BLOG POST 3 - Unremembered

I’m going to step back from the current hoopla in DC and talk about something entirely different and largely unrelated.  I want to refer back to the recent death and much ado over the memorial services and discussions of the Left and Right over Senator John McCain, former Navy POW in Vietnam brought to mind some of our forgotten or unremembered heroes of late.  I write this not to speak derogatorily of Senator McCain, that would serve no real productive purpose.  I did not like Senator McCain’s politics and there are conflicting reports of his time in Hanoi Prisons, but I will leave that to history and to God.  He is gone and now someone will take his seat and either continue his brand of politics or chart a different course for Arizona and the nation politically.  Time will tell how that will unfold.

What I want to do is identify a man who also served in the United States Senate and was given little recognition for his POW status, his sufferings, or his leadership.  He attended the Naval Academy, was a Navy aviator flying combat missions over hostile enemy territory, and spent years confined in Vietnamese prisons, endured torture and beatings and maintained his honor and dignity through it all.  One would think that such a man would have had national recognition at his passing, but he did not.  This man was retired Rear Admiral Jeremiah Denton who served as a Senator from Alabama. 

He was a contemporary of George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter.  He excelled academically earning a master’s in international relations from George Washington University and won the Naval War College’s award for best thesis.  He was a respected thinker and an honorable man.  He was one of America’s oldest active American pilots during Vietnam, serving at age 41 and was shot down over North Vietnam in 1965.  He spent almost 8 years as a POW and was known for outwitting his captors by sending the Code letters, T-O-R-T-U-R-E blinking his eyes in Morse Code as he answered the questions on video.  He achieved the rank of Rear Admiral after his release from the Vietnamese and was a part of the Moral Majority.  In 1979 he ran for the U.S. Senate as a Republican in Alabama and as a noted underdog surprised the Republican establishment by winning the primary.  He ran on a platform of Pro-Life, Pro-Family and won the general election as Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter. 

Senator Denton was welcomed to Washington by the MSM with the same sort of respect they have given Donald J. Trump and others who do not fit their mode and follow their ideology. His first big piece of legislation, the Adolescent Family Life Act, was mocked by the media.  The media demonstrated their bias by attacking his legislation which was an adaptation and modification of existing legislation and sponsored by none other than the Democratic favorite, Ted Kennedy.  He worked successfully behind the scenes to achieve bipartisan support on key conservative measures and stood true to his principles and ideological beliefs.  Although he ran what appeared to be a half-hearted and complacent campaign in 1986, he still almost won.  He was defeated in the wave to remove Republicans that swept the country and was replaced by a Democrat who later switched parties, Richard Shelby.  He fought for the preservation of Western Civilization, the permanence of our American Constitution, the Rights of the Unborn, and was very Pro-God and Pro-Family personally and politically.

His service to our country both as a former POW and as an elected public servant should be remembered, but when he died at the age of 89 there was not national notice. He was buried with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetery in 2014 but there was no television coverage, no preempting of the daily soaps, sitcoms, or sporting events and his pallbearers did not include prominent Hollywood figures or political icons.  He served quietly, faithfully, and loyally and almost no one remembered.  The failure to remember him and others like him was and is a tragedy!

Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) was also a POW in Vietnam and flew missions in both Korea and Vietnam before being shot down.  He spent nearly 7 years as a captive and for 2 ½ years was in leg irons and 72 days had his feet in stocks.  When he returned to Texas in 1973 after his release he weighed 140 pounds.  He always declared that he would never let his physical wounds hold him back in life or in spirit.  He reminded everyone in his plea for funding and respect for our military during Obama’s first term reminding everyone that while he and his fellow POWs were imprisoned Washington cut the funding for Vietnam.  He recalled the horror that the Anti-War sentiment and the actions of Congress brought upon people like himself.  His captors were emboldened and considered America a weak-willed paper tiger.

As he stood before Congress he said these chilling words and words that should cause every patriot to rise in defense.  He said, “Our troops, our families, want, need and deserve the full support of the country and Congress.”  He also reminded Congress and the world that, “Debating non-binding resolutions aimed at earning political points only destroys morale, stymies success, and emboldens the enemy.”  That is a truth that cannot be evaded.  He said that when he and his fellow prisoners returned home they vowed to stop “griping about how the government ran the war and do something positive about it.”  He was and is an American Patriot and a hero.

A true American patriot and War Hero is not one that is created for political purposes but one who has or is serving his country with honor.  A true American hero is a man or woman who places duty to country above his personal safety or enrichment.  A true America hero is not someone who self-aggrandizes, self-promotes, and seeks personal gain over the duty to serve the constituents, the country, and protect and defend the constitution.  There are many members of Congress past and present who have served in the United States Military in both parties.  There are those who have demonstrated anything but a dedication to the ideals and founding principles of the Republic and there are those who have and do.  I have no problem with a veteran writing a book about his/her experiences, that is an individual right.  I don’t talk about my time in Vietnam largely because I see no benefit in remembering and being reminded of a dark time in my life.  I will, however, fight to the death to defend the memories of those with whom I served and all who served, especially those who never came home.  If I can help a fellow veteran or their family with an accounting of my time there, I will do it, but otherwise, don’t ask because I choose not to discuss it.  God set me free from the memories and nightmares and gratefully I will continue to move forward toward the finish line of life with victory.

Just because a man or a woman was or is deemed a military hero does not mean they are always on the right side of any political or life issue.  They are still members of the human family and flawed vessels.  I do not vote for a candidate simply because he or she served but because of their policies.  Just because they are veterans, POWs, or decorated does not automatically afford them license to practice destructive politics.  Their service earns my respect and I will never trash their service, but I may reject their policies.  What am I saying?  Sometimes, I wonder if a class of American Hero that is forgotten might be the Voter who looks beyond the hype and refuses to be beaten into submission by the attempted guilt of not voting for a War Hero, a particular ethnicity or gender and votes FOR AMERICA!  Maybe what I’ve said is simply, Roy Beaird being troubled by the state of American politics and maybe it resonates with you.  If it does, thank you for your service and thank you for standing with those of us who want to see the American Constitutional Republic protected, preserved, and restored.

