Focus is a vital ingredient in success in life, athletics, relationships, spirituality, and politics.  I fear that some of the things recently being introduced into the political mix will have the intentional or unintentional effect of causing us to lose or misdirect our focus.  Rush Limbaugh might be right that it is a ‘false flag’ and a ‘wag the dog’ type scenario for the Director of the FBI to reopen the Clinton Email Case.  It could well be a designed effort to shift the focus from the startling revelations found in the WikiLeaks releases and the problems in a Hillary Clinton presidency in multiple areas.  Regardless of the reason, WE MUST NOT LOSE FOCUS.  The future of the Republic is hanging in the balance and we dare not lose focus. 

I used to play competitive golf, participating in numerous tournaments and leagues where there was friendly but spirited competition.  I observed, often, how people would lose focus or become so singularly focused on winning they forget to focus on the shot before them and shipwrecked their own cause.  I see that in athletics where teams will be focused a few plays or series of downs and then inexplicably lose focus either because they became overconfident or thought the battle was the war and lose the game.  I have seen people in relationships lose focus and drift doing incredible damage to those relationships.  I have witnessed it in business and even in the Church where loss of focus was incredibly costly and damaging.  Focus is critical in life and politics so in 2016 with the election just days away we MUST NOT LOSE FOCUS.


One of the most revealing and frightening statements I have heard from the leftist came from Bill Maher regarding this new FBI investigation.  He said: I don’t know what they’re going to find, and I don’t care. She’s got a server in her basement. I don’t care if she’s got JonBenét Ramsey in her basement, I’m still not voting for Donald Trump.”  That, in my view, is descriptive of how so many on the left and even some who are supposedly conservative and constitutionalist feel regarding this election.  Mr. Maher is not losing focus, he wants to STOP TRUMP and he is willing to take concede that, in his view, nothing Hillary does or has done including murder would move him from his focus to STOP DONALD TRUMP.  That is frightening!

The Left are focused on shifting the focus and, as usual, are hypocritical in their attempt.  The Clintons demonstrate the belief that LYING is not only acceptable but profitable, especially in politics.  The myriad of lies she has told on virtually everything has not gotten her booted from the race, it has often facilitated her efforts and entrenched her more in the minds and hearts of the Left as the savior of their cause.  Her aide Huma Abedin is now saying that the emails ‘magically appeared’ on the Laptop she considered her husbands.  She cannot imagine how they might have gotten there.  Could it be Ms. Abedin that you either used that computer or you gave your husband access to your email?  Either way, surely you do not think we will just sigh and say, “Oh, Well…” 

Hillary is arguing that it is ‘Unprecedented’ that the FBI would, at this stage of the political race, reopen the probe into her lawlessness and corruption.  Wait just a second.  Does anyone remember when George H.W. Bush was appearing to close the gap on Bill Clinton and suddenly a special prosecutor raised new charges against Bush in the Iran-Contra probe?  The Clintons seized on that and declared that they were running against a “culture of corruption.”  Imagine that coming from the Clintons!  Republicans then, like the Democrats now viewed the charges and probes as nothing more than a political move.  It likely cost Bush any shot at winning the election and shortly after the election the indictment was thrown out.


But be all that as it may, a real key is to ensure that WE DO NOT LOSE FOCUS in this election.  The major issues are still pertinent and possibly even more pertinent than any potential indictment and conviction of an incredibly corrupt politician in Hillary Clinton.  There is the issue of the Supreme Court which would shape America’s political future and destiny for generations if not permanently.  The issues of National Security and our Borders are still powerfully important issues.  The issue of the Economy is a pressing issue as are spending, taxes, regulations, and our constitutional rights including the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th amendments.  Our Religious Liberty is still a significant part of this equation and we dare not lose focus.  The pressing questions are and must remain, “What happens to America if Hillary Clinton becomes President?”  Also, “Can We Survive Four More Years of the Ideology and Agenda she embodies and will pursue?”  “What Will Happen to Our National Sovereignty?” 

America, if you have not voted I plead with you to COUNT THE COST and CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES of your vote.  This election is not a personality contest or a beauty contest we are voting on the FUTURE of the Republic.  We are voting on America!  Please, please DO NOT LOSE FOCUS!  Beyond, November 8th we must maintain FOCUS and work to shift the shape of Congress and move the needle to Constitutionalism in Washington.  We must remain focused on the real prize and that is THE REPUBLIC.  America is the prize and she is worth fighting for!  Will we stay focused and stay in the fight?

