  I have said since High School that I barely missed a scholarship to the Air Force Academy when in fact it would have been appointment not scholarship.  Therefore, I suppose that nothing I say now should be believed because of my mischaracterization of what was at stake or on the table.  Please!

Blog Post 2 - Facts

Politico’s initial story was:  “Dr. Ben Carson did not apply nor was he awarded a full scholars to West Point as he originally claimed in his memoir.  In “Gifted Hands” Dr. Carson wrote that General Westmoreland extended him a “full scholarship” when they met for dinner in 1969.  They continued that West Point has no record of Carson ever applying, let alone being given a scholarship.”  Damage done.  Later Politico edited that story and stated that Carson’s campaign admitted he never applied to West Point.  Damage done.  TRUTH – Dr. Carson has stated from the beginning that he never applied to West Point.  He was told by a West Point Administrator, according to his team, “You’ve got a great record. We can help you navigate the trail to West Point.”  Dr. Carson decided not to follow that path as his dream was to be a surgeon.

How you say things or ask questions is critical in honest presentation of facts.  This story is reminds me of the proverbial, “Are you still beating your wife question with the caveat that you must answer yes or no.”   Either yes or no will damn you and so this account seems to be the same.  The wording that Dr. Carson “admitted” he did not apply rather than “acknowledged” or “affirmed” he did not apply is where the damage is done.  It leaves the perception that he embellished (which means lie in East Texas vernacular) his history.  Obviously, General Westmoreland cannot be asked to confirm or deny this account and even though there has been corroboration that the young Ben Carson did meet the General the perception of dishonesty has been advanced.  Now, some will question everything Dr. Carson says, not based on fact but based on perception.  Hillary Clinton’s Marine Corps story and subsequent clean up is acceptable but Ben Carson’s consistent reiteration of his is not.  No bias there, right???

Blog Post 2 - Hypocrisy

There has been scrutiny of Dr. Carson’s college records and virtually all the Republican candidates are put under the microscope but when it came to Barack Obama it was, “nothing to see here, move on.”  Obama spent millions to insure his records would never go public and one should wonder why?  Many of the stories told by Barack Obama in his memoirs have been debunked but the Media yawned and had no interest.  The same with Hillary Clinton and her proven lies regarding Benghazi.  The Democrats and media demonstrate total disinterest in those stories and anyone trying to lay them at the feet of the president or the former Secretary of State is blasted as racist, sexist or something even worse.  Hillary and Obama have both identified the Republicans who push back on their agenda as “domestic terrorist” and proclaimed them one of the greatest dangers to America.  The media hears the fabrications, the lies, distortions and scandals and simply yawns and moves on or participates in the cover up or attempt to put a positive spin on the event.  With the Republican, as with Dr. Carson, it is put out the unproven charge knowing the damage will be done even after the truth is revealed.

What is my hope?  That the America people are sufficiently becoming aware of the hypocrisy of the Main Stream Media and the Leftist politicians.  If we are then these unfounded accusations will bolster not hinder the advance of the cause of Constitutional Liberty in America!  I am still vetting the candidates and while Dr. Carson is the main figure in this article my purpose is to demonstrate the packaging and selling of hypocrisy by the MSM and Leftist in America.

God help us wake up, stand up, speak up and become involved in the process.  May God bless you and may He bless America again!


Blog Post 1 - Lawlessness

We have a condition in America today that will lead from Soft Tyranny to Hard Tyranny and it is being fueled by the lawlessness of this administration.  That’s right, LAWLESSNESS!  When subordinates in this administration can openly and blatantly break federal law with complete confidence that even if indicted would never see one day inside a prison cell they are fueling the anarchy that is sticking its ugly head from the shadows.

Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton, to name two, have blatantly broken federal law making them deserving of federal prosecution.  They are not only exonerated by the Department of Justice but praised by the media and justified by the president as commendable public servants just doing their job.  What job?  Are they not bound by the constitution and federal law?  It would seem the answer is no!

When the president continually does an end run around Congress, ignores the constitution using his pen and phone in unconstitutional and illegal ways with virtually no push back from Congress, the Courts, the Media and few in the public it breeds a mindset in sectors of the public that ultimately produces anarchy.  When the looters and rioters in Ferguson, Missouri are given a “free pass” to loot and riot with no fear of prosecution that plants seeds of anarchy in other sectors of the nation.  Anarchy is the fruit of those seed and we are seeing it surface time and again.  Isolated situations where people fearlessly bait and attack the police knowing that there is little or no fear or prosecution produces a mindset that can only produce anarchy.

Blog Post 1 - Fear

When the public, at large, is paralyzed with fear of calling the participants of these riots and isolated incidences as terrorist criminals and terrorism, knowing that to do so would receive a swift and harsh response from the Politically Correct Police of today anarchy is being produced.  When followers of Islamic jihad know that this government will not identify what they are doing terrorism and will blame everything but their religious ideology for their actions it invites more attacks.  When the proponents of “Black Lives Matter” as opposed to “All Lives Matter” can call for the death of whites, incite rioting and looting and even declare open season on police knowing there will be no federal prosecution anarchy is budding forth and will soon become the norm in America.

When anarchy is in full bloom with daily rioting in the streets, massive killings, looting and a virtual civil war in America the federal government will be compelled to step in to gain control and maintain order.  The only hope for restoring order would be declared to be national martial law with tanks and troops in the streets of American cities enforcing curfews, confiscating private firearms, controlling travel and communications resulting in a transition from Soft Tyranny to Hard Tyranny and a complete “transformation” of America.  The end result of that would be the end of the American Constitutional Republic.

Blog Post 1 - Alarmist

Am I being alarmist?  I hope so!  However, how do you argue that lawlessness does not breed lawlessness?  How can you not see that if those in government are exempted from obeying the laws that you and I must obey some would not see this as invitation to also be lawless?  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!  When the federal government is not bound by the Constitution or tosses off Constitutional restraints why would any citizen that is desirous of lashing out not feel free to do so?  If you have been conditioned all your life to believe that you are an abused ethnicity or group and national leaders call for you to commit acts of anarchy to advance your cause and call attention to your perceived plight is not anarchy the natural result?

As long as those in Washington, DC refuse to do their constitutionally mandated duty and put an end to the lawlessness there can only be one natural result – ANARCHY!  When anarchy floods the streets of our cities Tyrannical government control will be the next step.  This is another reason that it is mandatory that we reject any and all who would advance and promote the policies of political correctness and the anti-constitutional policies of the past few years.  WE MUST RECLAIM OUR NATION in 2016 or we will have no nation to reclaim.

Blog Post 1 - Thank YouGod bless you and God bless America!