God bless you and God bless America!



BLOG POST 1 - Line in the Sand

When I think of drawing a line in the sand, I think of William Barret Travis at the Alamo.  His was a declaration that he would fight to the death defending the Alamo to buy precious time for General Sam Houston in Texas’ fight for Freedom from Mexico.  It was a line of commitment!  When I say, “This is where I draw the line in the sand,” I am laying down a definitive point or limit beyond which I refuse to go or allow.  In today’s America, there are numerous reasons for all Lovers of Freedom to “Draw Lines in the Sand.”  What is the point or event that stirs your heart so intensely and challenges your conscience so deeply that you “Draw a Line in the Sand?”  Maybe I should ask, is there a point that will elicit that response?

I believe that our current condition morally, socially, ideologically, spiritually, and politically goes far beyond Democrat and Republican and typifies the reality of the war between good and evil.  Don’t knee-jerk and assume that I am calling Democrats evil and Republicans good for there is enough evil in both parties to make any such assertion a fallacy.  Rather I am recalling the reality that through apathy, lack of awareness, and deception we have failed to “Draw the needed Line in the Sand,” and “Say No More!”  Is there a place that we say, NO MORE or THIS FAR and NO FURTHER?  Our complacency and compliance to the erosions and infringements upon our liberties suggests that place, event, or condition appears not to have been reached or does not exist.  That is both troubling and frightening!

In a great measure, we have been the proverbial frog in the pan of water, allowing the slow increase in temperature to camouflage the dangers bringing us to the brink of destruction.  We have been the rock upon with droplets of water have continually dripped wearing holes in our Constitutional Liberties and moorings to the point of infringement.  We have been the sheep voting on what to have for lunch with a pack of wolves not sensing the danger or not feeling sufficiently threatened to recognize the danger and damage.

Those who are followers of Christ and seek to be obedient to the directives of the Bible have too frequently adopted a passivity toward politics that has allowed strongholds to be established which are enemies of Constitutional Freedom and Liberty.  Regardless of whether it has been the result of misguided interpretations of Scripture or the Constitution, apathy, complacency, cowardice, or a feeling of helplessness the damage has been and is being done.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone say, “What can one man or woman do?”  Declaring, “I’m just one voice or one vote,” as a justification for silence or inaction has perpetuated this problem and ushered us into our present state.  What must transpire before we “Draw our Line in the Sand” and say NO MORE?

The deadly idea, as presented in today’s politics, of Separation of Church and State has created a State Church, in principle.  Those who argue that there must be a “wall of separation” between the Church have allowed the State to penetrate that wall and virtually create a State Church.  How so, you may ask?  If the Government and the Courts can issue interpretations of the Constitution that infringe upon any person’s or group of people’s religious convictions demanding compliance and embrace is that not a violation of the 1st Amendment?  Does it not create a State Interpretation of the Bible when the government can demand under penalty of law that anyone violate their religious convictions to accommodate another?  I need only cite abortion and same-sex marriage to complete my argument.  No, the government is not, at this juncture, forcing women to have an abortion but it is demanding that everyone regardless of their religious conviction accept and embrace that practice as a legitimate of a woman’s right to choose while disregarding the undefended right to life of the unborn. We are called haters of women if we object!  The government and the courts have demanded that Christian Bakers violate their religious convictions and accommodate same-sex couples in some measure.  If the Wall of Separation demanded by the liberal ideology can be penetrated in that manner can it not be penetrated in other areas?

It is my view that the sovereignty of the United States of America is threatened by disregarding our laws and the Constitutional prescription for acquiring citizenship and allowing and even rewarding ILLEGAL entry into this nation.  When criminals can transgress our laws and after being deported multiple times because of both illegal entry and violation of other laws are then afforded Sanctuary we endanger Americans.  They then commit murder, rape, or theft and that is or should be cause for alarm and action!  That should be enough to draw the line in the sand for all patriots and lovers of freedom and liberty, but is it?  The sex education courses and discussions in public schools without parental consent and oversight should be cause for concern because it infringes on the biblical, moral, and even constitutional right of parents regarding their children.

I was disturbed when the government and the courts banned prayer from our schools, insisted that we not recite the pledge of allegiance in the classroom and stripped our texts from any mention of creationism while allowing the theory of evolution to be taught as a scientific fact.  I fought in legal and civil ways, I questioned my elected officials, and challenged school boards and state education agencies but often found I was “one man” fighting alone in my community.  I have drawn some lines in the sand politically and resist the ideology of big government and believe that we have inalienable rights that come from God our Creator not the government.  I stand staunchly against the idea and current push toward socialism, which uses the entitlement promises of politicians as a bribe to achieve its implementation.

In today’s politics and much of society truth, integrity, and honesty are deemed weaknesses and bullying, threatening, bringing false allegations and accusations to achieve an end has become a norm and acceptable.  We need to “Draw a Line in the Sand,” and as a united people demand a return to Constitutional principles.  We need to demand a return to personal accountability and responsibility. We need to make the commitment, individually and nationally to strip power from the hands of those who would infringe upon our Inalienable Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties.  We need to “Draw a Line in the Sand,” and say NO MORE to the attempts to alter our Republic from its Original Constitutional System of Government into an anti-God, anti-family, and anti-individual liberty system.  We are reaping the fruit of what has been sown over multiple decades and generations and unless we DRAW a LINE in the SAND as those in 1776 or at the Alamo we will witness our destruction.  We must determine that we will defend to the death those moral and constitutional principles, precepts, and guidelines our Founders and the Framers established.  These mid-term elections are an opportunity to DRAW SUCH A LINE!  The cost is high for not doing so and potentially high if we do.  It could cost us dearly to take a definitive stand for America aligning ourselves with those who stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  Where is your Line in the Sand?  Do you have a line in the sand?