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer!



I’ve listened to and read so much rhetoric, spin, and reasoning by people on both sides of the political aisle as to why they prefer Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump and find myself, at times, wonder.  Yes, wondering, for reason, history and logic seem to be missing in many, if not most of the equations.  I have heard people who say they are Republican and/or Conservatives declare that Trump needs to lose massively to preserve the Conservative movement and party. I am not sure how one arrives at the conclusion but, alas there are more than a sprinkling of those out there.  What I am going to say will award me the ‘left foot of fellowship’ from many and involve me being banned from some Social Media Groups, I’m sure.

I have already voted and am not ashamed to say that I voted against Hillary Clinton and the Leftist, Liberal, Socialist, Progressive, Statist ideology and agenda that she espouses and the Democrat Party characterizes.   No, I did not vote Third Party or Write in some obscure name, I voted for the Republican nominee Donald Trump.  If that causes you to cease listening to me, that is your choice, but let me explain why I voted that way and why I believe it is a terrible tragedy to withhold support for the Republican ticket.

To those who say they believe we might survive a Clinton administration and would be better served to have her as President than Donald Trump please answer the following questions if you will.  Do you want Obamacare as a permanent fixture or the precursor to a National Health Insurance Single Payer Program where the government makes your health care decisions?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  She has guaranteed it.  Do you want Open Borders where illegals are given amnesty and a fast-track to citizenship which allows them to vote and vote as a Liberal Democrat Block?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want higher taxes?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want Sharia Compliant Zones in major cities in America?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want stifling government regulations that cripple entire industries and a weakened economy?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want an expansion of the policies of Barack Obama?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want a Supreme Court that is packed with Liberal Activist Jurist who legislate from the bench, ignore the Constitution, and are a rubber stamp for the Leftist Agenda?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want abortion on demand regardless of the stage in the pregnancy?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it under Hillary Clinton.  Do you want more stringent gun control laws and even gun bans?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it under Hillary Clinton.  Do you want your religious liberties to be infringed and mandated by the government when you can stand by your convictions?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want to see government expanded, entitlements increased, and spending go even higher?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Do you want to cede more of our sovereign rights to the Globalist United Nations?  NO!  Well, you are going to get it with Hillary Clinton.  Minor bump in the road?  IN YOUR DREAMS!


Honestly, Donald Trump is way down on the list of reasons I voted Republican.  I do not consider him a true conservative or even conservative on many issues.  I consider him abrasive and lacking polish most of the time.  However, while I do not fully know what I will get with Donald Trump I have ZERO DOUBT what I will get with Hillary Clinton and unless you want more of the same of what we have endured for the past eight years you cannot say she would be better than Trump.  I do believe that Mr. Trump wants a restored America whereas Hillary wants a ‘transformed America’ into her Globalist Utopian image. A Total Disaster for America and Americans!  For Trump to lose massively would mean that we lose the House and Senate as well, is that something you are comfortable with in order to, as some say, ‘preserve the conservative party.’  WHAT?  There will likely be nothing left for us to aspire to if we allow Hillary Clinton to take the reins of government for the next four years or possibly eight years.  Please don’t tell me you think Hillary more moral than Trump.  I consider neither of them examples of morality.  I did not vote hoping to cast a ballot for a Moral Candidate I voted for a Cause and that Cause is THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as the Free Constitutional Republic.  My preference on personality was suppressed in the interest of what I believe best for the Republic and I believe that STOPPING HILLARY CLINTON is the best for America.

Love me or hate me, agree or disagree with me all I ask and all I have asked from the beginning is for you to Pray about the matter, carefully consider the costs and consequences.  I ask that you try to move past any personal biases and personality preferences and honestly evaluate the incredible danger of allowing Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States of America. I believe if we do that, we will see with absolute certainty that Hillary Clinton is the worst possible thing that could happen to America.  Again, if you look at my questions you will see that Donald Trump is not my major reason for voting Republican, Hillary Clinton is!

God bless you and God bless America!