God bless you and God bless America!


THE LEFT HAS DRAWN THE LINE IN THE SAND – – We Must Not Miss Their Warnings…

BLOG POST 3 - Line in the Sand

You may consider me an alarmist and the little boy or old man crying wolf but the warning that I am declaring is very real and we disregard it to our own hurt.  I know that millions are fully cognizant of the dangers and that is why Donald J. Trump won the presidency in 2016.  Millions were fed up with the toxicity of liberalism progressivism socialism and globalism and wanted a serious attempt to regain control of our government gone rogue for decades.  You may not like Donald Trump and may not like me for standing with him in the fight for America, that is your choice.  You may feel that I am drunk on the rhetoric and a Trump cultist, that is your choice.  You may not believe there is a clear and present danger for our Republic, that too is your choice, but I ask that you allow me a few paragraphs or minutes to attempt to unpackage the Democrat dangers lurking in the shadows.  They are beginning to reveal who and what they are in an arrogant and visible manner.  I hope you are listening, watching, and considering the costs of another round of Liberal control of Congress.

In my home state Texas, the Senate race between Ted Cruz and the Leftist Beto O’Rourke continues to take the lid off the Democrat agenda.  In a recent town hall meeting, a Beto O’Rourke protester was yelling the standard liberal diatribe about ‘gun control’ and one of my fellow Texans yelled, “Come and take it!”  The O’Rourke supporter screamed back, ‘WE WILL!’  That is the entire campaign in a nutshell.  If the Left regains power THEY WILL attempt to come and take not only our guns but our Right to Free Speech for everyone, and many of our other liberties.  THEY WILL, seek to repeal or reverse the Tax Cuts that we recently received.  THEY WILL, seek to open the borders and virtually destroy the sovereignty of America and destroy our Constitution.  ILLEGALS will become legal by a stroke of their pen and more harm will be done to our economy, our electoral system, our courts, education, and our nation.  We will, effectively, cease to be the United States of America the Free Constitutional Republic.

Don Lemon forgives or gives a free pass to ANTIFA for beating cops and the elderly.  He believes they are justified.  NBC News did not even cover the assault on members of their own staff.  WHY?  Well, there are several possible reasons including FEAR of upsetting the Leftist base and the protesters.  However, I believe the root cause of not reporting is that it would deflate their arguments and undermine their storyline.  CNN even called ANTIFA an “anti-hate group”.  I find that more than astounding and grossly hypocritical for how can, you call a group that is driven by hatred and violence an ‘anti-hate group’ or ‘anti-violence?’  HOW?  You cannot with any semblance of honesty.  There is a recorded incident where a Bernie Sanders supporter carried a “Fascist Flag” to an ANTIFA protest.  How is that for hypocrisy?  Don Lemon claimed that their assault on the elderly, the police, and anyone not supporting their cause doesn’t make them bad guys.  Hardly, he argues they are the good guys because no one’s perfect.  WOW!  No one is perfect, but they are the good guys, so much for tolerance!

Representative Roger Marshall (R) who represents the 1st Congressional District of Kansas has an interesting take on the Leftist Socialist Democrats especially the new darling of that party, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.  He contends that the GOP should welcome her rhetoric and spin on things Socialist and Political.  NO, he is not endorsing her ideas but declaring that they are so far-fetched and other than what America has been about for over 200 years that she will push voters to the GOP.  Is he correct?  I don’t know but hope he is.  His argument and mine are that the message of Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez allows Free Market Republicans to contrast the message of the Right to that of the Left.  The FREE RIDE of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez as well as the liberal leftists such as Nancy Pelosi, Keith Ellison, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and more is an affront to every hard-working tax-paying American or should be.  The contrast is incredibly clear in the realm of America politics today.  If you want to Keep your Rights, Liberties, and Freedoms you CANNOT support the Leftist and you cannot stay home!  I am not attempting to paint the Republicans as true guardians of our Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties, but they are not at war with Free Speech, Christian Values, and maintaining the Sovereignty of the United States.  THE CHOICE IS CLEAR and BECOMING EVEN CLEARER!

Representative Marshall, M.D. states an inconvenient truth that the Freebie Crowd cannot accommodate – THERE IS NO MEDICARE FOR ALL!  It is not possible without bankrupting our economy and destroying our healthcare industry and system.  He argues that Medicare only exists because a free-market health-care system allows it to exist.  Medicare can only exist within a relatively open market system that still inspires America’s best and brightest to become doctors, nurses, and health-care innovators.  THANK GOD!  If you want to get a real glimpse of Government Run Health-care look no further than the past 25 years of the Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals.  I am a veteran and have been treated in those facilities and most veterans I know would not tell you that he/she thinks government run health-care is the best path.

The bottom line of the Leftist and the Democratic Party is CONTROL.  The current antics of Senator Feinstein and the Democrats is crystally clear.  They will do anything and use any tactic to defeat Donald Trump and Constitutional or Conservative agendas.  Of course, many Republicans want CONTROL, that is the nature of politics and politicians. However, the Democrats are taking steps toward making their desire a reality and should the reclaim control of Congress they will move at warp speed to achieve their objectives.  The Democrats are moving toward Socialism and the Republicans, by and large, still support marketplace choice.  If we reach a place where the government runs and controls health-care, we will not see improvement in care but a systematic program where there is delayed and denied care.  A form of eugenics and even euthanasia will be implemented and many of us who are past 65 years of age will find that we are not allowed certain treatments because our productive years are deemed to be behind us.  If that is something you support, the abortion (another staple of the Democrat Party) should be no problem for you.  IT IS FOR ME!