I am very serious and while some may discount my concerns, one of the things she did in the final presidential debate was unbelievable to me and to many of our military leaders and I’m sure was of particular interest to our enemies.  What did she say?  Among the many questionable assertions, she made while trying to make Donald Trump look like a raving lunatic who would plunge the world into a nuclear war was stunning.  She said, “There is a four-minute delay between the time the president gives the order to fire and the launching of our nukes.”   Even if our major enemies knew or thought they knew, that was a revelation to some of our lower level enemies and something that should never have been uttered by someone who will possibly be charged with the ‘football’ and our ‘nuclear arsenal.’  An old saying from WWII is appropriate, “loose lips sink ships…”  In my view, that was such a lack of thoughtful responsible judgment it should bring more than a little concern about Hillary as Commander in Chief.

Each time there is a question springing from the WikiLeaks revelations in her emails she attempts to divert the attention to the factual revelations to the Russians or some other enemy or potential enemy of the United States.  Before anyone questions whether or not I object to and condemn spying by our enemies, I must ask, “Isn’t that what enemies do?”  “Do we not spy on our enemies?”  That is cannot be a justification for her actions and those aligned with her as revealed in the emails and not a basis to discount them.  The WikiLeaks revelations are pulling back the curtain on the corruption, deviousness, and danger of a Hillary Clinton administration.  The additional question should be, “How much do our enemies know through their espionage and hacking Hillary’s emails, many of which were on a private unsecured server.”  How many secrets has she revealed?  How many things has she done to compromise her ability and ours, were she to be President, to effectively and properly deal with the outside threats?  Genuine questions and reasons to be incredibly concerned if she becomes the Commander in Chief.

The Clinton Foundation has and does receive millions if not hundreds of millions, from foreign entities, individuals, and governments that are not truly our friends and have atrocious records in human rights.  Those type people do not suddenly become philanthropic and want to reach out to their fellow man.  NO, they are always seeking to buy, influence, or gain a position of leverage.  Therefore, the question must be asked, “How much influence did they buy?”  She claims that 90% of the funds collected by the Foundation go to charitable causes but revelations and reports of independent agencies looking into this and calculating the expenditures reveal that between 5-7% actually goes to charitable causes, not 90%.  Therefore, the questionable associations of their private foundation which many deem nothing more than a ‘slush fund of corruption’ for the Clinton’s and their political machine.  That reality should give us great concern about a Hillary Clinton Administration.


What is there about Hillary Clinton that gives us a sense of assurance that under her administration we will be safer, able to combat our enemies on whatever front we face?  What is there about Hillary Clinton that gives us hope that she can resurrect our economy when she wants to pursue the policies of Barack Obama with such total commitment that they will be Obama on steroids?  What is there about Hillary Clinton that makes us think our Armed Forces will be stronger, better equipped, and allowed to function as they were designed to function?  What is there about Hillary Clinton that makes us feel our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights will be safeguarded and protected?  Her own the record, statements, proposed agendas, and ideological stances suggest she will do the exact opposite and we will be less safe, in a worse economic condition, and find our Constitutional Rights and Liberties in jeopardy.  The Supreme Court question was asked and she NEVER answered if she believed the Constitution should be interpreted as the Framers intended.  Rather she skirted the issue and revealed an ideology that would take us in a direction for decades, if not permanently, from that which the Founders Originated and Intended.  If that is not a source of sufficient concern to reject her then I guess my words fall on deaf ears.  I fear that nothing short of a direct and divine revelation from God cause some people to truly and objectively review and evaluate the danger she poses to America.  I did not mention taxes and the unavoidable increase in spending and the debt but hope you take the words of Albert Einstein to heart, “The definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing expecting a different result.”

America, will we entrust the reigns of our nation in the hands of Hillary Clinton knowing her corruption, demonstrated bad judgment, and views contrary to the Constitution and the intent of our Founding Fathers?  So, I only ask that on November 8 or before if you vote early, you seriously pray, examine the positions and possible results of the candidates.  If we will pray God will guide our hearts.   The cry of 2 Chronicles 7:14 must become our cornerstone once again.

God bless you and God bless America!