The Democrats, at least nationally, believe that government is wiser and more capable of making life decisions than individuals.  They believe that the government is better equipped to make decisions regarding our children’s education and core beliefs that parents. They believe that rights come from government rather than, as was declared by our Founders, that certain inalienable rights come from God and should not be abridged by government.  If you want to see a country run by Socialist and see the destruction and decay just look toward Venezuela.  A nation that was once a rich and prosperous country is not in abject poverty with citizens starving because of SOCIALISM.  You might want to check out why both China and Vietnam abandoned their failed “five-year plans” of government-controlled economies and turned to free enterprise incentives so they could fee their citizens.

The choice is clear, and it is far beyond personalities.  It is about Freedom and Free Markets rather than Control, Sharing the Wealth, and Redistribution of Wealth which is nothing short of a modern form of slavery.  IT IS YOUR CHOICE, but as for me and my house we CHOOSE FREEDOM!  We will VOTE NO on the Leftist in November and by that vote, VOTE YES for America and Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 2 - Want and Need

I would, at the first, say, what we want and what we need are not the necessarily the same, but after more thought, I believe they can be and probably should be.  In a perfect world, our elected officials would be men and women of high moral character, honest, trustworthy, dedicated to protecting and defending the Constitution and keeping the Republic strong, safe, and free.  We do not live in a perfect world!  We live in a world filled with flawed human beings, of which we are one.  There was only one perfect man and He died on the Cross for the sins of mankind.  Nobody before or since rises to that level of perfection, so it is important that we face reality.

Please do not assume that my last statement means that I do not desire or expect elected officials to rise to above certain minimum levels, I most assuredly do.  However, I also realize that politicians are, by and large, a group of unique individuals usually driven by super-sized egos and self-importance.  Many of them, demonstrate a propensity to sell their influence for fame, fortune, and power and that is troubling.  In electing a person to a political office, we are not electing a pastor, Sunday School teacher, or spiritual guardian, we are electing someone to govern.  That being said, we have constitutional, legal, and societal norms that demand they stay within certain bounds and guidelines in the conducting of the duties of their office.  If they violate those, they should and must be held accountable!

I am convinced that MOST AMERICANS care more about Policies than Character.  You may argue that you do not, and you may not.  But, I said, MOST AMERICANS not ALL AMERICANS.  What do we do when it boils down to a choice between Good and Preferred Policy and Character in the candidates?  What happens if one candidate has some questionable character traits but adheres to good and right policies and the other has some desirable and commendable character traits but ascribes to horrific policies and a political ideology?  What do you do?  Do you vote for character or supposed character, or do you vote for policy?  That is a dilemma that millions have faced in virtually every election for President and often for Congress.  Many times, neither candidate demonstrates commendable character and that makes the choice much easier.

Remember the choice between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter?  Carter’s two-bedroom home in Plains, Georgia has been assessed at $167,000.  Unlike former President’s Clinton and Obama, he opted not to join corporate boards or deliver six-figure speeches because he didn’t want to “capitalize financially on being in the White House.”  He has spent the years following his term as President building houses for Habitat for Humanity.  He ordered the White House to turn the thermostats down to 65 degrees in the winter and urged all Americans to do the same to conserve energy.  In many ways, Jimmy Carter demonstrated high moral character but when the votes were tabulated America choose Ronald Reagan because they believed, as do I, that Carter brought them the energy crisis and a dismal economy.

Donald J. Trump is a saint by no reasonable person’s standards, but then neither is Hillary Clinton, so the choice was not about character, but about policies.  I found it interesting that there were many who insisted that because of Trump’s character flaws they could not and would not vote for him and deemed anyone that did an apostate and traitor to the Christian faith.  If we were electing a national pastor, I might agree and would not have voted for either but the choice, as I saw it, was Policy and I voted for what I believed to be the best avenue to achieve the desired Policies for America.  Forgive me for this insertion but someone asked, “Is it better to have an SOB in the White House who gets things done or a saintly incumbent whose policies do not work?” 

I don’t recall the Democrats being offended by Bill Clinton’s moral failings and sexual escapades nor do I recall most of the Never Trump Adherents attacking Clinton’s character.  Rather, the detractors railed against his Policy, not his Character.  I am fully convinced that if Donald J. Trump were a Democrat we would be hearing nothing about his character today.  That suggests, to me, that it is not Character that is of concern but Policies that drive the hatred and resistance against him.

Let me offer two more situations to add to my argument that Policy is more important to most voters than Character.  Republican Representative Duncan Hunter in San Diego’s district will likely be reelected despite his indictment for using campaign funds to subsidize his family’s lifestyle.  So much for character, I guess.  Then on the Democratic side of the ledger, it is likely that the New Jersey Democrats will return Senator Bob Menendez to Washington even after his indictment and subsequent trial on corruption charges.  The trial ended in a mistrial with a deadlocked jury, but the evidence revealed that there were clear ethical problems.  I contend that when people go into the voting booth they vote political philosophy rather than perceived character.  I am not arguing the rightness or the wrongness of either position, simply stating that this is a reality.

Now, let me state my position, I believe that what we need in elected officials are people who will FOLLOW GOOD POLICIES or policies that are constitutional and good for America.  What do we need in elected officials? We need men and women who are committed to the constitution, the rule of law, and will keep their campaign promises.  What we want often appears to be someone who will do what we want whether that is good for America or not.  We tend to want people who look good, act according to our particular set of decorum guidelines, and fit the standardized model.  If that is the case, then what we want and what we need are worlds apart.