I have some who seek to challenge my concerns that if Hillary Clinton and the liberal leftist continue in power as President and possibly reclaim the Senate and make inroads into the House of Representative that we could or will LOSE THE REPUBLIC.  Their view is that America has survived in the past and four years will make little difference.  To that assertion, I have to ask, “Have the past eight years been simply a ho-hum period or has it be incredibly detrimental to the condition, position, and future of our Republic?”  I would also ask, “Have we witnessed any erosions of our inalienable rights and constitutional liberties?”  I must ask, “Can you honestly say the past eight years are inconsequential and have not been incredibly detrimental to the Republic?”  If you can, then elect Hillary Clinton and we will all likely go down together and you can apologize later, but your apology won’t be of any value or comfort.

What difference does it make who is on the Supreme Court?  It is the difference between a rubber stamp court that enables, empowers, and expands the leftist agenda stripping us of various constitutional rights.  It is the difference in maintaining our freedom of speech, religion, and other rights or becoming subjected to an all-powerful overreaching federal government that forces political correctness upon us.  It is the difference in having a government of the people, for the people, and by the people or an oligarchy or tyranny that is dictatorial.  What difference does it make?  In my view, it makes all the difference in the world.

What difference does it make who is Commander in Chief?  It is the difference in a strong national defense, secure border, and a military capable of protecting and defending America.  It is the difference in a strong standing in the world where we are respected if not feared or both or adopting such a corrupt and inept foreign policy that our friends do not trust us and our enemies do not fear us.  It is the difference in remaining a free sovereign republic or simply a member of a world without borders where national sovereignty is a historic memory rather than a reality.  What difference does it make?  In my view, it makes all the difference in the world.

What difference does it make who controls the Senate and House of Representative?  It is the difference, or should be, in maintaining a valid and proper separation of powers in Washington and providing the constitutional ‘checks and balances.’  It makes a difference in whether our right to Freedom of Speech and Religion are maintained as inalienable rights or subjected to governmental decrees and edicts.  It makes a difference in our Right to Keep and Bear Arms and the right and ability for ‘self-defense.’  It makes a difference in the Right to Life and addressing the rights of the unborn.  It makes a difference in how we deal with the ever increasing push of Washington to become our lord and master.  What difference does it make?  In my view, it makes all the difference in the world.

If the Supreme Court were packed with liberal activist jurist the constitution would become meaningless and the leftist would have a free pathway to the “fundamental transformation” that Barack Obama has begun and Hillary Clinton has acknowledged she not only wants to continue but expand.  Can we lose the Republic because of this election?  NOT BECAUSE OF ONE ELECTION but as the result of a culmination of years of the leftist agenda to completely reinterpret and invalidate our Constitution.  YES, we can lose the Republic after this election and YES, we can lose it in four years.  Once this snowball begins rolling down the hill there will be nothing in its way to prevent it from happening short of a full blown 1776 type rebellion and resistance.  DO I WANT THAT?  No, I do not.  I want to see us restore the Republic to its constitutional status and fully believe with the history, stated policy and probable agenda and actions of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats we will see such destruction to our Republic it becomes unrepairable.  THEREFORE, call me whatever you please and accuse me of overstating my position and concerns but please at least consider the real problems faced in a Hillary Clinton presidency.

God bless you and God bless America!

SANCTIMONIOUSNESS – What Are They Protecting?



I have hesitated for days to actually post these thoughts because I know they may be misunderstood or considered unforgivably offensive to some.  Yes, I am talking about the recent attacks on Donald Trump and the Republicans who are distancing themselves from him claiming the moral high ground.  I personally am having difficulty not viewing their actions and words as sanctimonious and wonder what is the motivation behind their actions.  Why this? Why now?

Congresswoman Kay Granger from Fort Worth said that the video of Donald Trump recently to surface was so offensive to women that she could only call for him to remove himself from the presidential race.  I carefully weighed her words and actions and wondered how she could find Donald Trump’s words more offensive than Hillary Clinton’s lies to Congress, the FBI, and the American people regarding Benghazi, her emails, Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades and Hillary’s attack on his accusers, and much more.  I wondered how Hillary Clinton’s position on partial birth abortions did not offend Ms. Granger’s moral sensibilities.  I wondered how the ongoing revelation of the dirty tricks of the Clinton camp and the Democrat Establishment to stack the deck on Bernie Sanders and the collusion with some of the debate moderators was not offensive.  I thought, Ms. Granger if you are so fragile that you would take the stance that the country was less important than some appearance of your moral stance message why don’t you resign from Congress and get out of the dirty business of politics.