Independent voters tend to determine many elections and among those Independents, most of them acknowledge that Policy determines their vote rather than the perception of a candidate’s character.  Bob Stern, the former president of the Center for Government Studies conducted a course at UCLA Extension regarding the 2016 election.  That class was attended almost exclusively by Los Angeles liberals.  He proposed a scenario in which Donald J. Trump was a Democrat, who embraced the Democratic platform, and his first appointment to the Supreme Court would have been Merrick Garland, and his second nomination would have been Obama himself.  Two-thirds of that class declared they would vote for Trump!  That, in my view, clearly reveals a glaring truth that Party and Policies far exceed character in politics.  Character issues can shipwreck a presidency or a political candidate but for the most part, Policy will always stand above the perception of character for most voters.

Rather than this being an argument that Policy is important and Character not, I am stating the present reality.  I ask, “If you must choose Policy that will impact your life, preserve your liberties and freedoms, and create a safer world in which to live or Character with policies that do the opposite – WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE?”  In the Bible, God used some bad people to do good things and often turned the nation of Israel from sin to righteousness.  In politics, which affects life, we face difficult choices but ultimately must choose what is BEST and GOOD for the nation.  You may have to swallow hard and cast your vote for a candidate, but if the choice is Policy that will produce the Best Good for America or Character that will drag us down – WHAT SAY YOU?

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 1 - What in the World

The more I consider what is happening with the Supreme Court confirmation process for the nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the more I realize that our world is a sick, sick, sick place.  I have come to realize that there is no depth to the debauchery and diabolical dirty tricks the liberal leftists will descend.  They have one purpose, and that is to destroy President Donald Trump and I honestly do not know if they know or care that in the process they are ripping our Republic to shreds.  It is more than simply a ‘double standard’ employed by the leftists it is willing blindness, attempts to justify, and sitting as judge, jury, and executioner of any conservative or Republican while extending the hand of mercy and insisting on the age-old principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ for Democrats.  In today’s political world, accusations are sufficient to convict if it is a conservative or Republican!  The Democrats in Congress, the MSM, Hollywood, and the Never Trump coalition ignore the many revealed charges of sexual impropriety against Democrats, for the most part, but strive to convict a Republican in the Court of Public Opinion.  Never mind that the charges may be baseless, without the possibility of corroboration, and politically motivated, destruction of the accused is the desire, not truth or justice.  It almost seems, if you are a Conservative, Christian, White Male – YOU ARE GUILTY!  Never fear, they will find some charge to level at you because based on your political ideology, your faith, and your ethnicity – YOU ARE DEEMED GUILTY!

I cannot help but wonder why Senator Diane Feinstein would readily and eagerly receive a letter from Dr. Christine Ford with an accusation that the Senator confesses she does not know if the allegations are true.  It is simply because she seeks to destroy the nominee for the Supreme Court?  Yet, that same Senator refused to even read the deposition of Juanita Broderick regarding her charge of rape against Bill Clinton.  WHY is one credible and the other not worthy of even a cursory reading of the charges, Senator?  I will not hold my breath awaiting your response for that will likely never come.  I cannot help but wonder, how the Democrats can now insist that these allegations disqualify Judge Brett Kavanaugh from consideration for the Supreme Court since they insisted that Bill Clinton’s prior sexual scandals had no bearing on him serving as President.  Is the Supreme Court more important or to be held to a higher standard than President?  Again, I won’t hold my breath waiting for an explanation from the Left.

Dr. Ford’s memory of the events appears to be sketchy and I will argue that any person suffering from PTSD and anyone who experienced an attempted rape or anything of the sort, NEVER FORGETS!  I’ve talked to Psychological Counselors and dealt with situations in my years of ministry where the victim could give details to the minute, yet this woman cannot.  That is problematic, in my mind.  Her husband stated on one occasion that she came forward to her analyst in 2012 and brought up Judge Kavanaugh because as is recorded in a Washington Post article, “his wife used Kavanaugh’s last name and voiced concern that Kavanaugh – then a federal judge – might one day be nominated to the Supreme Court.” Motive? Isn’t that a bit suspect?  Her liberal activism has been undeniably documented.  She has been and is a Democrat Activist.  A little known piece of the puzzle might be found in the fact that Judge Kavanaugh’s mother ruled in a foreclosure case regarding Dr. Ford’s parent’s home.  It is a bit odd that her social media has been scrubbed, her high school yearbook removed from the internet along with the history of wild partying by girls in her school.  She has been a long-time donor to the Democrat Party and makes the “P” hats and wears them to Anti-Trump rallies.  Her brother has worked for the ‘Baker Law Firm’ for 15 years and by the way, that law firm is the Law Firm for ‘Fusion GPS’.   Do you see a possible pattern yet? 

At this ‘gathering’ or ‘party’ where the alleged attempted rape took place, we now know that supposedly there was also another girl present.  It might be possible to forget the names of the other boys, other than the alleged attacker but not the girl.  I would suggest that she would have likely told the girl what happened.  She claimed to have been so traumatized by the incident that she received, ‘medical treatment’ but there are no known or revealed hospital records to verify this account.  Strange isn’t it?  If there were records why would they disappear?  Who took her home?  Would she not remember the name of that person, her Good Samaritan?  How could you forget their name or not remember who if anyone took you home?  Repressed Memory?  That is a bit much for rational thought, but alas, she has made the allegations and to the Democrats, MSM, Hollywood, Activists, and Never Trump Crowd that is sufficient to convict without a trial or any rebuttal.  After all, Judge Kavanaugh is a White Male who is Conservative and was nominated by the dastardly Donald Trump, he must be guilty, no need for a trial.

Dr. Ford has released selective portions of the therapist’s notes, “cherry picking” is the term the Democrats like to use for partial disclosures that might lead to distortions.  Her therapist’s notes describe the alleged attack, but there is no mention of Brett Kavanaugh or Mr. Judge in those notes.  The notes indicate that there were four boys present but her letter to Senator Feinstein says there were two.  Both alleged assailants and another supposed attendee have all categorically denied the event ever took place.  She cannot remember the exact location, the date, or even the year and isn’t sure if it was a bedroom or just a room with a door.  One time it was a bed and the next it was a room.  Those details are problematic or should be.

This has all the earmarks of a ‘set-up’ and smacks with the tactic to delay, delay, delay in order to keep this on the front burner right up to and beyond the mid-term elections.  If this actually happened to Dr. Ford, my heart goes out to her and I would NEVER condone that kind of violence and violation by anyone or to anyone.  Sexual assault is reprehensible and there is no defense.  That being said, this is an ALLEGATION, not PROOF and if we are to be fair and honest it must remain that.  There can be no rush to judgment, but tragically the Democrats in the Senate, and many in the media have tried, convicted, and pronounced sentence on Judge Kavanaugh in a very Un-American manner.  It, at this point, appears to be a political ploy.  If she was assaulted and required medical treatment, her parents would assuredly have been told.  I don’t know her parents, but I know if my daughter were assaulted and I became aware of it there would be no stopping me pursuing bringing the culprit to justice.  Silence for 30 years would not have been an option.  She even alleged that she was afraid that Brett Kavanaugh would “inadvertently kill her.”  INADVERTENTLY?  What does that mean, did he supposedly threaten her?

She reported this incident to her “local government representative” on July 16, 2018.  She then wrote a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein to provide “relevant information regarding the current nominee” to the Supreme Court.  INTERESTING TIMING! This provided a pathway to bring this to the public forum.  She didn’t specify the year but stated that it was the early 1980’s.  With the acknowledgment of her husband that her bringing this to the attention of a couple’s therapist was concern over Judge Kavanaugh being considered for the Supreme Court, I am troubled.  She claimed she told no one out of fear that she would not be believed.  That is possible, but not likely that she told NO ONE if it actually happened.  However, I cannot fathom parents not taking to heart the claims of their 15-year old daughter who alleges an attempted rape.  UNLESS her history with her parents was one of fantasy tales that left her unbelievable.  I’m not saying that was the case only searching for possible explanations.  The second accused person Mark Judge stated categorically that the event never happened as did a third person.  Why would she contact a political representative, not Law Enforcement or the FBI?  Why did the local government official or Senator Feinstein not contact the FBI?  Instead of taking the proper actions the Senator played a political game and held the information as a closely guarded secret until all other attempts to derail the confirmation failed then dropped this ‘bombshell’ of unsubstantiated charges against the nominee.   The Senator still refuses to give a copy to the committee.  Strange Isn’t It?

I see another possible purpose in all this by the Democrats.  The accuser has sidestepped attempts to get her to testify under oath and insists that the FBI investigate the man who has been investigated six-times and come out spotless each time.  Her desire to have the FBI attempt to corroborate or at least bring question regarding the alleged incident would provide her a platform to shape her testimony to conform to the FBI report.  She could then modify or conveniently REMEMBER what she had FORGOTTEN.  Chris Matthews of MSNBC has come out what may be the real intent of the Democrats.  He suggested that the Republicans might confirm Judge Kavanaugh but then on the Monday or Sunday before the mid-term elections Dr. Ford would go on national television and tell her story with no challenge to her statements.  He giddily said, “This is deadly for the Republicans!”  That may well be the strategy.  The Democrats may hope the Republicans go forward and confirm then they can destroy them in the mid-terms with this eleventh-hour fiasco.  However, there is also the possibility that they hope this so clouds the waters the Republicans refuse to confirm, Kavanaugh steps aside, or President Trump withdraws the nomination.  That would leave them in a power position where the next nominee could not possibly be confirmed before the elections and would likely go through the same scenario should the Republicans hang on and maintain control of Congress.

We live in a very sad world where ALLEGATIONS are allowed to destroy a person’s life, shipwreck our judicial and political system, and thereby dismantle our Constitutional Republic.  I will say, once again, I don’t know if this incident happened there is no real way to know.  I don’t know if a person suffering from ‘repressed memory’ as is being claimed might have remembered Brett Kavanaugh because of her political ideology when, in fact, it was another teenaged boy that committed the offense.  I do not know!  You do not know!  No person on this planet except Dr. Ford knows and she clearly has an agenda to STOP Brett Kavanaugh from becoming the next Supreme Court Justice.

What we do know is that there are dozens of women who have worked around or for Judge Kavanaugh and each of them has praised his treatment of women, his integrity, and honesty.  Those who know him have affirmed they have never seen this side of him and do not believe the allegations.  I find it disgusting that people like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Keith Ellison, and other Democrats would attempt to eviscerate Judge Kavanaugh while history reveals their defense of Democrats accused of sexual and other crimes.  It is not hypocrisy it is deviously diabolical, and we MUST maintain the principle in America that “everyone is innocent UNTIL proven guilty.”  THAT MUST NOT CHANGE!

Okay, this is a very long argument and hope you were able to wade through it and find something that resonates with you.  Hopefully, this incident and the many other antics of the Leftists will cause you to realize just how important the mid-term elections are to America and our Constitutional and Inalienable Rights.  This is WAR!  Failure to realize that will mean defeat and place us on what I believe will be an irreversible course heading to destruction.  I pray we will not let that happen!

God bless you and God bless America!