NO, the language of Donald Trump is not defensible and I have never nor never will attempt to do so.  However, that is not the biggest issue in this election.  America is the biggest prize on the table.  How could anyone even remotely consider taking actions that would facilitate the ascension of Hillary Clinton to the White House and the presidency?  The stance of Congresswoman Granger, Congressman Paul Ryan, the Bushes, and countless other Republicans many declaring they will vote NO on Donald Trump or vote YES on Hillary Clinton smacks with Sanctimony for it places personal preference, egos, and grudges over the nation.  You may totally disagree and that is your God-given and Constitutional Right to do so.  But, please do not tell me that it is the only moral position you can take and somehow paint the Clinton’s as moral.  That would be offensive!  The Clinton’s are, in my opinion, beyond amoral and are immoral, unethical, diabolical, and dangerous to America and Americans.  Therefore, it is impossible for me to view any Republican who claims to be a Constitutionalist and/or conservative as taking a moral and principled stance to prevent Donald Trump from winning the election as justifiable.  There are no MORAL CANDIDATES in this presidential election and either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be the next president.  That leads to the question, “Is, it moral and principled to turn the republic over to a person who espouses views that are anathema to our Constitution and Founding Father’s America?” 


I keep wondering, why there is so much hate toward Donald Trump that is not equally shared by Hillary Clinton by many Republicans?  What is it about a Donald Trump Presidency that makes Hillary Clinton palatable or desirable?  Why was there not a moral outrage by those Republicans, Democrats, Media, and Americans when Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades were revealed as there has been with regard to Mr. Trump?  Unfortunately, we heard, “It is his private life and therefore should not be considered.”  We also heard the argument, “Well, it’s only sex and not something significant enough to disqualify him for being president.”  Hillary lies about Benghazi and her emails and there is no outrage, on moral grounds, for her lack of ethical behavior and her character failure in those and other things.  NO, the Clinton’s are exempt, it would seem, and I cannot imagine any Republican truly believing that what Donald Trump said, as offensive as it was, is worse than the Clintons and the prospect of four more years of the destructiveness of the Obama policies.  Therefore, I can only conclude it is more than being Sanctimonious.  There is something the Establishment Politicians are hiding  and are attempting to protect and defend against.


When Republicans demonstrate a willingness to lose one or both Houses of Congress and the White House to keep Mr. Trump from becoming President, I ask why?   Is it their fear of the ‘ole boy system’ being dismantled?   Is it fear of losing the ability to operate in the shadows and build their empires and networks on the backs of the America people while claiming to be fighting for us?  Is it fear of losing control?  Is it fear of losing power?  Is it fear they might actually have to take a definitive stand that would enable the American people to rightly interpret their actions and intentions?  WHAT IS IT?  It is either misguidedly sanctimonious or it is diabolical and either way, America loses.  Republicans and all who love Freedom and the Constitutional Republic if you are willing to allow Hillary Clinton and the Democrats keep the White House and reclaim the Senate and possibly the House, for whatever reason, I fear you have abandoned your commitment to Conservative Principles, the people, and the Constitution.  Let me say it more nicely.  I believe you have overlooked the incredible danger and destructiveness of a Hillary Clinton Presidency!

Regardless of how disturbed I am over some of the things Mr. Trump has said and done, America is more important to me than personality.  Do I trust Donald Trump 100%?  Absolutely Not!  However, he is, in my view, our only option between the two because Hillary Clinton will pack the Supreme Court with liberal activist judges, destroy the economy, wage war on our constitutional rights, eliminate our border, weaken our military, and jeopardize our national security.  That is unacceptable to me on any level.  My moral principles are disturbed over the candidates but America’s survival and future have to take top priority to me.  Therefore, I am not voting for Donald Trump as a MORAL VOTE but a NECESSARY VOTE. 

My prayer is that America will cease allowing the media and leftist dictate how we should feel and what we should think.  My prayer is that America will cease allowing the manipulation by the leftist force us into such political correctness we ignore the real prize and objective.  I hope we have not come to the place where it is okay to sexually assault women, lie to the public, endanger national security and do harm to the republic is okay but if you use offensive words you are toast.  I am offended by Mr. Trump’s words and I am offended by the Republicans deserting the Party and I am offended by the Sanctimoniousness in this matter.  Now, I will get down off my soap box and take whatever heat comes to me for my rant.  But, know this, for me it is AMERICA FIRST and PERSONALITY LAST in the presidential election.  As always I stand for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM! 