BLOG POST 8 - Nose and Face

I’m sure most have heard the phrase, “Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face.”  It is documented that the phrase has been used since the 12th Century and may have been used even before that.  Some legends report it as the result of an actual event by the nun, Saint Elba, the Mother Superior of the monastery of Coldingham Priory in 867 AD when Vikings from Zealand and Uppsala landed in Scotland.  She reportedly instructed the nuns to disfigure themselves in an attempt to appear unappealing to the Vikings.  Her solution was to cut off her nose and upper lip and the nuns followed her example.  Thus, the birth of the phrase was born, so it is reported.  It became a blanket term directed at what was deemed unwise and self-destructive actions often motivated by anger, desire for revenge, and hate.  There were reported incidents where a man would become so angered by his wife that he would burn down their house to punish her.  The lunacy of that action is clear.  In burning down the house to punish his wife he also punished himself and the rest of the family.

The Democrats and those Republicans, Conservatives, and those identifying as Constitutionalist who are part of the resistance and Never Trump movement seem to be doing just that, “cutting off their noses to spite their faces.”  Their desire to punish Trump and rid themselves of their nemesis and perceived menace is prodding them to actions and positions that not only could hurt Trump but EVERYONE!  That is absolutely insane in my humble opinion.  When celebrities, Democrats, Media Talking Heads, and those not Democrats who are filled with animosity toward this president can openly pine for our economy to fail, is that not an example of this flawed logic?  Are they so insulated from economic conditions they will not suffer if our economy goes in the tank?  Are they so insulated from the threat of terrorism that should our borders be thrown open and terrorist openly and freely enter this nation, they will not be endangered?  Are they so insulated and isolated that in advancing the idea of censorship, the loss of our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendment Rights they will never suffer the tyranny of whatever despotic powers that gain oversight of the nation?  I believe their actions are a clear example of “Cutting off their nose to spite their face.”  In hurting Trump and anyone who voted for or supports him they hurt themselves too.  That is lunacy!

Freedom of Speech must be Freedom for Everyone or it is Freedom for No One!  Our Inalienable Rights cannot be stripped away from some, whom we disagree without opening the door to the loss of those rights for everyone.  If anyone is so naïve as to believe that Politicians, Oligarchs, and Despots will honor those who helped them gain power and afford them the Rights they have destroyed for others, I weep for that person.  If we allow the assault on the 2nd Amendment to come to the fruition desired by the Leftists and Liberals of America, we will find that EVERYONE is placed in greater danger.  The Right of Self-Defense is not simply a Constitutional Right it is an Inalienable Right and one that MUST be protected in order to protect the other rights and freedoms we now enjoy.  The Right to Pursue Happiness and Worship according to the dictate of our hearts in a peaceable fashion and the Right to have and voice an opinion MUST be protected or we will plunge into the abyss of Tyranny where the only rights allowed are those deemed by the State or Despotic Head of the nation.  That is “cutting off the nose to spite the face” and it is ludicrous.

When I consider the options in our current electoral process I consider a vote that enables the Left to reclaim power or control of Congress an exercise in “cutting off the nose to spite the face.”  Millions refused to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012 resulting in Barack Obama being awarded a Second Term as President.  Those millions were, “sending a message”, so they declared and were willing to allow Obama a Second Term rather than vote for a candidate they did not like.  That, in my view, was “cutting off the nose to spite the face.”  Who was harmed by that action?  Not simply Mitt Romney or the Republican Party but EVERYONE or the vast majority of Americans not on the dole.  The Entitlement Crowd may be deemed to have benefitted from Obama’s Second Term but not America.  The sponsors of Terrorism and the Islamic Terrorist benefitted from his Second Term but not America.  BUT, millions decided that in order to express their dissatisfaction in the General Election they would “cut off their noses to spite their faces.”  Patriots and lovers of Freedom the time to send a message is in the Primaries, not the General Election if we want to keep America from plunging further into the darkness of Socialism, Liberalism, and Globalism.

I am 100% behind any effort to defeat the RINOs in the Primaries and to award the nomination to candidates who stand on the principles that made America the Great Nation she has been.  I am 100% behind seeking and electing candidates who are truly Constitutionalist and will staunchly defend and stand for the Rule of Law in the Primaries.  I am not saying abandon all principles and violate your conscience in the General Election but consider the consequences of our actions.  We must avoid, “cutting off our noses to spite our faces” in allowing the Liberal Leftists to regain power and continue the “fundamental transformation” that Barack Obama declared was his objective.  We must prevent the continued erosion of our Constitutional Rights and its recognized place and authority in our Republic.  I believe that doing anything other than DEFEATING THE LEFTIST in 2018 and beyond qualifies as “cutting off our nose to spite our face” because the harm is to EVERYONE, not just those we want to hurt.

If you are so filled with hate or hold to such opposition of this President that you are willing to do harm to America and yourself in order to defeat him, I ask that you stop and think of the consequences.  Who are you hurting?  You are hurting all of us and I beg you to reconsider that position.  America, we dare not “cut off our nose to spite our face” if we hope to fully restore Constitutionality to the Republic, Drain the Swamp to any measurable degree, and Dismantle the Deep State.  If we truly want Limited Government, then let’s prevent the Democrats and Leftists from reclaiming power in 2018 and then become devotedly and doggedly engaged in the effort to find, nominate, and elect true American Patriots in 2020 and begin the marathon of RESTORATION.  We can do this, but it will require us to stop self-destruction.  Some will protest and call me vile names even accuse me of being part of a Trump Cult but if you honestly evaluate what I am saying you will realize that I am PRO-AMERICA and willing to do whatever I can to protect and defend this Republic.

God Bless you and God Bless America!


BLOG POST 7 - Unforgivable

Donald Trump has committed the Unpardonable Sin, in the minds of Democrats and Never Trumpers.  What is that sin?  Not it is not the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, for most of the Democrat politicians seem to have no interest or knowledge of the Bible.  So, what is his sin?  What is his crime for which he must be impeached?  His crime:  Obstruction of Liberalism.  That is the worst possible sin in the minds of those following the toxic brand of liberalism, progressivism, socialism, and globalism.  THAT IS UNFORGIVABLE and UNPARDONABLE!  Well, to them but not to millions of us who want that to transpire.

They are befuddled because he does not play the political game like previous Republicans and those in Congress.  He does not run from his own shadow as certain members of Congress and former administrations.  He has achieved some very impressive things despite the lack of support by members of his own party in Congress.  One of his accomplishments has been to virtually dismantle and obliterate the Obama Legacy and expose it for what it truly is.  Republicans claimed to want that, but the members of the House and Senate who are part of the RINO resistance and Never Trump coalition never meant what they said.  They made those promises and claims to elicit votes and win election or reelection.  Someone said, “Silence is golden, but when your Freedom is at stake it is yellow.”  Sadly, too many are exposing the yellowness of their spine rather than goldenness.

The Left believes that the policies they embrace are a birthright.  They believe that the Constitution is an antiquated dinosaur that must be revised, reinterpreted, removed, and ignored.  It, as lamented, the former president “prevents them from doing what they want.”  THANK GOD!  Liberalism has become a religion and a type of opioid that drugs the liberal mind to the point that they can worship at no other altar and pursue no other objective.  Never mind the failures of their policies and agenda.  Never mind the inadequacy of their ideological pursuits.  Never mind, the damage it does to the Republic – IT MUST BE OBEYED or ELSE!

The Left and too many on the Right are left in shock at the failure of the Leftists, the activist, the MSM, Hollywood, etc. to shake Trump from his agenda.  He is accused of being incoherent and unfocused but when I consider what has happened in less than two years under his administration that claim seems a bit out of step with reality.  They cannot understand how this non-politician’s behavior is not dictated by the opinion of others especially the Democrats and media.  He does not embrace the Code of Politics that seems to be an unwritten law in Washington, adhered to by both Republicans and Democrats.  He came from the outside and he has become their mortal enemy.  Their hate of anyone and anything that dares to refuse to worship at the altar of liberalism and Donald Trump has refused, thus far.  They take out their hate on anyone surrounding him, his nominees, and every policy he puts forth.  It does not matter that the Tax Cuts have given new life to the Economy.  Their objective and agenda are to REMOVE TRUMP first and focuses on America second, if at all.  His campaign slogan and motto, “Make America Great Again” is so infuriating to them some, like Andrew Cuomo declares, “America was never that great” or Meghan McCain, “America was always great.”  Acknowledging his accomplishments is beyond them.

The Left and some on the Right have decried his tariffs and insisted they would destroy the economy.  Amazingly, jobless claims fell to a new post-1969 record of 203,000 recently.  His trade negotiations with China and others seem to be opening the door to new agreements that are good for America.  However, the Left finds it impossible to give him credit for his business acumen and his resolve to address issues with America’s interest at the forefront.  NOPE, He is not one of them, and is impeding their progress, therefore, HE MUST BE DESTROYED!

They find it impossible to acknowledge a Truth that Conservatives and Constitutionalist have believed for a long time, Lowering Taxes does increase revenue.  It has provided nearly one-third of a trillion dollars in six months after the cuts in investment in employee training and infrastructure by American companies.  THAT IS AMAZING and worthy of praise.  The federal government collected a record $1.3 TRILLION in income taxes through the first nine months of FY18, beating the previous record by $71 BILLION.  THAT IS AMAZING!  Who knew that about half of all Americas were Nazis before he won the White House.  ABSURD, of course by that is the position of the Leftists.

Another inconvenient truth is that the Racism problem is the Left’s problem, not the Right.  Before you scream obscenities at me, take a look at who is spouting the Racist Comments and ascribing to Racist positions.  It is not the Right, by and large, but the Left, almost totally.  President Trump’s approval rating among Blacks has soared to 36% which is unheard of for any Republican since possible Abraham Lincoln.  His support among Hispanics has climbed an impressive 10 percentage points since summer, even while he and his family have incurred some brutal and heartless criticism and accusations.  The problem for the Left is Trump’s sound economic policies that benefit EVERYONE are hard to tear apart and people on both sides of the aisle (the rank and file) are realizing this is GOOD and WANT MORE.

Also, if anyone still argues there is no Deep State and Political Swamp in America they are surely blind and incapable of cognitive thought, but some of those exist.  When we consider the incredible corruption and collusion by the loyalist to Hillary and the Democratic Party in the FBI, CIA, IRS, DOJ, and State Department we cannot ignore the reality of the Deep State’s existence.  Trump has stirred up that hornet’s nest and the Hornets are determined to sting him to death.  The Russian collusion fabrication is a fraud and farce, yet, Mueller and his team continue and will continue UNTIL they find something to discredit Trump or fabricate it or UNTIL the GOP develops enough spine or Jeff Sessions does his job and says ENOUGH of this madness.

America has been Great and can be Great again and even Greater than at any time in our history.  Donald Trump with all his bluster, bravado, flying thumbs, and shooting from the lip has been good for America economically.  He has been good for America regarding securing our borders and in our dealings with foreign governments.  He has been good for the cause of protecting our Freedoms and Liberties.  Is he flawless?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  He is a flawed vessel but protecting our Freedoms, defending the Constitution, and restoring America to her rightful place in the world and making life better for all Americas is in his heart.  I believe that, even if you do not.  I believe that He loves America, unlike the most recent president who preceded him.

We have the choice of allowing America to fall into the hands of the Left who want to complete the task of ‘fundamental transformation’ or we can elect Republicans and prevent the Blue Wave and the Government takeover they desire.  I stand firmly on the side of Faith, Family, and Freedom and ask that you join those of us who have taken that stance.  REMEMBER NOVEMBER and make the wave RED not BLUE.

God bless you and God bless America!