God bless you and God bless America!




According to a poll released by USA Today, I am stunned that Hillary Clinton could still be in the race and even leading according to most polls.  If this poll is even remotely accurate, I can only conclude that millions are not voting based on their genuine fears and concerns but along emotional or political party lines.  They are not using reason, connecting the dots, and using any semblance of cognitive judgment in their voting.  If that is the case, we are way up the proverbial creek and the stuff is too thick to paddle in.  WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE!

Let me give you the poll and make a few comments and you can decide for yourself which candidate would best alleviate or address these fears.  I will take the list from the number one to the number ten concerns or fears.

  1. Corruption of Government Officials (Same top fear as 2015) – 60.6%.  Imagine that.  Corruption of government officials and yet Hillary Clinton one of the most corrupt politicians of modern times is still considered the frontrunner in this election.  You cannot attribute or connect Donald Trump to the corruption presently in government because he has not been there.  He has contributed to politicians but he has not been a part of the DC Corruption but Hillary has!
  2. Terrorist Attacks – 41%.  Now, I ask which candidate has a more definitive approach to dealing with terrorism?  Hillary Clinton was part of the Obama administration that largely created the vacuum from which ISIS originated.  They weak-willed and pussy footing around the issue of Islamic Terrorism not Donald Trump’s comments has facilitated, emboldened, and often empowered terrorist.  The Iran deal has funneled huge sums that are going directly to terrorist organizations.  So, again, how are people still considering Hillary?
  3. Not Having Enough Money for the Future – 39.9%.  Amazing, Hillary wants to continue the War on Fossil Fuels, continue and increase stifling government regulations, push forward with the TPP a bad trade agreement, continue Obamacare, and increase Taxes.  That would cripple the economy and push millions more into the unemployment lines.  Trump, on the other hand, has expressed a desire to lower taxes, reduce stifling regulations, repeal Obamacare, and redo the TPP and other bad trade deals.  Yet, Hillary is still being seriously considered for President.
  4. Being a Victim of Terror – 38.5%.  How can that be, since millions are going to vote for Hillary who, along with Barack Obama tell us that the massive influx of refugees largely unvetted, an open border, and an unwillingness to address the issue.  Can’t figure that one out either.
  5. Government Restrictions on Firearms and Ammunition – 38.5%.  This is a slam dunk.  Hillary is on the record wanting more and more gun control even though she claims to be strongly in favor of the 2nd Amendment.  Her record and rhetoric do not match.  How could anyone, wanting to preserve the 2nd Amendment cast a ballot for her?  Impossible to comprehend.
  6. People I Love Dying – 38.1%.  Other than Obamacare’s impact this is not something that either candidate can alleviate.
  7. Economic or Financial Collapse – 37.5%.  If you believe in the failed policies of the Democrats that involve higher taxes and more spending, then Hillary is your Huckleberry.  However, if you understand basic economics and factual history you know that by lowering taxes across the board the economy gains impetus and becomes stronger.  Only one choice in this category and it is not Hillary.
  8. Identity Theft – 37.1%.  Hello, Life Lock.  This is a genuine concern and with Obama’s giving our control of the Internet and Hillary’s agreement and complicity, how is this not a NEVER HILLARY issue?
  9. People I Love Becoming Seriously Ill – 35.9%.  Again, other than the impact of Obamacare this is not something that either politician can address.  It is part of life.
  10. The Affordable Health Care Act – Obamacare – 35.5%.  That alone should guarantee that Hillary Clinton never becomes President.  She will not only expand Obamacare but transform it into a Single Payer System.  She said as much in the 2nd debate when she alluded to Medicare as being Single Payer.  She said, “And it is working pretty good.”  Actually, it isn’t and with the expansion of Medicaid in conjunction to Obamacare, we are burying ourselves in red tape and a cost factor we can no longer calculate.  Yet, millions will pull the lever for Hillary Clinton in November.  The very person who will guaranteed your fears are realized.  HOW CAN THAT BE?


Therefore, I reiterate what I said in the beginning.  If these concerns are factual and this poll is even remotely accurate, people are voting with a blind loyalty that is illogical and irrational.  They are voting based on the rhetoric, spin, and manipulation by the Media, the Leftist, Liberals, Progressives, and finding willing partners in the Republican Establishment.  America is being sold down the river because politicians want power and have no concern for America.  God help us if we cannot somehow communicate these realities to the voters.  Mr. Trump, please focus on what you will do to CHANGE what is wrong and resist the tendency to get into Twitter Wars the left continually tries to bait you with.  ARTICULATE YOUR POSITION and you can win.  I am convinced if you would or could do that, you would see a Reagan type victory because AMERICANS ARE FED UP WITH POLITICS and POLITICIANS.   This is America we are fighting for!

God help us wake up and step up.  God bless you and God bless America again is my prayer and desire!



I continue to have Christians and Secularist tell me that I should BE SILENT on matters political as a Christian because it is unallowable Constitutionally and some even suggest morally or ethically.  As you well know, I adamantly disagree based on my interpretation of the teachings of the Bible, the wording of the American Constitution, and the many writings of our Founding Fathers.  I am 100% convinced their purpose was not to prevent Christians, Religion, or the Bible from having any influence or involvement in matters of civil government but to prevent the government from mandating a religion or forming a State Religion.  They sought Freedom of Speech and that included and includes the right of Christians to speak on matters of politics and vice versa.  NO, I do not believe the Church should control the government and mandate it follow any particular religious view nor do I believe the government should control the Church and dictate to it what it can teach and where it can speak.  I do believe there is a clear separation in function not an isolation or banishment of religion from matters political.

Let me ask, realizing that my questions are most basic.  If we see someone in grave danger and we could warn them should we warn them?  If we see a building on fire should we sound the alarm?  If we have a friend about to make a tragic mistake should we sit silent and allow them to do so without proper warning or caution?  If our children were doing things that endangered their lives and livelihood should we sit silently?  If someone says, “I’m going to kill that person” would our silence be construed as consent or should we point out the flaws and wrongness of their actions?  If you have a friend contemplating marital infidelity should you warn of the negatives of that decision?  Would or could your silence be construed as consent by your friend, their spouse, and others who discovered the situation and your action?  I have heard all my life, “Silence is Golden” and “If you cannot say something good, don’t say anything.”  Well, if I know an action is going to bring harm and possible destruction and I cannot say anything good about the plan to carry out the action am I mandated SIT SILENT?  Please don’t do that to me if you see me making that kind of mistake.  SPEAK UP, SPEAK LOUDLY, and SPEAK FORCEFULLY, Please!

Okay, with regard to America as the Constitutional Republic our Founding Father’s established and we have enjoyed for 240 years if we see danger and destruction how can we sit silent?  I do not want to see churches become nothing more than Political Action Committees for candidates but I do want pastors to speak the truth and expose danger while pointing to real solutions.  Is it wrong for pastors to speak about racial discord and point out the spiritual negatives of racism and improper interaction between people?  Is it wrong for pastors to speak about infidelity and warn of the dangers of succumbing to those actions or lifestyles?  Is it wrong for pastors to enumerate and speak against anti-biblical government policies that bring harm to the citizens, fight against the work of God, and bring harm to the entire nation?  Political Correctness and the weapon of the Internal Revenue Service threatening the ‘tax exempt status’ of churches because they dare voice a biblical view that decries a political agenda or policy are dangerous.

In our beginning, as a nation, the Pastors were loud, vocal, and persistent about many matters political because they understood that politics affects life and if we allow unscrupulous men, women, or political agendas to prevail we harm people.  As I see, I must speak, and as I speak, I must pray.  Therefore, I will speak without fear of what man may do to me and ‘warn of dangers’ and point to the only true and real solution, GOD.  In preserving the Republic and our Freedoms it often becomes necessary to speak out against a candidate, policy or political party and that I now do.  The Democrat Nominee for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is a danger to America and will do great damage if not destroy our Rights and Liberties the constitution recognizes and guarantees.  Therefore, I will VOTE AGAINST the Democratic Nominee in November and that means I will cast my ballot for the Republican.  WHY?  In my view, if I allow Hillary to become President and the Leftist to keep the Executive Branch America may be lost forever!

God bless you and God bless America!